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Iowa State goes down to ASU, bounces back with a win over UNI on Senior Day

Two minutes.

That is the timeframe Kevin Dresser gave his guys to celebrate their wins or be angry about their losses between duals on Saturday at Hilton Coliseum.

“You know, this week, we talked a lot about resiliency,” Dresser said. “I told them, “We’re gonna adopt a two-minute rule here. So anything that happens, that is good, you got two minutes to celebrate. Anything that happens that is bad, you got two minutes to sulk. But after that, we got to move on.” So we talked about that two or three times this week.”

Iowa State started the day off by falling to No. 11 Arizona State 20-15. Then the cardinal and gold were able to bounce back by defeating No. 15 Northern Iowa 23-17.

“It just felt like it was fitting because of the way things kind of lined up this year with dual meets and COVID and everything. You’ve got to bounce back a lot quicker,” Dressier said. “You know, it’s one thing to lose on a Friday night, and then you got a match on Saturday night, to a totally different deal to lose it 11 a.m. and a have to wrestle at 3 p.m, so I thought we did a good job competing and coming back.”

Here’s a breakdown of how the day went:

Ian Parker and David Carr standout with back-to-back wins

Parker and Carr were the only wrestlers to win both their matches.

Carr notched a pin in his first match against Hunter Balk (ASU).

But, it wasn’t just a pin.

Carr had the first takedown secured in the first four seconds of the match, tallied 12 total points before finally getting Balk on his back for the pin in 1:47.

When Dresser was asked how he felt about Carr’s overall performance it was an easy answer with just one word:


“Just domination, you know? He’s just putting it on himself this year,” Dresser said. “That’s the growth of David, is putting it on himself to just go out and win.”

In his second match up, Carr won by a 19-2 tech fall in five minutes over Derek Holschlag (UNI).

Dresser attributes his success and consistency to his hunger to continue to learn and evolve on a daily basis.

“The guy is always experimenting. You know, there isn’t a day that hardly goes by that he doesn’t have his shoes on, even on days that we have days off. We have lift days, David will get done with a lift, put his wrestling shoes back on, and go work on some technique. The guy loves to learn wrestling.”

Parker won his first match against Peter Lipari (ASU) 8-3.

Although it resulted in a win, it wasn’t enough for Parker to feel satisfied with his performance. That hunger to do better than winning by a decision fueled his fire when facing off against Ethan Basile (UNI).

Parker pinned Basile in 4:29.

“I had a decent performance, I would say. I would have loved it if I got a turn in my first match or a couple more takedowns to get the major and get some bonus (points),” Parker said. “But, it felt really good to get that fall for our team in that second match. That’s something I’ve really been trying to do this year. My top game got a lot better last year but I just want to ride guys, I want to get a lot better, you know, getting back points and falls.”

Isaac Judge showed immense growth

In several moments throughout both duals, wrestlers showed they can push through the whole seven minutes giving it their all. The team was able to show that in moments of pressure they can come out on top.

Isaac Judge is a prime example of taking a loss and coming out stronger.

The 165-pound weight class has been a giant question mark for Dresser. There hasn’t been a guy to step up and own the starting position this season. So far, Judge and Grant Stotts have been competing for it.

But, Judge made a statement in matches against ASU and UNI.

Judge started the day with a tough opponent in No. 5 Anthony Valencia (ASU).

On paper, there was no doubt Judge was going to lose.

But Judge surprised everyone by being the aggressor for the majority of the match. He was in control.

Unfortunately, in the last 15 seconds, Valencia was able to drop Judge to his back and secure a takedown and four back points to take the lead.

Judge lost 8-4.

Dresser said this was not an easy pill to swallow for the redshirt sophomore.

“Before we went out against UNI, I just kind of was going around talking to all the guys, asking all ten if they’re ready and he kind of had a look on his face like somebody shot his dog or something. I told him, ‘Remember the two-minute rule. You’re way past that. So it’s time to move on,’ and he obviously did,” Dresser said.

