1991 ISU-uofi game

Discussion in 'Mens Basketball' started by tee1up, Dec 10, 2011.

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    Someone put the Johnny Orr Show on Facebook. It was after the 1991 Iowa game. It is amazing how strong our guards were. Justus Thigpen, Ron Bayless, Freddie..they could really finish at the hoop. Same with the great 2001 team. That is the one thing that seems to be missing now. I think this team has great potential, and I will watch every game like it my last. But the difference is so striking..we seem to get to the hoop alot, and are just not strong enough to finish.
    By the way, as I was watching that, there was also highlights from the 1986 Big 8 Championship game. If anyone hasn't seem Jeff Grayers dunk in that game, go back and watch it. Greatest dunk in ISU history. If I wasn't so damn old I would post the link, maybe someone smarter can do it.
    Go Cyclones.
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    Royce White would disagree with you.
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    He's talking about guard play. I would agree Thigpen, Bayless, and Hoiberg are a strikingly different backcourt than we have now. However, Scott and Allen have shown the ability to finish at the hoop. Bubu can certainly get there, but doesn't finish as well because of his height but he has the ability to draw fouls.

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