Williams Blog: Knott defines toughness

By Chris Williams, PublisherFollow Chris on Twitter @ChrisMWilliams

Jake Knott’s story from Saturday night’s 49-26 loss to Baylor is not one for those with a weak stomach.

Knott, Iowa State’s junior linebacker who has been playing all season long with a busted up arm, dislocated his shoulder not once, but twice in the second half at Waco last Saturday night.

“The first time that it happened it was pretty painful. It hurt the most because I had to put it back in when I was out there," Knott said. "The second time, it kind of just went back in by itself.”

That’s right. After running down star quarterback Robert Griffin, Knott popped his own shoulder back into place, right there on Baylor’s sideline.

“It was on the job training," said Knott.

After playing doctor, Knott went back for more.

“I worry about what he’s going to feel like when he’s my age," said Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads. “He is always going to put himself in that situation because he plays the game the right way. He plays it so hard. You can win a lot of football games with the Jake Knott’s of this world.”

Iowa State’s medical staff contemplated keeping Knott out for the rest of the game.

“They made me come out for one play," Knott said. "I just kind of went back out there on my own.”

Knott said that the pain was simply that. Pain. It wasn’t affecting his performance on the field. Knott made a decision to deal with the pain later. He was hell bent on keeping Baylor out of the endzone.

“You put all of the hard work in for those types of game," Knott said. "Maybe if you come back in you’ll make a big play or maybe somebody else will make a big play. That’s what kind of drives me to help my team win.”

Knott ended up recording a career-high 18 tackles in the loss. He currently leads the Big 12, averaging 11.8 tackles per game.

Knott was in a sling on Monday but told media that he’d be good to go on Saturday at Missouri.

Would you expect anything less?