Judge was able to come out with a dominant win against UNI. He defeated Pat Schoenfelder 11-7.

“He’s done a really good job for us,” Dresser said about the 165-pounder. “He’s getting better, ya know? He went with the fourth-ranked guy in the nation and had him on the ropes.”

Up next for the Cyclones

Iowa State will travel to West Virginia to close out the regular season before it’s officially championship season.

“Overall, we break things down a lot individually this time of year. So, we’ll have individual workouts with the main 12-15 guys who we think are going to be representatives at the Big 12.”


Arizona State 20, Iowa State 15
125: Brandon Courtney (ASU) maj. dec. Aden Reeves (ISU), 12-4
133: Michael McGee (ASU) dec. Zach Redding (ISU), 9-4
141: Ian Parker (ISU) dec. Peter Lipari (ASU), 8-3
149: Jarrett Degen (ISU) dec. Cory Crooks (ASU), 5-0
157: David Carr (ISU) pinned Hunter Balk (ASU), 1:47
165: Anthony Valencia (ASU) dec. Isaac Judge (ISU), 8-4
174: Trenton Munoz (ASU) dec. Julien Broderson (ISU), 7-1
184: Sam Colbray (ISU) dec. Cade Belshay (ASU), 6-5
197: Kordell Norfleet (ASU) maj.dec. Yonger Bastida (ISU), 17-7
285: Cohlton Schultz (ASU) dec. Gannon Gremmel (ISU), 3-2 TB1

Iowa State 23, UNI 17
125: Brody Teske (UNI) tech. fall Aden Reeves (ISU), 23-4 (6:30)
133: Zach Redding (ISU) dec. Kyle Biscoglia (UNI), 6-5 TB1
141: Ian Parker (ISU) pinned Ethan Basile (UNI), 4:29
149: Tristan Lara (UNI) pinned Jarrett Degen (ISU), 4:30
157: David Carr (ISU) tech. fall Derek Holschlag (UNI), 19-2 (5:00)
165: Isaac Judge (ISU) dec. Pat Schoenfelder (UNI), 11-7
174: Lance Runyon (UNI) dec. Julien Broderson (ISU), 10-4
184: Parker Keckeisen (UNI) dec. Sam Colbray (ISU), 4-3
197: Marcus Coleman (ISU) dec. Keegan Moore (UNI), 10-5
285: Gannon Gremmel (ISU) dec. Carter Isley (UNI), 6-3

 Iowa State Extra Matches
133: Ramazan Attasauov (ISU) dec. Kyle Gollhofer (UNI), 4-1
141: Todd Small (ISU) inj. def. Julian Chlebove (ASU)
149: Cam Robinson (ISU) pinned Kaleb Olejniczak (UNI), 1:37
157: Jacori Teemer (ASU) dec. Carter Schmidt (ISU), 12-7
174: Mac Southard (ISU) dec. Noah Glaser (UNI), 4-1
125: Kyle Gollhofer (UNI) maj. dec. Caleb Fuessley (ISU), 12-3
133: Jack Wagner (UNI) dec. Ramazan Attasauov (ISU), 7-4
149: Cam Robinson (ISU) maj. dec. Jesse Vasquez (ASU), 17-3
149: Gable Fox (UNI) dec. Ben Monroe (ISU), 4-0
157: Cayd Lara (UNI) maj. dec. Carter Schmidt (ISU), 12-3
285: Francis Duggan (ISU) dec. Chad Porter (ASU), 10-4
141: Cael Happel (UNI) dec. Todd Small (ISU), 7-6
149: Kaleb Olejniczak (UNI) dec. Ben Monroe (ISU), 8-3
184: Joel Devine (ISU) dec. Cade Belshay (ASU), 7-2
285: John McConkey (UNI) dec. Francis Duggan (ISU), 3-1 SV1

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