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Mar 4, 2007
We were cruising. Up 23. Then the wheels totally fell off. When we turned it over and then fouled them on a layup and they got it down to 14 I told my buddies we are gonna lose this watch. And they reamed me.

Let’s halt any conference title talk. We still could make a run but for me that ship has sailed.

Saturday is now huge. Lose that and then head to a much tougher team in Morgantown that needs quality wins?

We’ve now lost three of five. Yes this league is brutal but these past two games are cause for worry. Not for making the tourney. We will get there.

But my goodness. How we react to this loss is going to be interesting to see.


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Dec 18, 2021
I think we forget how good we had it with Niang who could literally score everytime we were in a pinch. We have no inside threat and it makes it tough in close games..
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Dec 4, 2013
Orange City/DSM
They absolutely collapse at the first sign of adversity anytime they play on the road. It’s unbelievable. Reminds me of this Mike Leach video:



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Apr 19, 2020
This seemed like arrogance. We did whatever we wanted to a team for a game and a half and figured we would snap out of a few bad possessions and it spiraled. We made no adjustments until it was too late. Stop the bleeding earlier and we probably win by a couple possessions. We are getting out hustled and muscled and never even tried King. We aren’t good enough to play arrogant, regardless of the lead.


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Apr 10, 2006
I have to wonder if on a macro scale we maybe peaked too soon. Even if so, completely inexcusable to lose that game.


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Apr 26, 2012
Key play down the stretch. Gabe makes two free throws to put us up 5 with near a minute left. They miss and the rebound gets somehow passed or tipped out to Obanor. (why the heck wasn't he under the basket rebounding, I dont know). He proceeds to nail the baseline 3. One rebound there and we win the game. Not a good night for Osun at all.


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Jan 3, 2015
Brutal in every single facet that second half. Officiating was a joke. Otz's coaching and decision making even moreso. Lipsey making several egregious passes and turnovers. Robert Jones being absolutely abused. Then Tech daring Lipsey to shoot the ball and having him, consistently, even forego 13 footers. At some point Lipsey needs to shoot the ******* ball. He's quickly becoming a liability when he doesn't.

Otz deserves the bulk of the blame for absolutely horrendous game management and rotational decisions. Tech was absolutely looking to make us switch Jones at the top of the arc. Once that happened they were looking to drive on him at will. If Osun isn't out there King needs to be the guy to play the 5. He's an excellent defender that can handle guards and bigs. You would have thought King hit on Otz's wife or something with how he rode the bench.

The other major gaffe was keeping Lipsey in the game once the implosion started. He should have been taken out of the game, with Holmes running point. I love Lipsey and know he's vital to the team, but I think it did more damage (in this game and to his confidence) by leaving him in there.

We also completely collapsed on the defensive end of the floor. The ridiculous officiating affected that, but we lost our intensity and never got it back. That spilled over to rebounding which was utterly pathetic in the 2nd half. Again, King is our best rebounder around the rim and he hardly played over those last 10 minutes. We needed his presence and rebounding on the floor.

Watching is clank free throws is getting old and it killed us again tonight. Meanwhile Tech nailed there's, especially in crunch time. That sealed the deal.

IMO this is the worst loss in the history of the program, in terms of the loss itself and how it happened. In terms of significance, the Hampton loss was worse, but imploding with a 23 point lead in the second half is a worse feat.

Otz has done wonders and this team wouldn't be what it is without him, but he didn't earn his paycheck today. One of the worst coaching performances Ive seen during a stretch of basketball. Still can't believe what I just saw.


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Apr 16, 2006
This is a round of 32 level team folks.

We’ll probably still get a halfway decent seed and win one game against a weaker opponent, but that will be it IMO. We won’t beat a round 32 level opponent.


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Jul 21, 2021
Des Moines
Why does ISU always make some dumbass statistic by the way. we are now forever engraved in TT's sports almanac. all because we turned the ball over 50 times in 10 mins, could rebound, did not make freethrows, defensively forgot how to do anything and a complete coaching meltdown. all in about 10 mins.
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