Stone City Brewery - Blessing of the Bock

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    As some of you may know, there was once a brewery in Solon, Iowa called Stone City (apparently because the brewer originally started brewing in a little development in Colorado called Stone City, and then when he moved back to his native Iowa, he had hoped to find an inexpensive location in historic Stone City, Iowa. But Solon was the first to offer a relatively inexpensive space). That brewery started selling to the public in July 1996, remained for a number of years and self distributed its beers in the state in the early days when Millstream was perhaps their only competition. They had several very fine beers, but ultimately the need for the brewer to resume his bio-chemistry research with the U of Iowa caused the brewery to shut down (after all, medical bills for the family could not be supported by a small time brewery). Among their successful beers was a beer called Ahh.Bock! This beer has been re-brewed annually for the original 'Blessing of the Bock" (a tradition that has been mimicked by many other breweries, but to my knowledge, this is the original). Various breweries have helped by providing space to brew this beer over the years. Great River has also at one time distributed cans of Ahh Bock brewed at their brewery.

    Once again this year (2017) Ahh.. Bock! is being brewed for this annual event. I am told that there will be three events. One to be held at Great River brewery in the Quad Cities. One to be held at the Backpocket Brewery in Coralville/Iowa City. And one to be held at The Iowa Brewing Company in Cedar Rapids.

    My understanding is that the event at Great River was originally scheduled for Feb 25 at 1 pm. Not sure if the even is being being postponed til April, or if this is information is from a post a year old.
    The Backpocket event will be March 4 at 1 pm.
    The Iowa Brewing Company event will be March 25th at 1pm.

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