CF Experts Pick’Em: Week 13

Current Standings

Chris Williams, 47-26
Adam Carper, 41-34
Bret Meyer, 41-34
Adam Gray, 40-33
Bret Culbertson, 40-33
Dave Zawilinski, 40-33
Brent Blum, 40-33
Kirk Haaland, 37-36
Trevor Enerson, 35-38
Chris Hassel, 35-38
Austen Arnaud, 31-42

Cyclone Fanatic’s Publisher Chris Williams

TCU @ Texas (-8) – The Longhorns are playing like a top 10 team right now. I like Texas here by double digits. 

Nebraska (-15) @ Iowa – Weisman is back for Iowa right? The Hawks lose by 14. 

Michigan @ Ohio State (-4) – Big game. Bowl game for Ohio State. Buckeyes by double digits. 

Oklahoma State @ Oklahoma (-8) – I’ve been riding Oklahoma State for the last month. I’m very high on this team. However, I have no read on this game at all. Give me the Cowboys. 

Notre Dame (-6) @ USC – With Mr. Barkley out of the picture, that’s a bad match-up for USC with an inexperienced QB. Give me the Irish. 

Texas Tech vs. Baylor – Two teams heading in opposite directions. Bears win. 

West Virginia vs. Iowa State – Iowa State 41, West Virginia 31

Former Iowa State linebacker Adam Carper

TCU @ Texas (-8) – TCU 

Nebraska (-15) @ Iowa – Iowa 

Michigan @ Ohio State (-4) – Ohio State  

Oklahoma State @ Oklahoma (-8) – Oklahoma state  

Notre Dame (-6) @ USC – Notre Dame

Texas Tech vs. Baylor – Texas tech 

West Virginia @ Iowa State – ISU  

Former Iowa State quarterback Bret Meyer

TCU @ Texas (-8) – Texas covers.

Nebraska (-15) @ Iowa – Nebraska covers.

Michigan @ Ohio State (-4) – Ohio State wins by a field goal.

Oklahoma State @ Oklahoma (-8) – OU covers.

Notre Dame (-6) @ USC – USC with the upset.

Texas Tech vs. Baylor – Texas Tech, Baylor with a let down after the huge win.

West Virginia @ Iowa State – Clones get win No. 7.

Cyclone Fanatic Director of Sales Adam Gray

TCU @ Texas (-8) – I think the Longhorns want to welcome TCU to the conference in grand fashion.  I see a 41-20 beat down. 

Nebraska (-15) @ Iowa- Iowa is terrible, but that’s a lot of points at Kinnick and in a game you know the players will be ready for. Iowa covers but loses. Nebraska 27-13

Michigan @ Ohio State (-4) – Just how bad is the Big 10? They let a team that has nothing to play for (and looked average in OOC games) make the rest of them look like scrubs (they are).  This is Ohio State’s last game, senior day, and bowl game all wrapped into one.  They rip apart Michigan 42-21

Oklahoma State @ Oklahoma (-8) – Oklahoma and Okie State keep killing me in this contest.  Just give me the home team I guess.  Oklahoma 41-31.  

Notre Dame (-6) @ USC – I’m a ND fan and want them to win (if I see another all SEC championship game I’m gonna flip), but I can’t shake this feeling like they are going down. Sure USC might be without Barkley, but they got a good young QB coming in to throw to their STUD WR’s.  I just don’t trust Notre Dame’s offense in this game and see this being close.  USC 23-20

Texas Tech vs. Baylor – Baylor looks like they got on track and Tech looks like they are finishing up their season like they always do under Tubberville. Give me Baylor 38-24

West Virginia @ Iowa State – I want to go to San Diego!  Sam Richardson does to WV what everyone else has….eats them up through the air.  Iowa State 38-34

Former Iowa State kicker Bret Culbertson

TCU @ Texas (-8) – Texas Covers

Nebraska (-15) @ Iowa – I went to this game a year ago and faced a major life decision. Who do I root for? I chose the hot dog vender. I think Nebraska covers. 

Michigan @ Ohio State (-4) – This should be a good one. I’ll go with Tom Herman to cover. 

Oklahoma State @ Oklahoma (-8) – Upset in Norman? The Cowboys cover the spread.

