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Dec 19, 2008
Well since it's going to take forever to send out roles I'll post the write up now and answer any questions in between sending roles out.

Hello and welcome everyone to NIL Mafia. There will be a few twists and turns in this game. The regular innos will be ‘Recruits’, all with a star rating, and a $ value attached to that rating.

2 star- $10,000
3 star- $25,000
4 star- $50,000

I will get to 5 stars in a second

Mafia: The Big Schools
The mafia will consist of three people to start, with the potential to grow throughout the game. The mafia will have a recruiting budget of $100,000 to start the game.

Head Coach- Leader of the mafia. As the leader, he is the final say in the mafia’s nightly kill. He will also show up as a recruit whenever investigated. He also will have one instakill to use whenever he wants. If he dies, the instakill dies with him, but the mafia continue to get their nightly kill.

Tamperer- This person will get a nightly investigation. This investigation will tell the mafia the role of the player, and if they are a recruit, how much that player is worth. If the tamperer dies, the nightly investigation dies with him. If the tamperer investigates one of the five stars, the five star will automatically be added to the mafia and the recruiting budget will be wiped out. If they do get a five star, they will earn an additional instakill.

Bag Man- This player is in charge of bidding on recruits. If he dies, the recruiting dies with him.


The Bag Man will need to bid the correct amount of money on a recruit for the bid to be successful. HOWEVER, a successful bid does not guarantee a successful recruitment. The recruit will be notified and given the option to accept, or remain uncommitted. They will have two days to decide (if they are recruited on Monday night, they need to let me know by Wednesday night if they accept the offer). If the recruit chooses to remain uncommitted, the offer will remain on the table, and that will be factored into the Bag Man’s budget. The Bag man cannot go over budget

If the Bag Man over bids for a recruit, the bid will be successful, BUT they will lose the money that they bid for him. Example: If they bid $30,000 on a 2 star recruit, they will lose $30,000 from their budget.

The Good Guys:

Small Schools
- this group will also consist of three people to start. Their budget will consist of $50,000. If they successfully recruit someone, that recruit will also have two days to decide. In the event that the Big Schools and the Small Schools both have successfully bid on a player, that player will be given the option, with a perk added if they choose the small schools. Players recruited by either Small or Big Schools will be immune to being recruited by the other side. The Small Schools will not be able to recruit a five star, but if the bad guys get one, the small schools will get the other one. That will also wipe out their recruiting budget.

Head Coach- He will survive the first attempt at a nightly kill but is not immune to an instakill

Scout- Same as the tamperer, but he’s a good guy. He will only be told the $ amount of a recruit. If he investigates a mafia or a special inno, he will only be told that player can’t be recruited. If he dies, the small schools ability to investigate dies with him.

Collective Director: Same as the Bag Man, but he’s a good guy. If he dies, the small schools ability to bid dies with him

Rest of the Special Innocents:

- I hesitated to make the NCAA innocent but here we are. The NCAA will be the detective and will have one nightly investigation. They will be told the player’s role, with the exception of the mafia’s head coach. They will also have the power to enforce a quiet period one time, which will shut down bidding for one night. The NCAA will also be informed of the status of both the Big Schools and Small Schools budget every night.

Athletic Trainer- They will get one save per night. This will not save anyone from being recruited, but will save them from a nightly kill. They cannot save the same person two nights in a row.

Five Stars: There will be two five stars in the game. They will not know who each other are. If one is investigated and joins the bad guys, the other will join the good guys but will have no extra perks. If neither are ever found or recruited, they will win with the innocents

Booster: If this player is investigated by either Small School or Big School, $25,000 will be added to their recruiting budget and they will join that group. If they are never found, they will win with the innocents


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Dec 19, 2008

1. There will be no editing of posts.

2. The day will run from 8 a.m. Central through 9:05 p.m. Central, with the exception of Fridays, which will end at 7:05 p.m. Central.

