Cyclone Roundup: 5-1 Edition

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Happy May Day Cyclone Nation.

Here’s today’s roundup…

NORVEL PELLE: There aren’t too many Norvel Pelle updates that surface on the Internet anymore but here’s one from One division one basketball coach calls Pelle a "long shot" to qualify academically. On the other hand, this coach also calls Pelle a "future NBA player."

ROYCE WHITE/DRAFT: Here’s your weekly Royce White Draft stock update. is currently projecting Royce as the 26th pick in the 2012 NBA Draft. That would have Royce going to the Indiana Pacers. I really think that Royce is going to be drafted into a good situation, regardless of where he goes. I say this because it’s unlikely that he’ll be at top 10 pick right? The point is that he’ll probably go to a playoff team – a team that actually has a few other pieces – that will draft Royce to be a role guy. He’ll be perfect at that in the NBA. That’s what separates Royce from most guys. He doesn’t care about scoring 20 points a game.

I’m not even going to quote any other draft sites. People who know people have told me that it’s not even worth it.

FOOTBALL PLAYOFF: The landscape of college football is changing before our very eyes this offseason. If you haven’t been following the drama, I highly encourage you to begin doing so now. CLICK HERE for an (Stewart Mandel) column, where he outlines the two most likely scenarios regarding the future of the game.

At this point, I can’t help myself from sitting here and just waiting for some academia folk to screw this up…


*** Conference realignment gurus will like this link from Brett McMurphy of McMurphy essentially writes a eulogy for the WAC as a football conference. 

*** More for you realignment nerds…The future of the Pac-12 Network. — The Daily Camera

*** Here’s a tardy Iowa State football spring recap from Wendell Barnhouse of It really doesn’t consist of anything that you don’t already know (if you hang out on this site often) but it’s May 1. I’ll link it anyway.

*** Blair Kerkhoff is currently projecting Iowa State to finish ninth in the Big 12 for the 2012 football season. — Kansas City Star