RECRUITING: Iowa State ‘at the top’ for Roosevelt’s Jamison Patton

Des Moines Roosevelt’s Jamison Patton was one of a dozen players on campus during Iowa State’s basketball game against TCU on Saturday.

He said the school is at the top of his list right now, which includes offers from Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, and now Washington.

“Iowa State’s definitely up at the top,” Patton said. “They were my first offer and I’ve built a great relationship with (defensive backs coach Deon Broomfield). Especially these past few visits I’ve gotten to learn the defense and see myself (playing in it).”

The two-way player for the Roughriders is being recruited as a defensive back in the Iowa State system.

He doesn’t have any set date as to when he wants to officially make his decision, but Patton said he is aiming to have it done before the 2022 high school football season begins.

“I really enjoyed the day,” Patton said of his visit. “I had a really good time. What really stood out was the vibe at Iowa State – it’s always a really good time. I got to meet with (Coach Deon Broomfield) and he kind of explained where I would fit in on the defense.”

Also on the visit was a friend of Patton’s in Iowa State quarterback target J.J. Kohl.

The two met over the summer playing 7-on-7 football on the same team.

“We first really met playing 7-on-7,” Patton said. “Last year was my first year playing – we both played quarterback, but throughout the season, I started playing receiver for him. We just had a great connection as receiver and quarterback and we’ve had a great relationship ever since.”

The team was run by former Cyclone tight end Ernst Brun Jr., and was made up of some of the standout talents from around the state.

In an ideal world for Iowa State, Patton and Kohl would commit to the school and become members of the 2023 class.

They’ve thought about it, it’s just a matter of where everything falls.

“That would be great, just going on visits with (Kohl) and seeing his point of view and how he views the schools is great feedback. We’re just getting the idea of what he wants to do and what I want to do and staying in touch, but if we ended up going to the same college that would be great.”