3. Votes will count until 9:05 Central as stamped by the Cyclone Fanatic clock (7:05 p.m. Fridays).

4. Votes must be BOLDED or they will not count. If you are posting on mobile and don't get the formatting correct to bold the post, your post will not count.

5. No PMs between players unless your role allows it.

6. If you vote twice without rescinding, your first vote will count.

7. Specials will have until 7:30 a.m. to get stuff in. If everything comes in early I will do a night report, if not then I will do a morning report.

8. Missing a vote for two days total will result in a clap.

9. There will be no rule this game about not revealing your role, due to the amount of roles in the game

10. I reserve the right to change the rules if I feel that it's necessary. Any changes will be clearly labeled.

11. In the case of ties in the lynching process,random.org, or BSalty's cats will be used to make the final decision.

12. Ghost post using off-color font. Preferably gray.

13. If you have any questions about the game or didn't receive your role, PM the mayor (me).


1) azhuth09- Ath Trainer, Night 6 mafia kill
2) Colorado- 2 Star, Night 3 mafia kill
3) JM4CY- 5 Star, Day 1 lynch
4) gipper2001- 3 Star, Day 7 lynch

5) VikesFan22
6) GBlade- Booster, Night 4 mafia kill
7) cyclonespiker33- Small school scout, night 7 mafia kill

8) CloniesForLife
9) Cy$
10) Fitzy
11) CycloneNorth
12) PSYclone22- Tamperer, Day 6 lynch
13) cyfan21- 3 Star, Day 8 lynch
14) bsaltyman
15) mj4cy
16) Farnsworth
17) MeowingCows- NCAA, Mafia instakill Day 3
18) CtownCyclone- 2 Star, Day 2 lynch
19) Dandy- 5 Star, Day 4 lynch
20) ImJustKCClone- 3 Star, Night 5 mafia kill
21) SCNCY- Collective Director, Night 2 mafia kill
22) SaraV- 4 Star, Night 8 mafia kill

23) ISUCubswin
24) CYme- 4 Star. Clapped Day 5
25) michaelrr1
26) moores2- Bag Man- Day 3 lynch
27) clark- 2 Star, Day 5 lynch
28) Cleaver
29) Bret44
30) CysRage
31) discydisc- 4 star, Night 1 Mafia kill
32) CycloneWanderer- 2 star, Clapped Day 6
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Dec 19, 2008

4- JM4CY (Psyclone22 9:39 am) (MeowCows 10:18 am) (ctown 6:47 pm) (Fitzy 9:05 pm)
3- Fitzy (KC 8:42 am) (SCNCY 10:11 am) (JM4CY 8:32 pm)
2- Bret44 (Vikes 8:45 am) (Farnsworth 8:30 pm)
2- KC (bsalty 9:01 am) (cleaver 8:34 pm)
1- Cy$ (Fitzy 10:10 am rescind 9:05 pm) (cyfan21 6:46 pm)1- CYme (Cubs 8:09 am)
1- Farnsworth (mj4cy 8:25 am)
1- Wanderer (Clonies 9:02 am)
1- CysRage (Gblade 9:26 am)
1- MeowCows (Wanderer 10:20 am)
1- azhuth (Colorado 10:21 am)
1- Colorado (azhuth 11:00 am)
1- Cubs (gipper 11:15 am)
1- Spiker (CycloneNorth 11:45 am)
1- moores (michael 12:06 pm)
1- SCNCY (moores 12:46 pm)
1- cyfan21 (cysrage 12:58 pm)
1- mj4cy (sarav 1:24 pm)
1- discydisc (Cy$ 2:46 pm)
1- SaraV (discydisc 4:10 pm)
0- Vikes (Ctown 10:05 am rescind 6:47 pm)
0- Psyclone22 (JM4CY 8:47 am rescind 8:32 pm)
0- Ctown (Farnsworth 8:04 am rescind 8:30 pm)


