The Doc Spot: Texas injury report

By Chris Williams, Publisher

Your expert injury report for Saturday’s date with the Texas Longhorns is brought to you by the Iowa Clinic.

For the most part, your Iowa State Cyclones are nearly 100 percent healthy heading into Saturday. Other than three players who tore ACL’s before the season began, only one Cyclone is slated to miss this weekend’s contest. That’s reserve guard Shaban Dika, who is suffering from an MCL injury.

Still, we took some time this week to catch up with the Iowa Clinic’s Foot and Ankle Surgeon Dr. Eric Barp DPM to discuss Steele Jantz’s foot and some other tidbits as well.

CF: Iowa State’s quarterback suffered what Paul Rhoads referred to as a "sprained foot" late in the first half against UConn. Jantz played in the second half, but was noticeably affected by the injury. What exactly is a "sprained foot?" How do you think that Iowa State treated Jantz during the off week and will he be 100 percent against Texas on Oct. 1?

Barp: A sprained foot simply put is stretching of ligaments which attach a bone to another bone. The ligamentous anatomy of the foot is extensive with so many bones. The trainers will likely treated this with rest and physical therapy. Time off should heal his foot quickly.

CF: Kelechi Osemele has been struggling with a bad ankle. Jake Knott has done the same with his arm. On top of that, Darius Reynolds is still recovering from a broken toe. How much work do you think any of these players got during the off week? What would you suggest in getting them ready for Oct. 1?

Barp: I think the three mentioned will benefit greatly from rest and physical therapy to allow their bodies to heal themselves. They may participate in light drills and avoid heavy contact to heal but still be ready for the upcoming game.