Notre Dame (-6) @ USC – Notre Dame needs a home. Is the Big 12 taking applications? It makes more sense than West Virginia. Notre Dame by 10.

Texas Tech vs. Baylor – Confidence ensues.  Bears.

West Virginia @ Iowa State – Welcome to Ioway, the Potato State. Not counting the state of Texas, the WV roster has only one other player from a hometown west of the Mississippi River.  I’m guessing this is the first trip to Iowa for about 99.9% of West Virginia’s team.  What percent do you think can find us on a map? Cyclones cap the regular season with a win at home!

ABC 5 Sports Director Dave Zawilinski

TCU @ Texas (-8) – TCU

Nebraska (-15) @ Iowa – Nebraska

Michigan @ Ohio State (-4) – OSU

Oklahoma State @ Oklahoma (-8) – OSU

Notre Dame (-6) @ USC – ND

Texas Tech vs. Baylor – Baylor

West Virginia @ Iowa State – ISU

Cyclone Fanatic Columnist Brent Blum

TCU @ Texas (-8) – When I was at the Iowa State-Texas game, a majority of the music they played prior to the game had Texas references. It was unbelievable. Texas people love themselves some Texas.. and they seem to love car dealerships and strip clubs as well. Texas 34 TCU 24.

Nebraska (-15) @ Iowa –  I kind of feel bad for James Vandenburg, good kid who has taken a lot of grief. I would like to see him have a good game. Nebraska 30 Iowa 17.

Michigan @ Ohio State (-4) – This line seems low to me. Ohio State playing their final game of the year at home in a rivalry game against a Michigan team with injury concerns. What am I missing? Ohio State 27 Michigan 17.

Oklahoma State @ Oklahoma (-8) – I strongly dislike 8 point lines…they are the Phil Jackson and Brett Favre of gambling lines. Make up your mind, don’t taunt me with the middle! Oklahoma 35 Oklahoma State 24.

Notre Dame (-6) @ USC – I haven’t picked an underdog yet, but USC could be throwing Adam Gray at QB for all I know. I guess I will go with Notre Dame begrudgingly.I feel dirty. Notre Dame 27 USC 20.

Texas Tech vs. Baylor – Defense loses, that is a guarantee. All Iowa State fans should be Bears fans this weekend..if they want a tan for the bowl trip. Baylor 45 Texas Tech 40.

West Virginia @ Iowa State – Mr. Smith, Mr. Austin and Mr. Bailey are terrifying. But this Cyclone defense is loaded with seniors. They put together an inspired performance and Sam Richardson does his part. Cyclones get win number seven and get prepped for Phoenix or San Diego. Iowa State 31 West Virginia 27.

enCYCLONEpedia’s Kirk Haaland

TCU @ Texas (-8) – I’m sticking with the Longhorns. They’ve been very impressive this past month.

Nebraska (-15) @ Iowa – It is hard for me to believe that Iowa is this bad…it seems whenever I roll the dice to go with them they let me down and when I pick against them they cover. They looked like they quit against Michigan but will they continue that on senior day against Nebraska? Could they really lose another game in Kinnick when they’ve already lost four? I think they lose and cover.

Michigan @ Ohio State (-4) – The Buckeyes have won a number of close games and the Wolverines have been playing well lately with the insertion of Gardner as the starting quarterback while Denard Robinson plays every other position on the field. I think Michigan covers and wins outright.

Oklahoma State @ Oklahoma (-8) – I’m not sure the Cowboys will win but I think their offense will keep it snug with the Sooners, Cowboys cover. 

Notre Dame (-6) @ USC – I’ve been a Golden Doubter all year long but USC seems to be headed the wrong direction. Welcome Notre Dame to the National Championship Game.

Texas Tech vs Baylor – You’d think Baylor would have a letdown after that win over Kansas State, and while they may I just can’t go with the Red Raiders who have struggled mightily in the past few weeks. Bears.

West Virginia @ Iowa State – For the first time in Paul Rhoads’ tenure in Ames he is going for a 7th win in a season in a home game. After becoming bowl eligible in 2009 ISU traveled to Columbia and lost a close one and in 2011 they traveled to Norman and Manhattan. Rhoads spent seven years playing against the Mountaineers as the DC at Pitt in the Backyard Brawl. Senior night, the new tunnel, a new quarterback, and West Virginia on a five game slide. Gotta take the Clones as the hope to improve their spot in the bowls.

