Chasson Randle Post-Visit Q&A

The Iowa State men’s basketball program hosted a 2011 prospect named Chasson Randle this weekend on an unofficial visit. Randle, a 6-foot-1, 180-pound guard out of Rock Island, Ill., spoke with on Sunday evening about his trip.

Below is the Q&A.

CF: Did you enjoy your visit? CR: Yes. I had a really good time. I saw some good things and met some good people. I had a really good time.

CF: What was your favorite part of your visit? CR: It was probably seeing the campus. I liked hanging with the coaches and players. Those were my favorite parts.

CF: What did you think of that new practice facility? CR: It is unbelievable. I wish that we had on in Rock Island. It’s really nice. It’s state-of-the art.

CF: Did you go to the football game? CR: For a little bit. I watched the kickoff and then part of the first half. Then we had to leave. It was cold out there. I had my parents with me and my little sister.

CF: I’m assuming that you watched the team practice some. What did you think? CR: I didn’t get to see much of it. I saw bits and parts. Then, I went on my tour of the campus. When I came back, they were just finishing up.


Cyclone Fanatic