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Williams Blog: Get to know Jake Knott

By Chris Williams, CycloneFanatic.com PublisherFollow Chris on Twitter @ChrisMWilliams

You all know him as Iowa State’s All-Big 12 linebacker who busts heads like it is his job. Hopefully for Jake Knott, some day that will be his job.

But there’s more to this gridiron warrior than recording 130 tackles in a season. Here are a few examples.

His short game stinks..

Knott loves playing golf. Jake says that he’s not any good at it helps pass time during the offseason.

“I think that my short putting game is kind of like Phil Mickelson’s. I can’t make one," Knott said. "My long game would be compared to anybody who can’t hit a fairway. But I love it.”

“I just like getting outside. I can get outside and not strain myself too much."

Unfortunately for Knott’s golf game, Iowa State’s fall camp begins this week.

“Golf might have to take a backseat there," Knott said.

His family life…

I’ve had the opportunity to meet both of Knott’s parents. They’re exceptionally nice people. And his little brother and future Cyclone Luke, well he’s a nice guy too. But according to Jake, his little brother talks a lot.

“He is probably a better interview than I am," mild-mannered Jake said. "We have a fair share of words exchanged between the two of us. He is the more outgoing on."

Luke is a state champion quarterback at Lee’s Summit in Missouri.

"He has the quarterback mentality. He can talk to everybody," Jake said. "I’m the linebacker. I keep my head down and don’t talk much.”

He’s excited about…

…Playing in Jack Trice Stadium with that massive scoreboard and sound system up and running.

“It is even bigger when you’re on the field. It’s huge," Knott said. "It is going to be a great selling point to get more fans in the seats. It adds a different element of the Cyclone atmosphere to the game day experience. It is our own thing now. Opposing teams will have to come in and see that. Hopefully it intimidates them a little bit because it is so big.”