The Voice of the Fan Trevor Enerson

TCU @ Texas (-8) – This seems easy. Give me Texas in a big way 45-17 

Nebraska (-15) @ Iowa – I’m rooting for Iowa in this one. Gag, puke. I think I will be disappointed. Iowa covers here but loses. Nebby 38-28. 

Michigan @ Ohio State (-4) –THE GAME. Meh. Michigan is mediocre and OSU is irrelevant and just okay. Keep in mind that if OSU didn’t have sanctions, we could be looking at an OSU/ND National Championship. How awful would that be? Thanksgiving is a time for thanks and at this time I would like to thank Terrell Pryor, Jim Tressel and Gene Smith for making that not happen. I digress. Michigan wins a close one 31-28.  

Oklahoma State @ Oklahoma (-8) – OSU is pretty explosive. I think this one is fifty/fifty because it will be high scoring and in those games, 8 points is nothing. Give me OU, I guess. 45-35.

Notre Dame (-6) @ USC – Rudy was offsides. USC ruins this disaster of a scenario, 32-24. 

Texas Tech vs. Baylor (in Arlington) – If you could tell me which versions of these teams were going to show up this would be easier. Tech wins. 67-56

West Virginia @ Iowa State – The WVU defense is close to as bad as Baylors. Sam Richardson goes the distance for about 400 yards and 5 TDs. The question is whether ISU can stop Tavon Austin. They can’t. I think they can contain him though. ISU 41-35. 

WHO-TV 13’s Chris Hassel

TCU @ Texas (-8) – Horns. Just because.

Nebraska (-15) @ Iowa – This will be a virtual home game for the Huskers. Unless Sam Richardson comes off the bench to relieve James Vandenberg, Nebraska covers.

Michigan @ Ohio State (-4) – Ohio State begins another reign of terror in the Big Ten by blowing out Michigan. 

Oklahoma State @ Oklahoma (-8)- The Cowboys are playing well. Not sure if they have enough to win, but I think they’ll cover.

Notre Dame (-6) @ USC – USC throws the BCS into a flux by knocking off #1 Notre Dame. Could be staring at an Alabama-Florida national championship game. A USC win would also mean Ohio would finish as the lone unbeaten.

Texas Tech vs. Baylor – Tech is an enigma. Baylor uses its momentum to win back-to-back games. I think. What the hell do I know?

West Virginia @ Iowa State – Huge game for ISU. A win could land the Cyclones in San Diego. West Virginia needs another win but the Mountaineers have Kansas the following week. ISU wins game number 7.

Former Iowa State quarterback Austen Arnaud

TCU @ Texas (-8) – Texas has found it’s identity as a whole. Their offense has definitely hit its stride with the emergence of David Ash as a passer. TCU will hang for awhile but UT opens up a big lead in the 4th qtr and doesn’t look back. Horns cover.  

Nebraska (-15) @ Iowa – Huskers Big. Need I say more? 

Michigan @ Ohio State (-4) – Ohio State has A LOT to play for, an undefeated season.  However, it may be very difficult to stop Michigan’s new attack with Denard all over the field. I will side with the undefeated home team and my former OC Tom Herman. The Ohio State University. 

Oklahoma State @ Oklahoma (-8) – Oklahoma State is playing very good football right now after their beat down on the Red Raiders. I don’t think they beat Oklahoma but they cover the 8 pt spread.

Notre Dame (-6) @ USC – This year has been wild in the BCS and it’s about to get weird! USC finds a way at home, with Freshman QB "Mad" Max Wittek, a steady diet of Robert Woods and Marquise Lee is too much for the Golden Domers! … Another all SEC final. Blahhh

Texas Tech vs. Baylor – Baylor is fighting for bowl eligibility, meaning they have nothing to lose. Tech is struggling right now and their defense can’t stop a soul anymore. I like Baylor in this one.

West Virginia @ Iowa State – The fight to stop mediocrity, the Cyclones have a chance to finish the regular season above .500 for the first time in the Paul Rhoads era. This is a scary match-up for the Cyclone defense, especially trying to cover Tevon Austin, arguably the best WR in the country. However, the new look Cyclone offense with Sam Richardson and a steady dose of Jeff Woody are the difference in this one. Clones win in front of a record crowd!