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Discussion in 'Big XII Conference' started by BenEClone, Sep 23, 2011.

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    Why? I have a strong affinity for the cconference and the people in it.

    Andy Katz - expansion timetable? I start October 3 - defers to expansion committee. What about MU hints? MU wil go to their Board of Curators.

    St. Louis Dispatch - what about MU? Chancelor told me he has new Curators who want to discus it and I do believe it will be resolved.

    Dallas Morning Star - follow-up on MU? Will they be in the BigXII? Aggies? Aggies will go and MU will stay.

    Hard or easy to go all in on media rights? A while, each institution has different procedures.

    KC Star - CFA days - sought rights for money making schools to maximize their potential. Is conference moving into more revenue sharing direction? #2 -Yes. CFA was formed because NCAA couldn't restructure and people not affected by rules were voting on those rules. Rewrote rules for and by larger football programs. Separate discussion of tier 1 and 2 rights. Tier 3 rights will stay with individual schools.

    Seeing through a project for MWC and C-USA?

    AP - Possible for this conference to be seen as long-term viable without 6 year deal? This step removes short term question and allows time to solidify foundations.

    O'Neill Express - How can you develop a sense of togetherness among this group? I've done it before, I can do it again. Worked with CFA - 63 schools.

    SI - Why do this? Strong affection for this conference - Big 8 was very good to me - helped Big12 get formed. Worried about MU - have to be concerned, but, we're viable without them.

    Stillwater News - Priorities and objectives - timetable? These are the tasks: Define objectives, understand concerns and develop priorities before October is over. Who will speak for conference - you or Pres and AD. If they've hired me to be Commish, I'll act like Commish.

    Damage control - coaches embarassed - how many teams? Superconference idea - can't say. We will address issue of image.

    Austin American - Aggies? I'll talk to Bill Byrne. I'll offer my services to assist with search for new commish. - Media rights vs Revenue Sharing - explain difference? Revenue sharing - split the money in the pot. Grant of rights means institution gives the conference TV rights.

    Chip Brown - Should expand outside geographic footprint? I'm old fashioned - conferences formed in geographic areas and with similar commerce. Conferences are moving toward scheduling opportunities. "I don't know."

    Andy Katz - What is right number in a conference?Big 12 seems to think 10. Did you notice Delany has been quiet - happy with 12.

    Got to go.
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    I'm a fan of the new commish. He at least knows how to build a consensus and get things done. He's respected in the business and run the CFA and Big 8, so he's been around the block. In theory, he doesn't have a favorite and doesn't work for one school, he works for the conference. We'll see how well he does in a very difficult situation and sets up the eventual permanent commish.
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    Naynay coming up on College Gameday apparently...for those that want to decipher this post a little more.
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