WILLIAMS: Post-spring depth chart changes, analysis

A few days after Iowa State’s Liberty Bowl victory last December, I put out THIS COLUMN with a way too early depth chart projection for the 2018 season.

Key word: Projection.

With spring practices in the rearview mirror, I present to you my new depth chart projections along with analysis of spring standouts along the way.

Depth Chart Changes

Redshirt freshman Collin Newell from backup to starter at center: Matt Campbell doesn’t just praise freshmen for fun. It’s legit. Newell, a 6-foot-4, 282-pounder out of Ames, blew the coaches away this spring and is the odds-on favorite to start at center. This gives Iowa State some much-needed flexibility in the other spots.

Julian Good-Jones from center to LG: Keep reading but depending on how things shake out, Good-Jones could be the man at tackle or guard next season. Right now, I’ve got him projected at LG but I think it’s 51-49 that he could also end up at LT.

Redshirt freshman O’Rien Vance from backup to starter at MLB: This isn’t much a surprise to those within the program. From the day he stepped onto campus, Vance seemed special. After Saturday’s scrimmage, Campbell said he might have the most upside of any player on the roster. This is far from a lock as Tymar Sutton has some experience here. Chances are, that duo, with the help of Jake Hummel, will fill this position by committee for much of the season.

Extra analysis

On Greg Eisworth … Campbell called him the “spring MVP” on defense. That’s great news considering Eisworth is currently in the middle of his first semester out of junior college. It comes at a position where Iowa State really needed some help too.

A couple of surprises at wide receiver … We’ve all heard a lot about Tarique Milton and rightfully so. As a redshirt freshman, he’ll get plenty of snaps this fall. There’s another wide receiver that I’m hearing deserves some press after the spring and that’s Landon Akers. The sophomore out of Cedar Rapids really opened some eyes down the spring stretch and is on pace to see the field come September.

The top four on the offensive line … Accoridng to Campbell, is Good-Jones, Bryce Meeker, Josh Knipfel and Collin Newell. I’m hearing that the battle for No. 5 is currently between Sean Foster (sophomore) and Josh Mueller (redshirt freshman). That’s what could dictate where Good-Jones ends up playing. Oge Udeogu will likely be a factor too when he comes back at 100 percent.

Here’s the new depth chart …



Kyle Kempt, Sr.
Zeb Noland, So.


David Montgomery, Jr.
Kene Nuwangu, So.


Chase Allen, So.
Dylan Soehner, So.


Sam Seonuchner, Sr.


Deshaunte Jones, Jr.
Tarique Milton, Fr.


Matthew Eaton, Sr.
Jalen Martin, So.


Hakeem Butler, Jr.
Carson Epps, Sr.


Sean Foster, So.
Julian Good-Jones, Jr.


Julian Good-Jones, Jr.
Robert Hudson, Fr.


Colin Newell, Fr.
Jullian Good-Jones, Jr.


Josh Knipfel, Jr.
Josh Mueller, So.


Bryce Meeker, Jr.
Jacob Bolton, So.



Enyi Uwazurike, So.
Matt Leo, Jr.


Ray Lima, Jr.
Jamahl Johnson, Jr.


Kamilo Tongamoa, Sr.
Angel Dominguez, Fr.


JaQuan Bailey, Jr.
Spencer Benton, Sr.


Marcel Spears, Jr.
Reggan Northrup, Sr.


O’Rien Vance, Fr.
Tymar Sutton, So.


Willey Harvey, Sr.
Reggan Northrup, Sr.


Jatairis Grant, So.
O.J. Tucker, Fr.


Lawrence White, So.
Keontae Jones, Fr.


Greg Eisworth, Jr.
Braxton Lewis, Jr.


D’Andre Payne, Sr.
Arnold Azunna, So.


Brian Peavy, Sr.
De’Monte Ruth, Sr.


K: Brayden Narverson
P: Corey Dunn
KR: Kene Nwangu
PR: Deshaunte Jones