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    Louisiana Added to Schedule

  2. Proton

    Our Grass Field and Spring Football

    What’s behind the certainty there will be no Spring football? Maybe things will be looking up in six months. Maybe not, but who knows.
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    K-12 Return to school ongoing discussion

    Iowa City is online only so no choice.
  5. Proton

    Cyclone Football Twitter

    Leading by example. Good to see.
  6. Proton

    Williams/Blum Pod: Turmoil in Iowa City, preseason magazines

    Thanks for sharing the story about Stevie Hicks visiting your home, CW, and your discussion about the flag. It wasn’t a thing then, but imagine if Hicks had been malicious and had been intent on canceling you? Instead he gave you his perspective, gave you the benefit of the doubt (so rare these...
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    Top 5 Favorite Movies

    The Departed Kingpin Heat The Other Guys Alive
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    What is your business idea?

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    What's growing? The garden thread.

    Peppers, tomatoes, kale, basil, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, chive, swiss chard. Can’t wait for Mother Nature to do her work.
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    On to 2021

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    Coronavirus Coronavirus: In-Iowa General Discussion (Not Limited)

    No tp at the Target this morning. None at Aldi. Cleared out at Walmart but for two boxes at the bottom of a stacked pallet that were gone in 30 seconds when discovered.
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    Chili recipe ideas...

    I love this thread. Adding a can of hominy is a crowd pleaser.
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    UNI Dual

  14. Proton

    UNI Dual

    On tv it sounded like UNI had lots of fans there.