CF’s Experts Pick’em: Week 11

In the last seven weeks the "Screamin’ Eagle" has gone 29-13 against the spread to storm into a tie atop the leader board with the one and only Jeff Woody. Gray the junior went 2-4 last week so his twitter feed went dark for once – at least on this topic.

Mr. Cooter Ray is still closer to the top of the standings than most of us would prefer but he has two participants tied with him and four more just one game back. His time will come soon enough (we hope).


Former WOI-TV Sports Director, Dave Zawilinski

Notre Dame @ Arizona State (-2.5) – ASU at home.

Oregon (-9.5) @ Utah – Ducks big.

Ohio State @ Michigan State (-3.5) – Michigan State by 20.

Alabama (-6.5) @ LSU – LSU, maybe outright.

West Virginia (-3.5) @ Texas – West Virginia.

Baylor @ Oklahoma (-5) – Baylor.

Kansas State @ TCU (-5.5) – K-Statw wins outright.

Iowa State (-4) @ Kansas – ISU makes it six in a row.

(Editor’s note: I’m not sure what ISU is making six in a row of, but I think he’s picking the Cyclones to cover.)

Former Cyclone RB, Jeff Woody

Notre Dame @ Arizona State (-2.5) – At 2.5, this is basically a pick ’em, and as I’ve stated before, I do not like pick ’ems. That being said, traveling across the country is no joke. I think Notre Dame hangs close in this one, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they won, but I’ll take the Devils.

Oregon (-9.5) @ Utah – Fly Ducks Fly. The Utes have a shot to slow them down, but very little shot to win. 

Ohio State @ Michigan State (-3.5) – Give me Sparty. I don’t think that Ohio State has played any real competition since the B1G season started (because the B1G blows). Michigan State has actually played a good team, so they know what it’s like. 

Alabama (-6.5) @ LSU – This is a bitter rivalry. I also don’t think that Lane Kiffin’s offense is all that good. (Yes I know they put up 397 points against A&M, but A&M is a baaaaaaaaad defense). I think Bama wins, but LSU will cover the 6.5.

West Virginia (-3.5) @ Texas – Why is this line only 3.5? Because it’s in DKR? Because the ‘Eers are coming off of a letdown week? I dunno, but I’ll take Holgerhair here. WVU.


This game has lost a bit of its luster, but the Sooners are coming off one of the best performances of the year, minus the 3 turnovers (but when you run for 500+ yards, who gives a damn). I’ll take OU, but won’t be surprised if Baylor wins outright.

Kansas State @ TCU (-5.5) – "This game will be played and no one will know it happened." – Jeff in August

This game is fascinating. Wanna know a fun stat? TCU is +15 (!!) in turnover differential. Who would’ve thought that a Bill Snyder team would be +6 in turnover margin and be 9 behind an opponent. That number won’t be able to be sustained by the Frogs, and at some point they will return to earth. I don’t think that happens this week, but I do think K State covers. It’s either going to be K State covering or an absolute bloodbath by TCU, and I expect the former.

Iowa State (-4) @ Kansas – Let’s not overreact to the OU game. In my opinion, s*** happens, and you have to burn the tape and know that you’re not going to play that poorly again, since one 2 games this year were anywhere remotely close to that poor (OU/NDSU). 

BUT, bad news– Iowa State is giving up 5.5 yards per carry. Good news– Kansas only runs it at a salty 3.3 yards per carry (which is actually worse than ISU). Something’s gotta give? I think this Kansas team (excluding Ben Heeney and Tony Pierson) is in a dearth of talent. Iowa State has legitimate talent, they’re either just getting out of diapers or walking on crutches. I think ISU wins this one in convincing fashion in front of DOZENS of screaming Jayhawk fans in the first  #ManginoWar.

CF Director of Sales, Adam Gray

Notre Dame @ Arizona State (-2.5) – Arizona State.

Oregon (-9.5) @ Utah – Utah.

Ohio State @ Michigan State (-3.5) – OSU.

Alabama (-6.5) @ LSU – Bama.

West Virginia (-3.5) @ Texas – West Virginia.

Baylor @ Oklahoma (-5) – Baylor.

Kansas State @ TCU (-5.5) – Kansas State.

Iowa State (-4) @ Kansas – ISU.

ESPN Broadcaster, Chris Hassel

Notre Dame @ Arizona State (-2.5) – ASU. Notre Dame hasn’t been impressive outside of its loss at FSU. 

Oregon (-9.5) @ Utah – Ducks. I had originally typed ‘Utes’ but Oregon can score so quickly that 9.5 is nothing. 

