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    I talked to Cody Sanderson today in the wrestling room today. I wasn't able to talk to Cyler, and I probably won't be able to write story [School.....], so I figured I'd give this to the people.

    Cody was wearing an Iowa State wrestling shirt and had some interesting things to say. He said he's going to be around for a few weeks:

    “We’ve got several guys competing this weekend and preparing for the World Team Trials, and guys that are kind of caught in the middle of all this. I’d like to do as much as I can to make sure they transition as smoothly as possible, and when the new coach gets here, they can greet him and take off and not look back too much.
    “It’s good to get a few more practices in with these guys – go take down a couple of ‘em before I go, give them something to remember me by.”
    Cody said that Cyler is undecided as to whether he's leaving or not.

    "With him and making his decision, what I’m going to try to do is listen to him, and let him bounce ideas and thoughts off me, and let him get his mind clear so he can make the best decision possible, because it’s going to be tough on him. He’s loyal; he loves the guys on this team; he’s a Cyclone. But those family ties are pretty tough, too.
    I'm not going to try to push him. He’s an adult. He’s getting married this upcoming summer[August], so he’s making adult decisions. Whatever he does, I’m behind him 100 percent."
    "I'm sorry that this is something that he has to deal with. I'm sorry that this is something all these guys have to deal with, you know, [but] especially him. Because not only is he losing his coach potentially, you know, his big brothers are going to be going somewhere else. So there is added pressure for him to make that decision. In the last 24 hours alone, I’ve had at least a dozen people call me, text me, email me asking me what he’s going to do and giving opinos on what he should do, so I know a lot of people are wanting him to stay.
    And if he does stay, I hope he’s treated well and not looked down upon because his older brothers decided to go somewhere else, because, you know, he’s his own person, and he’s going to do what's best."
    On Cyler feeling the pressure of expectations during college:
    "He feels the pressure. He tries not to feel the pressure; he knows somewhere in the back of his mind that whenever he steps on the mat, people think of Cael. That’s just how it is. And I know that it’s hard on him, and I think he’s done an incredible job dealing with it. I think his wrestling at times hasn’t been as good because of his situation, but I think he’s just done a tremendous job, and he's a great kid, and I really want his senior year to go well for him.
    And I really want, when he finishes up with it, for him to be at peace with whatever happens, and hopefully he achieves a national title individually, but I’m not sure what singlet he’ll be in to do that, though."
    Cody said Cael kept him involved during the decision:
    "He asked me if I would support it [if he decided to go to Penn State] and I said I would 100 percent. I told him it was going to be a hard decision, and he knew that. And if he decided to leave, there would be a lot of people upset with him, and he would probably have a hard time emotionally, that he was going to be leaving behind a good group of guys, and he knew that.
    And that was the hardest part about it. I think that’s the hardest part of any change is changing the relationships you have with people. I think that was the most difficult for him.
    "It's hard for me. I'm a Cyclone. I was the first of four brothers to come here, and I love it here, I love the guys on the team. This is a great place, but I'm very supportive of what he’s doing. I think he’s going to be successful. I’m very happy to help him with it. I’m really going to miss what I'm doing here, and I’m excited about the opportunity and what we’re going to be doing there."
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    Good questions... thanks.
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    Excellent post, thanks.
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    Thank you for posting, I truly believe people especially the Cyclone Family will lift Cyler to another level, if he stays. I just pray if he stay he doesn't get distracted and given the million questions with the Cael leaving stories all season long. I would be thrilled if he stayed and I believe that the recruits will look up to him b/c he will show them what it means to stick it out and give a commitment to the school we all love so very much!
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    Good stuff. Thanks again for your contributions.
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    Sounds like a pretty stand-up family. I wish them the best.

    In a few years we'll know if Cael is bigger than the ISU program and whether the ISU wrestling program is bigger than Cael. These things are not mutually exclusive.
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    This might be Cyler's chance to leave his brother's shadow. If he stays he becomes his own person and might be known for the brother that didn't follow the easy route laid out by his brother. If he does really well by placing in the top 3-4 next year, he might really empower himself and "no longer" fell the pressure of being Cael's' brother.

    I think it would be good for him to stay and then follow his brother after college if he plans to continue wrestling or go into coaching.
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    Cyler could be on a National Championship team at Iowa State next season if he stays...the crowd support will be fantastic!!!
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    There's no other team that he would transfer to that would give him a better chance at a team national championship.
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    IMO, if Cyler stays the ENTIRE Cyclone Family should rally behind him for his senior season. Staying or going will be the toughest decision that young man has had to make. I think it will be a true statement about Cyclone Wrestling if he stays and we should appreciate him for making the committment.

    FWIW, if he stays I'll be giving him a standing ovation every time he wrestles.
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    And that would be something that none of his brother's have.
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    This even makes the next coaching hire that much more impotant. I would think that several of the guys are waiting to see who the coach is before they make a firm decision!!
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    I did end up writing a story.
    "Wrestlers left in limbo in wake of Sanderson's departure."
    [I wrote "Pan Am Wrestling Championship." Should be the Championships... didn't get caught in the editing process... gotta fix that]

    Bonus quotes:
    "It’s sad to see them leave, but we’re Cyclones, you know, we’re going to fight and win that national title as Cyclones," -- Jon Reader.

    Didn't use the full quote from Nick Gallick. Here it is.

    "We’re planning on sticking together. I don’t know really what everybody is doing, but it’s important that we stick together, so we’ll see how everything plays out, but we have such a good team, it’s important everyone sticks together so that we can win a championship."

    Gallick on the coaches leaving
    "They’re all great coaches and its real tough to lose them… I liked... you know, it’s hard on me. But things happen, and you’ve got to roll with it. He’s doing what’s best for him and his family, and I respect that . I understand. So I don’t hold anything against him. And I don’t blame him , you know, it’s a very good opportunity and I don’t blame him for taking it. If I was in the same position, you never know, I might do the same thing, so... that’s how it played out."
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    why not cody for head coach?
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    Good stuff, thanks. I like what I'm hearing from the guys.
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    Huh, that's I thought I hadn't heard. I like it.
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    some of the guys wouldnt mind that. he has to be sorta buried on the list IMO. before him would be jones, koll, ryan, brands, gable, probably randall at least.

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