Knott nearing full health, will work out in Ames

It’s been just over two and a half months since Jake Knott’s senior season came to an end at Iowa State due to a nasty shoulder injury. With the 2013 NFL Draft being exactly 105 days away, Knott had good news to report in a recent conversation with Cyclone Fanatic.

“It feels awesome,” said Knott. “Even after four weeks, it was still sore and all of that but right now, I feel like I could go play a football game almost. I’m really happy that it feels that way and I am able to do everything that I need to do right now.”

Knott recently signed a contract with Select Sports Group, where Jeff Nalley will represent him going forward toward the NFL Draft. As for getting his body ready the NFL Combine (which he will attend in Indianapolis – the combine begins on Feb. 20) and Iowa State’s Pro Day, Knott has chosen to stay in Ames.

“It’s all personal preference,” said Knott. “I had an opportunity to go wherever but I don’t need to be somewhere with somebody always telling me what to do. I know what to do. 

Knott, who said that he explored going elsewhere, feels comfortable with Iowa State’s strength and conditioning coordinator Yancy McKnight and Clayton Oyster as well.

“They know me. I know them,” said Knott. “They know what I need to work on and there won’t be a transition period or anything like that.”

In addition to training for the draft, Knott will be finishing nine more credits to earn his degree as well during the spring semester. Iowa State’s brand new football facility played into the decision as well.

“They have everything at this facility,” said Knott. “It’s the best. Everything is there that I might possibly need.”

Knott, who ended his career at Iowa State with 347 tackles (ranked seventh all-time at Iowa State), is known for his toughness. However, that is a difficult characteristic to show off at Pro Day. From now until the draft, Knott will be working extra hard one major aspect of the game. 

“Speed,” said Knott. “They don’t test your back-squat or anything like that. You need to be as fast as you can possibly be. I’m going to drop a few pounds and make sure that I am at my peak of explosion, quickness and all of that so that I can look good running.”

Knott said that anywhere from 12-15 Cyclones will be working out in Ames in hopes of impressing scouts on Pro Day, which will take place sometime during mid-March in Ames.