On That Note: (I'm In With) The In Crowd


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Nov 13, 2016
Like, oh my god, this song is totally loaded with catchphrases! Intended to be satirical, it had the opposite effect, becoming influential in the pop-culture sense.

I was working in a make-shift office during ann'l military training one year (actually 1982). A radio was pumping out the popular songs including this one that appeared at least once a day. After the couple of days, the officer in charge blew his stack and told us to turn off the radio. I believe it was this song that got to him.
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Aug 26, 2007
Heard this this morning and suddenly the lines:

"I'll never get married
You know that's not my scene"

registered. "Not my scene" or "Make the scene." at about 1:15

Ignoring the time stamped hair and clothes..............there is some serious a** talent performing on that stage.
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