Are defenders even taught to wrap up when tackling?

Discussion in 'Football' started by cyrocksmypants, Oct 8, 2011.

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    It's almost disgusting to see so many defensive players npt wrap up when they tackle. They always want to land the big hit with their shoulder. You know what, every so often that works and the ball pops lose, but more often then not, it leads to the ball carrier gaining additional yardage from it. I see it all over the place in football these days (not just college, but the NFL as well). You want to know a decent part of OU dominating Texas? Athletic ability isn't drastically different. Look at the defenses. OU wraps up every single play. I think I've only seen three or four plays where Texas defenders have.
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    you can thank ESPN for glorifying the BIG hit. what college athlete would not want to be on ESPN because of a big hit? Not many other chances to get noticed on defense. Just the way it is nowadays.

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