BARELY AUDIBLE: Sept. 21, 2016 Edition

Former Cyclones Zack Spears, Jeff Woody and Austen Arnaud on:

– The improvements from Saturday throughout the entire team how the offensive line was actually better with out Jaypee Philbert.

– Austen breaks down the inconsistent play at quarterback and instability at that position since he left the program 5 years ago.

– Jeff goes in depth as to why we’re still not seeing the full Mike Warren as of yet, and why not to expect it anytime soon.

– Austen game plans and schemes ways to get Allen Lazard the ball when defenses are focused on taking him out of the game.

– Jeff has a simple solution as to how the entire team can easily improve across the board.

– A preview of San Jose State and discussion about what a win would mean at this point in the season, as well as how to attack their offense and defense.

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