Camp Insider: Mangino talks tough(ness)

Discussion in 'Football' started by ChrisMWilliams, Aug 16, 2014.

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  2. swarthmoreCY

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    The WR toughness and discipline has been down from where it was under DMac imo.

    "I just told Sam, ‘It’s OK to be laid back when you’re in your dorm room or on campus or hanging out with your buddies. But when we get on the practice field, the game field, you’ve got to play like your hair’s on fire."

    Imo this is a big reason CPR had Grant as #1 going into this pre-season. CPR is a big rah-rah kind of guy, and he prefers more demonstrative leadership from is QB.
  3. khardbored

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    I'm sure we're all thinking it, but I'll say it nevertheless; if our WR's can't or won't block for their comrades, we're in deep trouble.

    I am really glad to hear that MM is high on Bibbs -- very high. Sounds like the TE position will be a major part of the passing game this season.
  4. jay moe

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    Really curious to see how much different the offense will look in the opener. An efficient, executing offense will be a nice change from what's been put on the field the past few years.
  5. bigsag

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    After Coach Mangino was hired, (like many) I went to Youtube and watched a lot of Kansas game replays. One of the things that sort of shockd me (being honest here) is number of times tha Reesng threw passes that were sort of "up for graps". But as you continue to watch, you see that the Kansas receivers nearly always came away with the ball. Reesing had a fairly high completion percentage;but,it was not necessarily because he was a very accurate passer. It was because his receivers were always "going for the ball". I believe that is what he was talking about today.
  6. isutrevman

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    We haven't had a receiver that we could count on to catch a jump ball since Todd Blythe. We gave up a TON of catches last year where the opposing receiver was just bigger and stronger than our DB and out muscled/ jumped him for the ball. Hopefully we see some of that from our guys this season as it seemed like the last few year no one has been willing to, or just didn't have the size to fight for tough catches.
  7. Luth4Cy

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    My guess is almost none of those were thrown into double coverage either. As a general rule they were probably plays where the receiver had the clear advantage and could bat away the ball from the defender if need be.

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