Any Investool users out here?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by capitalcityguy, Jul 17, 2009.

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    I'm coming close to the expiration of my website membership for Investools. I'd be curious if anyone else uses this investment site and has any feedback to share. The fee is several hundred dollars a year, so I'm going to need to justify this to myself (and the wife) before renewing.

    I had a lot of luck using their system when the market was generally moving upward, however I never took any of their classes/courses to learn how to trade on the downside. Because of this, I've pretty much been on the sidelines (e.g.. cash, Ginnie Mae fund) with my discretionary investment money since the market went south. Again, I had a lot of luck with the site and system when the market was going well and I also credit the site for getting me out of the market before it tanked.

    My most basic question is for those that use this tool -- are you still actively trading stocks in this market using the site? If so, is it because you're using strategies they've taught you? If so, how well is it working out?

    NOTE: pls refrain from including post on the merits of "buying and holding" and "investing for the long-term", etc. I'm well aware of this advice and follow it for my retirement funds. I work in the financial services industry and am Series 7 licensed, so I don’t' need helpful suggestions from those that don't believe in actively trading stocks. I get that and have told several of my clients this same thing over the years that want to try and play/time the market with their 401k funds. My questions and feedback I'm seeking here has to do with those funds you make available for investing that you CAN afford to lose (not that you want to). Again….any Investools users (or similar) care to share any thoughts/experiences on the worthiness of continuing with the site?

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