Friday OT #2 - Accentuate the Positive

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Nov 15, 2011
I like to think I have a decent sense of humor.

I am also very good at looking big picture and prioritizing things. Which, with how my gf acts some days, is a full time job.
I do this with coworkers and I think it drives them crazy. It's amazing what people will find to be angry about and have no way of letting go.


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Apr 11, 2006
Spokane, WA
It feels like everything is so negative right now. What is one thing you really like about yourself? Do you have a great sense of humor? A bangin' set of ankles? What have you got?

(Let's keep it safe for work!)
I've got a HUGE....... smile most every day.
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May 15, 2020
I like being 6'-3" with Danish good looks but if there's ONE thing I've got going for me it's nice teeth. I've gotten lots of compliments on them (never had braces). This doctor my mom worked for used to describe me as "that boy with the nice teeth".

...looking back, maybe it wasn't so cool that that dude was into my teeth.
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Ancient Argumentative Ape
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Jun 18, 2013
traipsing thru the treetops
Personality-wise, I would say being terms of friendship, in terms of relationships, in terms of confidences shared with me.

Physically - well, I resemble my avatar! But my hair would be my choice - it is still relatively thick, still reaches my waist, and even the grey that I am now allowing to infiltrate the auburn is not yellowish or wiry like a lot of grey roots currently on display.


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Jan 29, 2010
After my previous playful responses, being more candid: Yes, sense of humor/wit is a notable positive trait for me. I also think I qualify as a “good friend.” Definitions may vary and I won’t get into specifics why I believe that, but I consider it part of my upside.
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Apr 29, 2006
I guess one positive (as mentioned by a former manager) is my ability to stay very even keeled. Basically I stay like a rock, very rarely getting worked up about anything. He described me as being like a rock. Always in early, consistent quality output, no drama, and stuff just happens correctly and on time.

It's actually to the point that the one time I blew up and lost my **** at an inspector out in the field that all three of my foreman and crews literally stopped working to look at what was going on, my superintendent hurried over(his thought was 'Uh oh, this is going to be bad') and the kicker was that the inspectors boss called my boss and actually was calling to check in ME. Basically "Is everything alright with X? Nobody has ever heard him raise his voice like that". Didn't care about me yelling at his inspector, but I guess was actually worried about me.

The truth behind it is that I'm rather emotional underneath the facade (I'm not one of those people that can scream and yell and then calm back down in 5 minutes). If I get really mad about something it burns/stews/simmers for days. I don't hold a grudge against people but I don't calm down easy. Plus I don't do shouting angry I do the almost in tears angry (which is not something to be known for in the construction industry).

The list of negatives can be simply described as looking in a mirror.
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