7 - Ctown (GBlade 9:44am) (cyfan21 12:49 pm) (farnsy 2:18 pm) (dandy 3:56 pm) (spiker 4:51 pm) (cubs 4:54 pm) (clark 6:03 pm)
4 - moores (Colorado 10:15am) (Fitzy 4:12 pm) (meowcows 4:21 pm) (ctown 5:41 pm)
3 - Dandy (Clark 8:31am rescind 6:03 pm) (SCNCY 10:15am) (michael 12:59 pm) (wanderer 1:27 pm) (meowcows 4:18 pm rescind 4:21 pm)
3- bsalty (cyme 1:56 pm) (gipper 1:58 pm) (azhuth 3:51 pm)
2 - Farnsy (PSY 10:21am) (KC 1:47 pm)
2 - Cleaver (CTown 10:49am rescind 5:41 pm) (clonies 12:37 pm) (moores 2:18 pm)
1 - Colorado (North 8:58am)
1 - SCNCY (bsalty 12:05pm)
1- Spiker (vikes 12:43 pm)
1- North (Cy$ 4:12 pm)
0 - Bret (spiker 9:21am rescind 4:51 pm)
0 - MeowCows (Farnsy 9:45am rescind 2:18 pm)


21- moores (MeowCows 10:03 am) (Colorado 11:07 am) (clark 11:27 am) (North 11:31 am) (clonies 11:36 am) (cyfan21 11:44 am) (Fitzy 11:58 am) (mj4cy 1:18 pm) (CYme 1:45 pm) (azhuth 2:05 pm) (cubs 3:08 pm) (sarav 4:08 pm) (spiker 4:23 pm) (KC 4:47 pm) (vikes 4:53 pm) (Cleaver 6:10 pm) (michael 6:23 pm) (cysrage 6:46 pm) (bsalty 6:59 pm) (farnsy 8:01 pm) (Cy$ 8:42 pm)
2- Clark (Bret44 8:28 am) (gipper 2:07 pm)
1- North (Dandy 11:42 am) (Farnsy 11:53 am rescind 7:48 pm)
1- bsalty (gblade 9:28 am)
1- Dandy (moores 7:23 pm) (Farnsy 7:48 pm rescind 8:01 pm)
0- Cleaver (psy 8:49 am rescind 1:35 pm)
0- Farnsworth (bsalty 9:27 am rescind 6:59 pm) (KC 11:12 am rescind 4:47 pm)
0- vikes (North 9:52 am rescind 11:31 am)


8- Clark (Fitzy 12:52 am) (Farnsy 1:01 pm) (Clonies 1:19 pm) (CYme 4:59 pm) (SaraV 5:18 pm) (gipper 6:39 pm) (vikes 7:26 pm) (cyfan21 8:18 pm)
8- Dandy (Wanderer 10:04 am) (spiker 11:54 am) (Cy$ 3:54 pm) (bsalty 4:36 pm) (KC 6:20 pm) (rage 6:52 pm) (michael 7:37 pm) (clark 9:02 pm)
4- Vikes (CYme 10:17 am rescind 4:59 pm) (North 10:59 am) (bret 11:45 am) (mj4cy 2:19 pm) (gblade 5:41 pm) (cyfan21 6:30 pm rescind 8:18 pm)
2- michael (cubs 8:21 am) (Dandy 1:59 pm)
1- mj4cy (psy 9:36 am rescind 2:02 pm) (azhuth 9:40 am)
1- Cubs (cleaver 11:47 am)
1- Wanderer (Psy 5:25 pm)
0- KC (Farnsy 9:51 am rescind 1:01 pm)
0- Bsalty (gblade 10:45 am rescind 5:41 pm)
0- Spiker (clark 11:36 am rescind 9:02 pm)