Ohio State @ Michigan State (-3.5) – MSU. Our Football Power Index is going to suffocate me in my sleep for this pick. For some reason it thinks OSU will win. Spartans are much better. 

Alabama (-6.5) @ LSU – Tigers. You don’t pick against the Tigers at night on the bayou. LSU was also a dog against Ole Miss. 

West Virginia (-3.5) @ Texas – UT. Horns have to show some pride at home. Their only win in last four came by 3 against Iowa State. C’mon. 

Baylor @ Oklahoma (-5) – Bears. Why are ppl saying OU still has a shot at Big 12 title? They’d have to win out and K-State would have to lose THREE games!

Kansas State @ TCU (-5.5) – Wildcats. Then old man finds a way. 

Iowa State (-4) @ Kansas – ISU. Right? 

enCYCLONEpedia Guy, Kirk Haaland

Notre Dame @ Arizona State (-2.5) – Notre Dame seems upset with their stance for making it into the playoffs. They have one "good" loss but nothing in the win column that is all that impressive. That doesn’t change this week. Devils cover.

Oregon (-9.5) @ Utah – "DUCKS FLY TOGETHER!"

Ohio State @ Michigan State (-3.5) – I’ll take the Buckeyes and the points.

Alabama (-6.5) @ LSU – Roll damn Tide.

West Virginia (-3.5) @ Texas – I think this is a sucker bet…but, as it turns out I am a sucker. Longhorns.

Baylor @ Oklahoma (-5) – Sooners. Though, I may still just be suffering from Boomer Sooner still running through my head after last Saturday.

Kansas State @ TCU (-5.5) – I’m sticking with the old guy until he let’s me down.

Iowa State (-4) @ Kansas – I’m taking the Cyclones and almost all of my positive vibes for this game stem from owning them on the road in 2012. Not the same scenario but I have a lot of faith in our coaches when they aren’t outgunned prior to kickoff.

Former Cyclone WR, Lane Danielsen

Notre Dame @ Arizona State (-2.5) – Arizona State.  I think the Sun Devils win a close one by a FG late.

Oregon (-9.5) @ Utah – Oregon. The Ducks are hot!  Roll the Utes by two TD’s minimum.

Ohio State @ Michigan State (-3.5) – Ohio State.  I think Ohio State covers here, but Michigan State wins the game.

Alabama (-6.5) @ LSU – Alabama.  Alabama in my opinion is the best and the hottest team in all of college football.

West Virginia (-3.5) @ Texas – West Virginia.  West Virginia is playing well and I think they go win this game easy in Austin.

Baylor @ Oklahoma (-5) – Baylor.  Baylor puts up a lot of points and I think cover in Norman.

Kansas State @ TCU (-5.5) – Kansas State.  Kansas State has covered the spread all year.  They do it again here.

Iowa State (-4) @ Kansas – Iowa State.  I think Grant Rohach ends up playing this entire game and plays well.  Clones win 37-31.

CF Columnist, Brent Blum

Notre Dame @ Arizona State (-2.5) – Arizona State 30 Notre Dame 22.

Oregon (-9.5) @ Utah – Oregon 31 Utah 27.

Ohio State @ Michigan State (-3.5) – Michigan State 28 Ohio State 14.

Alabama (-6.5) @ LSU – Alabama 17 LSU 14.

West Virginia (-3.5) @ Texas – West Virginia 27 Texas 18.

Baylor @ Oklahoma (-5) – Oklahoma 40 Baylor 33.

Kansas State @ TCU (-5.5) – TCU 27 K-State 24.

Iowa State (-4) @ Kansas – Iowa State 31 Kansas 20.

WHO-TV Meteorologist, Brett McIntyre

Notre Dame @ Arizona State (-2.5) – Arizona State. I think the Irish are overrated. Gave up 43 to UNC? 39 to Navy? I’ll take the Devils in the desert.

Oregon (-9.5) @ Utah – Oregon. The Ducks are rolling now.

Ohio State @ Michigan State (-3.5) – Michigan State. Spartans in a huge spot here. Absolute statement game here with a viable path to the playoff starting to materialize, and I think they capitalize on the opportunity at home.

Alabama (-6.5) @ LSU – LSU. 6.5 is too many at night in the Bayou. Last 3 Bama-LSU games in Baton Rouge have been decided 4, 3 and 6 points.

