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    Just finished Genghis Khan -and the Making of the Modern World by Jack Weatherford.

    Great read. Was not the blood crazed barbarian that I though. He was extremely strategic and way ahead of his time when is came to a lot of areas such as trade, legal system, currency, and social issues.

    Teasers: In 25 years Genghis and his sons build an empire that was geographically larger than the Roman Empire at its peak. The Roman empire lasted 400 years.

    DNA experts claim there are between 12 million and 16 million people today that can be traced back to one common ancestor from that part of the world. Genghis Kahn is the most likely candidate.
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    I'm currently reading Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules For Life and in it, Peterson states that Kahn is the forefather of 8% of the men in Central Asia, which is 16 million male descendants. That is unreal. Or as Jonah Hill said...
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    This is the answer for us.

    It's odd.
    - Some people have minimal impact to their time.
    - Some people have lost their jobs and have more free time for that unfortunate reason
    - Some people "hit the jackpot" and are still getting paid but not working
    - Some people are busier than usual b/c of kids at home all the time, trying to help them with distance learning
    - Some people are needing to work lots of overtime, or their jobs are more stressful (medical personnel, PDI workers, etc)

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