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  1. BearlyDoug

    BearlyDoug New Member

    Aug 22, 2013
    Jack of All Trades
    Going to split these into different paragraphs.

    Not a chance (this is a question that comes up several times a year on Hogville; those people get ridiculed beyond any other question, aside from the usual crappy "What channel is the game on" when it's clearly a PPV... but I digress).

    The Razorbacks road in the SEC has not been an easy one. Several years of ****-poor coaching (Houston Nutt, John L. Smith, etc) have taken its toll, even though the Razorbacks do have two outright SEC West championships and shares two other SECW Co-Championships.

    That being said, the entire infrastructure has been tweaked and adjusted for us to compete within the SEC. Sadly, it's literally not just an Arms Race, but a game of brinkmanship and one upping other teams. For the Big 12, there's generally 4 good teams for the conference, with an occasional rising of additional teams, but the SEC style of play is vastly different than the Big 12 style of play (this is neither a good nor bad thing, of course... just different).

    While Arkansas would LOVE to resume the series against Texas and the Okie/Okie Lite tandem, it really wouldn't be a fair fight anymore (though last year's debacle needs to be pushed out of mind). Texas, as a matter of fact, is the one that keeps pushing off the return game they owe the Razorbacks. I think it's now somewhere in the early 2020s.

    Sadly, Arkansas has NO true rivalry. Not Texas, not LSU and certainly not Texas A&M. Many Hog fans are fairly evenly split about the rival being Texas or LSU. And no, Missouri does not count. Just like they didn't when they were in the Big 12... except for the Kansas schools. :)

    Loaded question, and one that Jay Bir (my co-host on TCR) and I have answered on our show, but this ain't the show, it's Cyclone Fanatics. :D

    I said from the get go that Texas A&M was going to have a FAR better season than Missouri would ever hope to have. Said that when I got wind that a conference jump was going to happen. Not sure how familiar everyone is with Texas A&M's history, but out of any 10 year cycle, they tend to have 2-3 decent to good years... the rest of the time, they're a middle of the road pack. They'll be decent this year, but once Ole Johnny Payday (AKA The Money Badger, who just don't care) declares for teh NFL, they're probably going to fall back into the middle again.

    How much more do I need to disrespect Mizzou? I get tired of doing it constantly, haha! She's got a respectable program, but what I'm most annoyed about is that Ole Mizzie was lifting her skirt up to both the SEC and the B1G at the same time, hoping someone would take a nibble at that... uhh... crusty goodness?

    Really caused a lot of problems for the SEC, waiting for Mizzie to make up her damn mind, hah! Cost us two very good teams that could have rounded the SEC conference out to 16 teams. The Big 12 got one of them (WVU). The other one still wants out of the ACC (even voted against the Grant of Rights deal).

    As far as Ole Mizzie's projections... they better get rid of Pinkel fast, otherwise, they'll become the new Vanderbilt of the SEC.
  2. Cycsk

    Cycsk Well-Known Member

    Aug 17, 2009
    Hate Arkansas. I went out of our Survivor game in Week 2 last year by picking them.
  3. Cycsk

    Cycsk Well-Known Member

    Aug 17, 2009
    Any talk on your forums about your new head coach just using you as a rest area until he can go back to Iowa?
  4. kilroy

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    Jun 10, 2010
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    hills to flat lands
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    Hey n00b did your mom put you in that shirt!!

    View attachment 21410

    Welcome aboard. Please talk the cyclones and share they Jack Trice story with your SEC and Sunbelt compadres!!
  5. BearlyDoug

    BearlyDoug New Member

    Aug 22, 2013
    Jack of All Trades
    I hate saying this, but anyone that put the Hogs up as winners of anything last year really just didn't have a clue. I supported the team, but was extremely ****** after the first game and started calling for an immediate coaching change. Jonelle Smith should NEVER be allowed anywhere near the DI-A ranks ever again.

    There's the rumblings from the mental midgets that just aren't happy that he's with Arkansas trying to spout off that inane stuff.

    If it happens, it happens. Personally, I want to see him give the Razorbacks 4-5 years and see what he can do. He's got pretty big shoes to follow (Les Miles and Nick Saban can also trace their SEC Coaching roots back to Big 10 schools as well).

    Bielema is slowly silencing his critics (except for when he goes after mental midgets on social media).

    Did you really just try to use a 2nd grade insult? I thought this was a fan site for a Big 12 school, not a B1G school. ;)

    All kidding aside, what history/stats did you want me to rattle off about this year's Cyclones FB schedule?
  6. WhatchaGonnaDo

    WhatchaGonnaDo Well-Known Member

    Jun 28, 2011
    Bielema is a big time doosh
  7. MO4ISU

    MO4ISU Member

    Feb 27, 2013
    to long
  8. DarkStar

    DarkStar Active Member

    Sep 15, 2009
    Omaha, NE
    Klenakis is going to Louisville.

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