Rhoads: Early Thoughts on Nebraska

Paul Rhoads met with members of the media in his weekly Big 12 teleconference earlier today.

Here is what the coach had to say about his early thoughts on this weekend’s game with Nebraska.

They are going to look angry. That’s what they are going to look like after their last game. Their strengths, there are many. Their defensive front seven might be as good as there is in college football. We know all about Suh at tackle but the guys who line up beside him and behind him are great football players too. You struggle to have any kind of success running the football against them. Points are not easy to come by. They have an athletic and physical offensive line that will cause a problem because we don’t have a defensive line that matches up with that kind of athleticism. The running back is right up there with ours as one and two in the league running the football. At quarterback, with all of the reports out right now, you’re not sure, the game plan might be a little bit different based on who is under center so we have plenty of things to cause us worry as we go into this week’s preparation.


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