West Virginia (-3.5) @ Texas – West Virginia. Horns can’t keep this interesting for 4 quarters. Texas’ 4 wins are: N Texas, Kansas, ISU, and Texas Tech. Not exactly inspiring.

Baylor @ Oklahoma (-5) – Oklahoma. Gosh, I have no feel for this one. I’ll take Oklahoma and their offensive line to win this one.

Kansas State @ TCU (-5.5) – Kansas State. I think the Frogs win by a field goal, but K-State covers.

Iowa State (-4) @ Kansas – Iowa State. Cyclones must find the win column, or things hit a new level of ugly.

Former Cyclone WR, Jack Whitver

Notre Dame @ Arizona State (-2.5) – ASU speed too much, Devs by a TD to cover. 

Oregon (-9.5) @ Utah – Oregon has too much talent. Ducks by 14 to cover.

Ohio State @ Michigan State (-3.5) – Finally a decent Big 10 game. OSU gets revenge from last year…wins straight up to cover. 

Alabama (-6.5) @ LSU – Bama coming on strong…wins by 7 to cover.

West Virginia (-3.5) @ Texas – WVU in a blowout, wins by 17 to cover.

Baylor @ Oklahoma (-5) – Great Big 12 game, Baylor covers and may win straight up.

Kansas State @ TCU (-5.5) – KSU is playing solid football, but run ends to TCU in a de facto playoff game. Horns by 6 to cover. 

Iowa State (-4) @ Kansas – Game shouldn’t be close as ISU should blow them out, but ends up being entertaining. ISU by a TD to cover.

CF Senior Columnist, Rob Gray

Notre Dame @ Arizona State (-2.5) – Trips to Arizona — and across a couple time zones — can trip up lots of teams. Happens again, even though the Sun Devils will be down a starting DT. 

Oregon (-9.5) @ Utah – The Utes are sneaky good — solid across the board and dynamite at home. Ducks won’t cover, but I think they’ll hang on. Oregon 30, Utah 27

Ohio State @ Michigan State (-3.5) – I think the Spartans are the best team in the Big 10. Ohio State lost at home to an average (at best) Virginia Tech team. Cover. Michigan State 31, Buckeyes 20

Alabama (-6.5) @ LSU – Great one in the SEC West. These tend to go down to the wire and I like LSU’s running game at Death Valley. But it’s all lined up for the Tide: Win out, hit the playoffs. I like ‘Bama to win (maybe 27-24), but not to cover.

West Virginia (-3.5) @ Texas – This seems like a very small number, given how well the Mountaineers have played after a couple tough seasons. Longhorns ‘D’ keeps it close early, but Trickett and Co. roll late. WVU 31, UT 17

Baylor @ Oklahoma (-5) – Paul Rhoads said he thinks Oklahoma may “still make some noise” in the Big 12 this season, despite having two losses. Consider this a “Boom!” Sooners 42, Bears 31

Kansas State @ TCU (-5.5) – TCU features a virtually unstoppable offense and a defense looking more like it did in the pre-Big 12 days.  Snyder’s mystical ways keep it close, but Frogs prevail while not covering. TCU 32, K-State 28

Iowa State (-4) @ Kansas – Wimberly rushes for 100-plus yards and ISU’s offense reverts to recent pre-OU form. Cyclones were rightly “embarrassed and angry” after last week’s loss. Jayhawks are just “embarrassed.” ISU 35, KU 20 

Former Cyclone QB, Austen Arnaud

Notre Dame @ Arizona State (-2.5) – AZ State is hot right now, they keep it rolling and eliminate ND from playoff picture and keep their own hopes alive.

Oregon (-9.5) @ Utah – I like Utah in this one for the simple fact that they have superior special-teams. I don’t think they win but their defense and special teams keep this one close.

Ohio State @ Michigan State (-3.5) – Give me my favorite Offensive Coordinator of all time, Tom Herman, to go on the road with the freshman QB in a hostile environment and get the win outright. 

Alabama (-6.5) @ LSU – In the words of Phyllis, "KISS MY BUTT AND ROLL TIDE!"

West Virginia (-3.5) @ Texas – Give me the Longhorns here, they win outright.

Baylor @ Oklahoma (-5) – Sooners end Baylor’s playoff chances. Look for an opportunistic OU defense to turn Bryce Petty over.

Kansas State @ TCU (-5.5) – Bill Snyder, enough said. 

