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Discussion in 'CF Archive Bin' started by zimman18, Mar 8, 2007.

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    I was driving home from work, and listening to the post game interview with Bill Fennelly, and I noticed a great since of respect and unity in the Cyclone family. Numerous times during the interview, Fennelly mentioned how excited he was to watch the men's game today, and how they were trying to move their practice so it would not run into the men's tip off.

    Fennelly also was very appreciative that the ISU men came out to support the women, and you could just sense in his voice, it helped the women a lot to see this support.

    I have noticed these sort of great cyclone family moments a lot recently. I give JP tremendous props on bringing in these great type of people/coaches, and making the cyclone family stronger then ever. When coaches and teams show support for one another, I believe fans also begin to show more support.

    It is a very exciting time for the cyclone family! I couldn't be more proud to be amongst this great fan base!

    Go CLONES!:yes4lo:
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    Jan 31, 2007
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    Bill and Greg are just great people (period)
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    Actually, I heard Coach Fennelly mention Cael and the wrestling squad a few weeks ago. It was before the Big XII tourney. I was impressed. I often think that most people see college athletcis as only basketball and football and then there's everything else. It was nice to hear him bring it up on his show.
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    Feb 21, 2007
    Bill Fennelly is an unsung hero in cyclone history, as his teams have been perennially winners... He deserves a lot of respect. Furthermore, as this thread topic implies, he incites unity among athletics, which is truly special...
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    Aug 25, 2006
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    A qoute from the DMR article on the game yesterday...

    "If that wasn’t enough, the senior point guard scored seven of the Cyclones’ nine points in the extra session, then high-fived men’s star Mike Taylor after a thrilling 79-76 win before a crowd of 5,787 at the Cox Convention Center"

    I was at the NDS game this year and saw all of the women watching from the stands and then talking to some of the men after the game. Very cool people!
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    Yeah, Bill said yesterday that if they had to skip practice today to be at the men's game they will do it. He also mentioned Greg drew up 4 plays that the women use, 1 of them is specifically designed for Niky Weiben.

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