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WRESTLING: Big 12 releases championships pre-seeds

The Big 12 conference released the pre-seeds for the Big 12 Championships on Monday afternoon.

Iowa State has three wrestlers seeded No. 1: Ian Parker (141), David Carr (157) and Gannon Gremmel (HWT).

That puts them tied with reigning Big 12 Champions, Oklahoma State, for the most first-seeded wrestlers.

“I think our team’s done great. I think our trainer, Tim, has been a rock star. I think, you know, since we started training on December 1 we have had like, zero stops, except for those two days that we were getting ready to go to West Virginia,” head coach Kevin Dresser said when reflecting over the season. “We’ve had some great training and we’re fortunate. As far as a team, we’re finally healthy now. I feel like we are for the first time healthy and everybody’s in shape. We’re fortunate from a timing standpoint.”

Iowa State Pre-Seeds
125: No. 7 Kysen Terukina
133: No. 7 Zach Redding
141: No. 1 Ian Parker
149: No. 5 Jarrett Degen
157: No. 1 David Carr
165: No. 5 Isaac Judge
174: NS Julien Broderson
184: No. 5 Sam Colbray
197: No. 6 Marcus Coleman
285: No. 1 Gannon Gremmel

NCAA Automatic Qualifiers By Weight for the Big 12 Conference
125: 5 Automatic Qualifiers
133: 5 Automatic Qualifiers
141: 4 Automatic Qualifiers
149: 5 Automatic Qualifiers
157: 3 Automatic Qualifiers
165: 5 Automatic Qualifiers
174: 4 Automatic Qualifiers
184: 4 Automatic Qualifiers
197: 5 Automatic Qualifiers
285: 5 Automatic Qualifiers
TOTAL: 45 Automatic Qualifiers

Full NCAA Allocation Breakdown

Big 12 485554556745
Big Ten 87810689106779
Eastern Intercollegiate 725436446344
Mid-American 355562434441
Pac-12 212122113116
Southern 111211221214

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