CF Staff Picks: Week 13

Full of turkey? Our picks are usually full of — never mind.

Anyway, it’s been a strange week for Cyclone fans, right? Crazy collapse and a coaching search firing up. Kind of a bitter deal for Iowa State fans everywhere but he gets one last swan song in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Here’s the updated standings where Brent Blum is starting to run away from the pack.


CF Columnist, Brent Blum

Iowa (-1) @ Nebraska – Iowa seems to be the better squad on both sides of the ball, so I’ll take the Hawks. Iowa 27 Nebraska 21

Ohio State @ Michigan (PK) – Well maybe anger will actually wake up the Buckeyes. Nothing else has. Ohio State 27 Michigan 17

Notre Dame @ Stanford (-3) – Stanford is better, this will be clear. Stanford 28 Notre Dame 14

Oklahoma (-6.5) @ Oklahoma State –  Lot of points for a series that has always been bizarre. Oklahoma 33 Oklahoma State 30

Baylor (-1.5) @ TCU – Baylor 38 TCU 31

Iowa State @ West Virginia (-14) – One more Rhoads special just because. Iowa State 28 West Virginia 27

enCYCLONEpedia Guy, Kirk Haaland

Iowa (-1) @ Nebraska – My stance on Iowa the last few years has been indifference but I certainly don’t need them winning a National Title. A win in Lincoln makes that a real possibility. But, I think Iowa comes away with one though Nebraska is better than their record (ironically, Iowa is probably worse than theirs).

Ohio State @ Michigan (PK) – Harbaugh is like the younger Wizard of Manhattan, sort of. I’ll take him.

Notre Dame @ Stanford (-3) – Stanford. Please?!?!

Oklahoma (-6.5) @ Oklahoma State –  Sooners.

Baylor (-1.5) @ TCU – Even if Adam Gray was the Baylor QB I’d take them to cover this.

Iowa State @ West Virginia (-14) – Iowa State covers and I’d love for them to win another one for Rhoads though that would bring some doubt into some minds, I’m sure. But West Virginia gets the win.

CF Publisher, Chris Williams

Iowa (-1) @ Nebraska – I’ll pick an 11-0 team over a 5-6 team every day. Hawks win outright. 

Ohio State @ Michigan (PK) – Harbaugh. HarbAUGH. HARBAUGH. 

Notre Dame @ Stanford (-3) – Notre Dame is overrated. Give me the trees. 

Oklahoma (-6.5) @ Oklahoma State – Oklahoma wins. Cowboys cover. 

Baylor (-1.5) @ TCU – Art Briles. 

Iowa State @ West Virginia (-14) – Clones win outright and send Paul out with a bang. 

CF Senior Columnist, Rob Gray

Iowa (-1) @ Nebraska – What the heck. Give me the Hawks and that Daniels dude, barely.

Ohio State @ Michigan (PK) – Harbaugh’s Dockers contract needs renewal. Wolves.

Notre Dame @ Stanford (-3) – I welcome the chaos. Irish.

Oklahoma (-6.5) @ Oklahoma State –  Sooners still mad — and CFP paydirt’s in sight. OU

Baylor (-1.5) @ TCU – Spread’s a joke, right? Bears with ease.

Iowa State @ West Virginia (-14) – Paul Rhoads is such a class guy, it would be untoward to bet against him. So I won’t — especially in this case. Clones hang and maybe win.

CF Multimedia Machine, Jared Stansbury

Iowa (-1) @ Nebraska – This is a match up I’ve had circled on my calendar for quite some time. I’ll be in the stands for this one, and that bodes well for the Huskers. Since I’ve been in college, Nebraska is 10-1 in games I was at. 11-1 will be a common theme on Black Friday. GBR. 

Ohio State @ Michigan (PK) – Have the wheels fallen off the OSU wagon? I think so. Go Blue. 

Notre Dame @ Stanford (-3) – Stanford has been overrated all season long. Give me the Irish. 

Oklahoma (-6.5) @ Oklahoma State –  I can already hear the song in my head. Boomer Sooner strikes early and often. OU wins easily. 

Baylor (-1.5) @ TCU – Bears in a rout

Iowa State @ West Virginia (-14) – Cyclones make a late comeback and give us one last Paul Rhoads memory. Cyclones by a point.

CF Contributor, Jeff Woody

Iowa (-1) @ Nebraska – I think the Hawks squeak by a much better than average Husker team in Lincoln. 

Ohio State @ Michigan (PK) – Big Blue. Things I love: khakis, ferocious vermin. Things I don’t love: in-fighting in a locker room. 

Notre Dame @ Stanford (-3) – Cards. Again, I love me some Cardinal football. This is more of an enjoyment pick. Also it’s way better for the Big XII if Notre Dame loses.

Oklahoma (-6.5) @ Oklahoma State – OSU. OU is in a class of its own in the conference right now, but it’s a rivalry game and crazy stuff happens.

Baylor (-1.5) @ TCU – TCU. You’ll have to saw Trevone Boykins foot off for him not to play, and any game Trevone Boykin plays is a game I believe TCU wins. 

Iowa State @ West Virginia (-14) – ISU outright. There is far too much emotion for this game not to go ISU’s way. 

CF Director of Sales, Adam Gray

Iowa (-1) @ Nebraska – Nebraska.  Just because I want it so bad!

Ohio State @ Michigan (PK) – Michigan, to me, has looked like the better team all year.  With that said, Urban Meyer just lost his first regular season Big 10 game as coach of OSU.  He was 30-0 before that.  30-0!  I can’t see him losing 2 straight.  Give me the Buckeyes.

Notre Dame @ Stanford (-3) – ND has been living on the edge the last couple weeks.  All the injuries catch up to them and Stanford wins by 6.

Oklahoma (-6.5) @ Oklahoma State –  Oklahoma State – Sooners need statement to stay in the top 4.  I like them by 17.

Baylor (-1.5) @ TCU – Baylor by 24.  This line is ridiculous.

Iowa State @ West Virginia (-14) – Cyclones win it for Rhoads.  Thanks for everything Paul!