2017 Commit - Piper Mauck

Discussion in 'Volleyball' started by CY9008, Jun 24, 2014.

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    Saw a tweet from an asst yesterday hinting at a new recruit but couldn't research who.

    According to twitter it looks like Piper Mauck, 2017 Setter from Des Moines (don't know the school) is that commit.

  2. Cyclone90

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    Looks like she played CIS and goes to Roosevelt.
  3. justcynn

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    Congrats to her! My daughter is really interested in Iowa State and also a 2017 grad. I wish we still lived in Iowa so she would have more opportunities to get seen. We realize she may not reach the Iowa State level but she does have some significant D1 interest and a mid level D1 offer thus far. Most people shrug her off as being from Arkansas because volleyball is so poor here but she played well at nationals in open at Orlando. It's absolutely crazy how early the recruiting process starts for some of these kids!

    Go Cyclones!
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    it really is crazy. A co-worker's daughter got her first offer very early into her Jr. year. It was very interesting how it all happened. As soon as a school from one conference piped up, others from the conference suddenly jumped in. She went from lower D1 to having multiple major D1 conference offers. She just accepted an offer going into her senior year here........you may have a ways to go on this ride yet!
  5. justcynn

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    Cabot, AR
    Yes, this is exactly what we are seeing. She got an offer from a very good school after an all star camp and all of the sudden the bigger in state school is asking about her and other schools in our area are asking her to visit. she has just come on in the past 6 months and completely unknown prior. Our biggest issue is finding her good enough teams she can play on and play competitively nationally to get exposure. We drove her an hour and a half to practice for regular club season and then 2 1/2 hours to play for a team in Memphis at aau in Orlando. I am confident she will find the level she is meant to be at I just think it's interesting that some of these big time programs commit their targets so early. Thanks for the feedback. It should be very fun for her. When I was 15, I could only dream of the kind of attention she is already getting. Ha!
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    Just tell her to enjoy the process, and unless/until ISU offers, don't commit until just before her senior year:smile:

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