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Discussion in 'Big XII Conference' started by DistrictCyclone, Dec 6, 2011.

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    I think the deserved consensus is that they are, and have been terrible. But do they have any potential this year and promise for the near future?

    They knocked off Tech tonight. They're 7-2 overall with wins over high-scoring Houston, Evansville (who beat the national runner-up in their opener), and a very good Virginia team (their only loss). TCU's 2 losses were to Ole Miss (7-1) and Norfolk State, who came within 2 of Marquette (in what was, for some reason, the second time they met already this year).

    They've got 4 guys averaging double-digit scoring. It looks like they have enough depth to keep guys rotating in and out. I know they have a cushy schedule being in the MWC that could hurt them come tourney selection time, but if they maintain the pace they've kept in their non-con schedule when they start playing their easier conference schedule, they should be in contention for a bid, right?
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    They'll need about 24-25 wins to get a shot. That's what UNLV had last year. SDSU and BYU also got invites from the Mountain West, but both of them had tougher OOC schedules too.

    That 7,000-seat basketball arena should make for some somber, intimate road games next year.

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