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Apr 22, 2010
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He has some slashing ability which this team desperately needed someone besides just Bolton to do. Biggest problem i can see is he's just not good at finishing. He doesn't seem to be able to draw contact for fouls or have any moves to avoid contact/ score through contact. Gets his shot blocked at an insanely high clip for a 6'7" guy. And he really should only shoot the widest of open 3s. Woof
I was expecting more of a Will Clyburn type player with Johnson. Will benefited from having a better supporting cast, but he was able to knock down open 3s, slash when needed and post up smaller guards. After 20+ games I don't know what Johnson is good at.
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Oct 26, 2013
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I appreciate these guys fighting all the way until the end but there is absolutely no discipline on defense at all. Coaches have failed these players man
Yep. It almost feels embarressing that the team didn't quit because the fact they tried the whole way and still weren't able to win a single conference game just shows how ungodly awful our coaches are
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Nov 15, 2011
Why wouldn't you appreciate a player that is willing to commit to staying at the school, however the coaching situation plays out?
It's almost like a player might just like ISU or where they're at in their lives and don't live in a vacuum to make us fans happy.

The amount of 'he needs to leave' type of disposable comments this season seemed to be really high.


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Mar 27, 2006
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Me and a friend are road tripping to Dallas to play some golf this weekend with another childhood friend that lives in Grapevine. Stopped to get gas a little over an hour ago and ran into OUs b-ball team on their way home from getting beat by KU. Spoke briefly to Brady Manek. He is a really big dude in real life. Wished him the best on the rest of their season.


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Oct 18, 2006
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Big 12 average is 467 which is 26 per game. ISU averaged 15.3 per game. 11 attempts at 78% rate is 8.5 pts per game we gave away FROM AVERAGE. Those 8.5 points would have won 8-9 games during conference play. I stated earlier, our defense is not good, but this year, the offense cost us games.
I agree...NO SHOOTERS & ONE DRIVER....gets you a zero win conf season....