7- Clark (gipper 11:14 am) (bret 1:27 pm) (sara 2:57 pm) (clonies 3:06 pm rescind 6:22 pm) (azhuth 3:24 pm) (mj 3:37 pm) (farnsy 3:51 pm) (rage 5:02 pm)
6- azhuth (vikes 12:06 pm) (spiker 1:07 pm) (psy 4:20 pm) (cleaver 5:40 pm) (clark 6:07 pm) (clonies 6:22 pm)
3- Farnsworth (cyfan21 8:30 am) (Wanderer 10:43 am) (Fitzy 4:55 pm)
2- CYme (KC 12:37 pm) (Cubs 2:24 pm)
1- CysRage (North 10:14 am)
1- Psyclone22 (bsalty 12:09 pm)
1- Cubs (michael 1:32 pm)
0- gipper (vikes 11:48 am rescind 12:06 pm)


6- PSYclone22 (azhuth 1:51 pm) (cleaver 5:54 pm) (bsalty 7:48 pm) (vikes 8:28 pm) (north 9:02 pm) (cy$ 9:05 pm)
5- mj4cy (farnsy 3:15 pm) (cubs 4:40 pm) (clonies 6:47 pm) (michael 7:55 pm) (psy 9:05 pm)
4- Farnsworth (cyfan21 12:38 pm) (fitzy 4:29 pm) (gipper 5:58 pm) (sara 7:53 pm)
3- azhuth (spiker 11:57 am) (bret 1:37 pm) (mj4cy 3:13 pm) (vikes 6:53 pm rescind 7:53 pm)
1- CycloneNorth (rage 7:17 pm)
0 - bsalty (farnsy 11:47 am rescind 3:15 pm)
0- spiker (north 12:26 pm rescind 9:02 pm) (cy$ 4:26 pm rescind 9:05 pm)
0- wanderer (psy 4:49 pm rescind 9:05 pm)


6- Gipper (Cubs 9:02 am) (Farnsy 9:10 am) (Rage 2:29 pm) (Fitzy 6:14 pm) (sara 6:30 pm) (bsalty 6:47 pm)
5- Cubs (North 1:20 pm) (mj 4:23 pm) (michael 6:17 pm) (clonies 6:38 pm) (gipper 6:45 pm)
2- CysRage (Cy$ 10:20 am) (Bret 1:15 pm)
1- Farnsworth (gipper 10:04 am rescind 6:45 pm) (cyfan21 6:25 pm)
1- Cyfan21 (bsalty 11:39 am rescind 6:47 pm) (spiker 2:52 pm)
1- Fitzy (vikes 12:28 pm)


7- cyfan21 (fitzy 8:12 am) (farnsy 8:21 am) (mj 10:42 am) (cy$ 11:27 am rescind 5:17 pm) (sara 4:48 pm) (clonies 5:42 pm) (cleaver 6:54 pm) (michael 8:20 pm)
6- Fitzy (bsalty 7:57 am) (vikes 8:43 am) (cubs 9:39 am) (north 10:54 am) (bret 11:30 am) (rage 6:32 pm)
1- Farnsworth (cyfan21 9:33 am)
1- CysRage (Cy$ 5:17 pm)
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Dec 19, 2008
I believe everyone should have their role. IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE A ROLE, PLEASE PM ME


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Mar 13, 2012
Dagnabbit, my first day vote isn't playing.


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Dec 19, 2008
@cyfanatic13 will there be any time changes in the evenings...for example, for the UT game on Tuesday?
We can do 7 pm Tuesday night if the people would like it. To be honest, I work Tuesday nights anyway so it won't really effect me a whole lot either way. I won't have the info out til 9:30 or so anyway


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Apr 22, 2015
So are the recruits their own team to start? Or what happens if the bag man and the collective director die before all the recruits are bought?


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Jun 18, 2013
traipsing thru the treetops
We can do 7 pm Tuesday night if the people would like it. To be honest, I work Tuesday nights anyway so it won't really effect me a whole lot either way. I won't have the info out til 9:30 or so anyway
That would help. I think there's a bunch of us that go to the games.