GOAL # 4, so far . . .

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    The goal is to have all teams finish in the upper half of the Big 12. The AD just set this goal, so this years achievements are, to a large degree, the base line. In the Big 12 cross country meet, the ISU men finished 6 out of 12, same as they finished each of the last two years. Mission accomplished? ISU women finished 9 out of 12, same as last year and up from 11th in '04. Room for improvement. This isn't a high profile sport, but, each sport counts in the overall. If I remember correctly, years ago, ISU was was quite good in track and/or cross country.:yes4lo:
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    At this point, winning in Manhattan might be also a nice addition. If we win all four remaining games, we will probably be about eight out of 12 teams in the Big 12.

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