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Discussion in 'CF Archive Bin' started by CyinCo, Sep 24, 2006.

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    I'm not a trench expert by any means. I can see we have a problem since Meyer was sacked 7 times. But I don't know enough about how O-Lines work to understand whats the problem. Obviously Meyer is not getting time and it is costing us points and first downs. It seemed like on average against Texas, we had only 2 downs to work with before punting since one down would be a sack. That is a tough situation.

    So, can someone please explain to me what is the problem with the line? They have the size and athletic ability. Is it a footwork problem? Are other teams just sending way more than we can block? Is our RB blocking the problem? Are the TEs not doing any blocking?

    Seems to me if teams are sending more than we can block, you overcome this will counter plays.
  2. Kyle

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    Mar 30, 2006
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    I think a lot of yesterday was just that our guys were physically mismatched, especially our running backs trying to pick up linebackers. Stevie just could not handle those linebackers yesterday.
  3. CYdTracked

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    I'm disappointed with the O-Line lately. 4 Seniors and 1 Sophomore, the 4 seniors all weighing in at over 300+ lbs. With that kind of size and expirience they should be protecting better than they are. Texas's D is that good too but even against the Toledo's and UNLV's they have had their lapses. Might be part of the reason our passing game struggles because Meyer has to roll out of the pocket more than he should due to poor protection.
  4. dudeluv

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    How about all of the false starts yesterday? For seniors to not know the snap count is innexcusible. I don't believe that we were in a total mismatch yesterday either, though. I'm not so sure that the players and the coaches felt that way leading up to and during the game though. This group of guys can compete and play with almost any other team in America, and the dissapointing thing the past few years is that they don't seem to believe that themselves. Until they believe they can beat a team like Texas or Oklahoma, it will never happen and we will continue to be a 7-5 team playing in the bowl. I sometimes wonder what the pre-game and halftime speaches are in our locker room? 'Go out there and do your best guys, and no matter what, you are all winners to me'? I think everyone knew that the start of this season would be a bumpy ride with our youth on defense and the brutal schedule, but it should also be an opportunity for this team to make huge strides in improving themselves week in and week out. I also don't think anyone should be jumping off the ship because we are 2-2 right now. As the year plays out, the team should get much better and maybe by the time the smoke clears we will be looking at a very different football team then the one I saw yesterday.
  5. cycloneworld

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    If you don't think that they O-Line was the replay. There were very few times that Meyer could stand in the pocket and throw a pass. He was scrambling all day long. I'm surprised he is still alive...
  6. Todd Blythe

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    we are just physically mismatched most of the time and meyer rarely stays in the pocket anyway forcing him to make quick decisions.

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