Iowa State (-4) @ Kansas – Clones here, the key is how Kane or Alton plays… I feel like it will be more Kane, but MLB gets the play in and everyone aligned. Big job for young MLB

CF Publisher, Chris Williams

Notre Dame @ Arizona State (-2.5) – Rarely do good things happen to Midwest teams that head west. ASU 27, Notre Dame 21

Oregon (-9.5) @ Utah – Utes have a starting safety out and area already giving up nearly 400 yards per game. This won’t bode well late Saturday night. Oregon 31, Utah 21.  

Ohio State @ Michigan State (-3.5) – I hate the hook here but really like Michigan State a lot more than the Buckeyes. Sparty 27, Ohio State 17

Alabama (-6.5) @ LSU – List of teams that Bama has beaten this year: West Virginia, Florida Atlantic, Southern Miss, Florida, Arkansas, Texas A&M and Tennessee. Not that impressive. I like and improving LSU team to cover at home. Bama 24, LSU 21

West Virginia (-3.5) @ Texas – The Mountaineers are legit. West Virginia 31, Texas 17.

Baylor @ Oklahoma (-5) – Baylor’s road woes scare me here. OU is a pretty physical team. Sooners win 35-28.

Kansas State @ TCU (-5.5) – Key stat: TCU leads the nation in forced turnovers with 26 on the season. Kansas State has only turned the ball over seven times. That’s what it will come down to. I’ll trust my boy Bill Snyder on this one. Kansas State with the upset by a 30-28 final in another Big 12 classic.

Iowa State (-4) @ Kansas – If Iowa State’s offense even shows up, I’m not sure how Kansas will stop them. Cyclones 34-20. 

Former Cyclone LB, Adam Carper

Notre Dame @ Arizona State (-2.5) – Notre Dame heads down to the desert and gets the W.

Oregon (-9.5) @ Utah – Utah.

Ohio State @ Michigan State (-3.5) – Not a big Urban Meyer fan…Sparty wins by 80!

Alabama (-6.5) @ LSU – Saban goes into familiar territory and keeps the Tide’s playoff hopes alive with an impressive W.  Roll Tide!

West Virginia (-3.5) @ Texas – West Virginia

Baylor @ Oklahoma (-5) – Baylor does enough to cover.

Kansas State @ TCU (-5.5) – I’m probably going to regret it, but I’m betting against Mr. AARP.  TCU

Iowa State (-4) @ Kansas – Cyclones get off the snide and steal one in Lawrence.

KXNO Host/Producer, Andrew Downs

Notre Dame @ Arizona State (-2.5) – ASU. This spread seems right on…I like the Sun Devils by a field goal.

Oregon (-9.5) @ Utah – Utah. I think the Ducks win the game, but this spread is too big. 

Ohio State @ Michigan State (-3.5) – MSU. Really like the Spartans, especially at home. 

Alabama (-6.5) @ LSU – LSU. Death Valley claims another victim.

West Virginia (-3.5) @ Texas – WVU. The Mountaineers are really good. Texas is not.

Baylor @ Oklahoma (-5) – Baylor. OU is a good team playing at home, but Baylor’s high powered attack is too much. 

Kansas State @ TCU (-5.5) – TCU. This is a really tough call, but I like the home team here.

Iowa State (-4) @ Kansas – ISU. Must-win game for Rhoads and the Cyclones, and they’ll get everyone off the ledge.

Former Cyclone K, Bret Culbertson

Notre Dame @ Arizona State (-2.5) – A field goal win could happen either way with these teams. Both have solid kickers. Going with the ASU upset. 

Oregon (-9.5) @ Utah – Ducks.

Ohio State @ Michigan State (-3.5) – Going with my heart here. Spartans.

Alabama (-6.5) @ LSU – As much as I’d like to see my guy Colby Delahoussye hit another game-winner, I’m going with Alabama on this one.

West Virginia (-3.5) @ Texas – West Virginia, by way more than 3.5.

Baylor @ Oklahoma (-5) – I think many will pick the upset here, but I’m staying with the Sooners by a TD. 

Kansas State @ TCU (-5.5) – Toughy here. I’ll go with TCU

Iowa State (-4) @ Kansas – Clones need to let loose on this one. Cyclones own the Jayhawks.

Former Cyclone QB, Bret Meyer

Notre Dame @ Arizona State (-2.5) – ASU

Oregon (-9.5) @ Utah – Oregon

Ohio State @ Michigan State (-3.5) – MSU

Alabama (-6.5) @ LSU – LSU

West Virginia (-3.5) @ Texas – WVU

Baylor @ Oklahoma (-5) – OU

Kansas State @ TCU (-5.5) – TCU

Iowa State (-4) @ Kansas – ISU