Iowa State has waved the white flag, we've conceded.

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Jul 17, 2008
Crescent, IA
All signs point to basically putting this season behind us with just a few games to play. Talk about the possibility of putting Nick Wieler Babb and Solomon Young on the shelf for the rest of the season and announcing that Hans Brase is done basically squashes any likelyhood of Iowa State accepting a bid to one of the consolation postseason tournaments; the CIT or CBI. And let's be honest, that may even be a stretch if they were to continue to lose.

My question is, how bad is Hans Brase's injury? The fact that he is a grad-transfer if must be pretty severe. I heard it may be the same knee he's had double ACL tears in. Is that true?
No P5 team should ever accept a "bid" to those anyway.


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Feb 27, 2017
Still supporting this year's team and seniors, but that being said:

**** Mizzou. Revenge game.


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Jan 29, 2010
These last 5 games could be painful to watch.
Probably won't be "pretty."

If ISU was closer to full-strength and a bit closer to cusp of bubble, the remaining schedule would provide "opportunities" to collect notable wins.

Alas, that ship sailed.

As it is, 3 of 4 remaining opponents have NCAAT aspirations and are trying to (a) lock a bid/elevate tournament seeding (WVU); (b) avoid sliding too close to bubble territory (TCU, OU). Two of those three are road games for Iowa State. The other, OSU, could be fighting for NIT.


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Oct 18, 2006
Central Iowa
They started off with that level of adversity with only 7 scholarship rotation guys. Then starters missed 4 games and more starts due to injury. That’s more missed starts than NWB. The only backup scholarship guard left before the second semester bringing the scholarship rotation to 6. We had to add football players when Scotty hurt his elbow.

We had similar aggregate missed starter time as this year. This year has more backup injuries, but that year had their backup guard quit, plus we’ve never been down to the 6 that year was at, and frankly, our bench isn’t good enough for it to matter.

The adversity narrative is overblown. Most of the impact is self-inflicted due to poor recruiting decisions and outcomes. Brase hurt? Who would have guessed? Our margin is so thin that missing players likely cost us 2 to 4 games, but it hasn’t been an abnormal amount of adversity imo. If Bryan Petersen or Haluska got hurt in those McD days, pushing the adversity narrative would have made the Pravda proud. Let’s hope NWB isn’t another Wesley Johnson, then we’ll have adversity.

Its funny that U bring back thee mcdoormat years so eloquently my friend......Yes a lot of mcdoormat's best players went on to transfer because his b-ball program was going NOwhere........Unless csp gets a whole lot more recruits and better players...well I don't expect much in the way of improvement or going back to where the Great Fred Hoiberg had existential threat to the best program in the big 12...thee cheatin' J-Hawks of Kansas....booooooooooooBooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....KU