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WRESTLING: Setting the tone for Sunday’s dual vs. Rider

WHAT: Iowa State vs. Rider
WHEN: 2 p.m.
WHERE: Stephens Auditorium

AMES — The Cyclones wrestled at the Lindenwood Open last weekend where nine guys placed in the open division while Ryan Leisure (149) and Marcus Coleman (174) placed first in the freshmen division.

Chalk it up as another growing experience for the young Cyclones.

“It was really good and then when we had setbacks where we diverted to old ways. That’s something that’s going to be apart of that growing process,” Iowa State assistant coach Brent Metcalf said. “I like to focus on the positive stuff that was happening like their attitudes and their wrestling styles.”

As you might expect with such a young team under a new coaching staff, the Cyclones have looked inconsistent overall in the young season. Head coach Kevin Dresser has expressed his focus on high expectations and keeping everyone healthy.

Metcalf gave a lot of praise to youngsters Coleman and Leisure for going out and putting forth the effort they hope to see in everyone as the season moves forward.

Iowa State is 0-1 in dual competition this year (a 21-16 loss to Drexel) but will have an opportunity to put one in the “win” column on Sunday vs. Rider at Stephens Auditorium.

This has never been done at Iowa State, but Dresser started a similar tradition during his time at at Virginia Tech.

“I’ve personally never been apart of an event like this,” Metcalf said. “I think it’ll be a cool venue, the competition will be good. We have to come ready to go.”

Metcalf added that he is hoping  the leaders will continue to help the young guys focus as the team continues to rebuild. He listed making bigger efforts in their matches to win beyond just one point differences.


“The best thing we can do is continue to put them in an environment and in situations in the practice room where they have to consistently bring it and if they don’t they’re going to fail,” said Metcalf. “Keep putting them in the fire and giving them opportunities to succeed.”

Jacqueline Cordova


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