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    Josh Jackson Jeff Jacobsen
    By Laura Bauer

    A lawyer for KU basketball star Josh Jackson offered restitution — where “money is no object, within reason” — to the family of women’s player McKenzie Calvert if they agreed not to seek charges against Jackson, according to Calvert’s father.

    Tim Calvert said the offer came on Feb. 4, nearly two months after his daughter’s car was vandalized and two days after The Kansas City Star reported that Jackson and another University of Kansas men’s player were people of interest in the case.

    “They wanted to pay to make it all go away,” Calvert said. “But it wouldn’t have gone away for my daughter. It would have been great for Josh, but not for McKenzie. ... This was never about money for me, it was about how my daughter was treated.”

    Calvert said Lawrence attorney Hatem Chahine later put several stipulations on the restitution: that the family not pursue an investigation with the university; that they agree damages Jackson made to the car were of a misdemeanor amount; and, ultimately, that they agree they do not want the vandalism prosecuted.

    During the Feb. 4 call, Calvert said he told the lawyer that the car was already fixed and insurance had taken care of all but his $250 deductible. There was nothing else to pay for, he told Chahine.

    “There must have been other expenses,” Calvert said the attorney responded.

    Calvert said he refused to accept any of the stipulations — two of them spelled out in a draft of an affidavit given to Calvert on Feb. 6 and obtained by The Star — or sign anything.

    Jackson, 20, was charged Feb. 24 with misdemeanor property damage. He’s scheduled to be arraigned in Douglas County District Court on April 12.

    The Star sent Chahine a list of questions, including whether he attempted to offer restitution to make the case go away. He did not respond to those questions. Chahine said he had been hired as local counsel for Jackson and forwarded a statement that attorney Scott Boatman released last week.

    “Josh has already made a statement regarding this incident, which occurred almost three months ago in December,” said Boatman, a Denver attorney who has represented professional athletes. “The incident actually started in the club and did not initially involve Josh at all. Josh attempted to intervene to help and protect a teammate and unfortunately the matter escalated. Josh has apologized for his actions and has also offered to pay for any damages that he directly caused. He looks forward to moving past this so that he is able to focus on school and basketball.”

    The reported vandalism happened outside the Yacht Club bar and restaurant in Lawrence just before 2 a.m. on Dec. 9. McKenzie Calvert and friends were leaving the club when she threw a drink inside the bar at Lagerald Vick, whom she had dated the year before. The Star earlier reported that a KU investigation in late 2015 and early 2016 had found that Vick likely struck Calvert multiple times. Vick has not been charged with a crime.

    After Calvert threw the drink, Jackson allegedly followed her out and began kicking her car when she was in the driver’s seat. Calvert’s family released a statement last week to the newspaper describing the incident. Once other basketball players stopped Jackson, the family said, the men’s players left the scene and Calvert called 911.

    Within hours of that call, Calvert has said that her coach, Brandon Schneider, suspended her and banned her from Allen Fieldhouse Dec. 9 and 10 for her actions inside the Yacht Club. The suspension initially was to include the Dec. 11 game against Rhode Island but was rescinded after Tim Calvert complained that Jackson wouldn’t be missing his game.

    The university, including Schneider, has not answered questions regarding Calvert and her suspension. An official with the athletic department also did not respond to questions about the restitution offer.

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