Cyclone Roundup: Big 12 meetings notebook

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TO PAY OR NOT TO PAY?: The Big Ten and SEC began this conversation last week. This week in Kansas City, the debate as to whether college athletes should receiver additional money to their scholarships surfaced at the Big 12’s summer meetings.

As you would imagine, there are plenty of mixed emotions flying around regarding this topic.

Texas likes the idea.

"We’re for it," Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds told the Associated Press. "It’s a positive thing and I think doing something for student-athletes is a positive thing."

Oklahoma appears to be against it.

"If you start thinking in terms of, `Well, these are the kids that bring in all the money and we need to give them more money,’ it’s hard for me to think that makes sense," Oklahoma faculty representative Connie Dillon told the AP. "How are you saying that’s not pay for play?"

I haven’t spoken to Jamie Pollard about this, but I can’t imagine any scenario in which Iowa State would be for paying players. Compared to most other schools in the Big 12, Iowa State is already at a big enough of a disadvantage from a financial standpoint. That money would have to come from somewhere.

That’s where Dodds comes around on the topic. While he might be for it, Dodds realizes that this actually becoming a reality is a long shot.

"The reality of being able to do it, it’s hard. Maybe 10 percent of athletic budgets are in the black. So if you go cost of living, that’s another, let’s say million dollars, that’s got to come from somewhere," Dodds said. "Probably got to come from the academic side. It’s not a good time to take money from the academic side for athletes. The reality of making it happen, I think, is pretty hard to figure."

For more on this topic, CLICK HERE to read an update from’s Big 12 blogger David Ubben.

NO PLANS TO EXPAND: DeLoss Dodds must have been a busy man yesterday. I found this following quote from the St. Louis Post Dispatch regarding expansion especially interesting.

"No. It is absolutely no. No. Not a thought. Not a consideration. I think a better way to say it is I don’t think the Big 12 is going to start something. … It’s pretty good the way it is."

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Came from Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe when he said (again from the St. Louis Post Dispatch), "I don’t think that the magic of Jan. 1 (or beyond) is there anymore," Beebe said. "It’s not there as much as it has been."

PINKEL/MIZZOU: And here’s another St. Louis Post Dispatch link (these guys are doing some great work) for you. This one involves Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel, who has been rumored as a potential candidate to replace Jim Tressel at Ohio State. Pinkel basically shot down his interest in the job. What’s he supposed to say on June 1 though?


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