WILLIAMS BLOG: Iowa State football team lends a helping hand in Marshalltown

Photo courtesy of @tlhalm on Twitter. 

Tragedy struck central Iowa on Thursday as over two dozen tornadoes were spotted (and many touched down) within the span of only a couple of hours. Unfortunately, I had a front row seat from my home in Bondurant.

My community was hit hard, but not as nearly as bad as our friends in Pella and Marshalltown.

It’s been an interesting experience to live two blocks away from the site of a natural disaster. It has been devastating to see neighbors displaced, but beautiful to watch human beings of all shapes, religions, colors and political parties come together for the common good.

Iowa State’s football team is doing just that on Saturday in Marshalltown as the entire roster is there helping with the clean up efforts. I caught wind of this on Saturday morning and then some pictures began to surface on Twitter.

Any rational human knows that there are way more important things in the world than football. However with the season being only six weeks away, this past week in central Iowa was certainly a reminder of that.