12-9 CF Mailbag

It’s mailbag time here at I was sent a lot of interesting questions this week…here we go.

Clonegrad07 writes: Who do you think our starting five in men’s basketball should be? Why would your starting five be better then what we are putting out there right now and if there are no changes, what schemes need to change to make us more successful?

CW: The only move I could see being made is putting Christopherson out there for Staiger. I’m not sure what that would do for Lucca mentally though. Know what I mean? You don’t want to kill his psyche. A healthy LaRon Dendy on the floor would give the staff another option down low…He’s not there yet though. I’d probably keep it the same but think about giving Christopherson a look. My key to success is rebounding. If the team starts grabbing a few more defensive boards, that will allow them to play more transition basketball. In the end, that’s what this team is good at. That’s my key.

What are you getting you new wife for Christmas? I’m struggling with my fiancé and I don’t know what to get her…

CW: I already bought her tickets to the Brad Paisley concert that will be at the Well in January. I also am getting her a gift certificate to Tommy’s Salon in Ames. I’m not even just pubbing a sponsor here. That’s really what she’s getting. She wants to get her hair highlighted so I am hooking up with that, and more. If you got your girl that, it’s killing three birds with one stone. Hear me out. 1) The gift is bought. 2) You’re supporting Cyclone Fanatic, which we really appreciate. And 3) your girl will look very good. No negatives.

PGreen ISU 92 writes: Do you strive to be to the Vlogomercial world what Billy Mays was to the Infomercial world?

CW: I am honored that somebody mentioned my name in the same sentence as the late, great Billy Mays. Thanks PGreen. You just made my snowy day.

Cyismydog writes: Do you feel like a goober with your comb-over faux hawk? Or just a preppy?

CW: Really? Don’t throw stones in a glass house young man. I feel very GQ-like with my new dew. I like it though. You should try the comb-over faux hawk my man. You’d be fighting chicks off with a stick.

DRCHIRO writes: Do you think HB will switch his commitment to ISU?

CW: There is a better chance of me wearing a Nebraska football jersey to Christmas dinner than HB going to Iowa State. Understood?

When will you be on the radio again??

CW: I am doing some stuff in the mornings sometime this month. I haven’t been given an official date yet though. I’ll keep you guys posted.

AngryPanda writes: Who is your favorite Ninja Turtle and Why?

CW: For some reason, I was always a Raphael guy. Here’s why. He wasn’t as big of a joker as Michelangelo but was still a funny turtle. Donatello was too serious and kind of drove me nuts. He acted like everybody’s grandpa. Really annoying. Leonardo was the “leader” of the group but too many other people liked him. He and Michelangelo were the trendy ones. I’m happy with my Raphael pick. Plus, he wore the red headband. That’s cool right?

MNCyguy writes: Have you heard any rumblings of local stations being allowed by NFL network to broadcast the Insight bowl or Mediacom working out some sort of deal to make the game available to their customers?

CW: I haven’t heard a thing on this but it really needs to get done. If not, the local sports bars will really be hopping on New Year’s Eve in Des Moines. It’s time for everybody to quit being stubborn and just do it.

Isufan writes: Can you discuss how important these next four home games for the men are in terms of how the rest of the season will go?

CW: I think that these next four games can and will give us a true indication on how the rest of the season will go. Three of the four are nice challenges (Iowa, Bradley and Houston) but games that Iowa State should definitely win. I’m more concerned about this team’s confidence than anything. Right now, they are down. I want to see that swagger that the team showed at Drake earlier this year.

Cycopath25 writes: Do you eat Easy Mac?

CW: Yes, but not very often. It’s pretty darn good, but not very filling. I usually go with two packets if I’m going to go that route for a meal.

SuperCy writes: Why do people, who know nothing about wrestling, continually bag on the program after a loss to Iowa?

CW: Here is my take on this. Follow my lead. I admittedly know absolutely nothing about the sport of wrestling. If that is the case, don’t try to analyze it. I write about wrestling because I feel like it is important to cover. Iowa State fans are passionate about the sport. But I will never try to analyze anything that has to do with wrestling, unless it is the WWE. I love the WWE. Anybody else?

A lot of people irritate me. Is that more of a reflection on me or on them?

CW: I’d say it’s you SuperCy. Just smile at people and have a positive attitude. Treat everybody like they are your friend, even if you can’t stand them. Unless it is your family, don’t get too worked up about other people. That’s how I TRY to roll. It is hard sometimes.

Knownothing writes: Why do wrestling fans get so irate when you laugh at there sport? Is it steroids?

CW: No steroids. I think it has more to do with the fact that the people who laugh at their sport typically know nothing about it. Read above for more.

Are the Brands brothers Psychotic? If so should we feel bad for them since they are literally crazy?

CW: I feel bad for a lot of people in the world but the Brands brothers are not on that list. Yes…they are crazy. But it’s a good, intense crazy. You have to be like that to be a D-1 wrestling coach don’t you?

Clonefan32 writes: Is there any coach, in any sport, anywhere in the world that you think could win in a fight with Kevin Jackson? I think we just may have the most BA coach in the World.

CW: Agreed. Kevin Jackson scares me. My one rule while attending any wrestling press conference is to NEVER look anybody in the eye, no matter what the circumstance is. NEVER look any coach, wrestler or fan in the eye. They can, could and will own me if they want to. So again, NEVER look Kevin Jackson in the eye. Got it?

Cycopath25 writes: If you were a hotdog and you were starving, would you eat yourself?

CW: Of course I would. I’d be so delicious. I’d smother myself with brown mustard and relish.

Hurdleisu24 writes: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

CW: Dude, I answered that one a couple of weeks ago.

Cardinal&gold writes: What’s your assessment of Minnesota? Do you like the matchup for ISU? Prediction?

CW: I don’t want to give a prediction just yet. But I will say that I think these two teams are headed in opposite directions. Everything is positive in Ames right now. Paul Rhoads is on his way to a bowl game in year one. Everybody is pumped up. All is well. Minnesota? Not so much. Their coach might be leaving. They’ve played in the same bowl game twice in the past three years. They have one of the worst offenses in college football. Not much to be excited about. I think that Iowa State will win this comfortably but again, I don’t want to give a score quite yet.

Clones26 writes: How many conference wins have you shaved off of your pre-season thoughts due to the last week… I would say 2-3 for me.

CW: I had to look back to review my prediction. I had the Clones at 10-6 in the Big 12. I still think that this team has the talent to do that. I agree with you though. I’d probably drop it to 9-7 or 8-8. I’m still optimistic. For all of you pessimists out there, I apologize for that. I’m just not ready to give up on this staff or this team.

Thanks for the questions! We’ll do it all over again next week!