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WRESTLING: Kevin Jackson comments on job security

Head coach Kevin Jackson yells during the Beauty and the Beast meet against Arizona State on Friday, Jan. 6, 2017 at Hilton Coliseum. Photo by Lani Tons

Last week on the Cyclone Radio Network’s weekly call-in show, a fan called in and asked athletics director Jamie Pollard about the future of the Iowa State wrestling program.

“We need to get better and it hasn’t been where we’d like to be,” Pollard said. “The coaches know that and the wrestlers know that. In that end, if that doesn’t change, we’ll have to give someone else another shot at it.”

Things got a little awkward during Kevin Jackson’s weekly press conference earlier today. This tends to happen when programs are losing. Following Iowa State’s loss to UNI on Friday night, the Cyclones are now 1-7 in dual competition on the season.

Here is video of Jackson’s response from Monday. As he notes, the two spoke over the weekend. One cannot help but feel like this is the beginning of a much larger story.