CF Experts Pick’Em: Week 9


Chris Hassel, 30-16
Adam Carper, 28-18
Bret Culbertson, 26-20
Austen Arnaud, 25-21
Andrew Downs, 23-23
Trevor Enerson, 23-23
Jack Whitver, 22-24
Dave Zawilinski, 20-26
Brent Blum, 20-26
Bret McIntyre, 19-27
Kirk Haaland, 16-30
Chris Williams, 15-31
Adam Gray, 15-31 


Northwestern @ Iowa (-4) – Iowa wins but by 4? I’m not so sure. This is a difficult line considering Iowa’s tight games. I’ll take the Hawks because I think there’s more of a chance of an Iowa blowout than a NW blowout. 

Stanford (-3.5) @ Oregon State – This will be a fun one. First real test of the year for the Beavs. Stanford has been through the gauntlet. Trees win and cover. 

South Carolina @ Missouri (-2.5) – This is where the dream season ends for the Tigers. SC wins outright.

Baylor (-34.5) @ Kansas – Kansas has been covering of late. They don’t win but they aren’t losing by 50 anymore. I’ll take KU.

West Virginia @ Kansas State (-10.5) – Kansas State has a worse record than WVU, but the Cats are much better. K-State covers leaving Iowa State and KU as only winless Big 12 teams.

Texas Tech @ Oklahoma (-6.5) – The magic carpet ride will end for Kliff as well. OU wins and covers.

Texas @ TCU (-2) – The Horns will be the lone remaining Big 12 unbeaten when the day is done.

Oklahoma State (-13) @ Iowa State – I said last week if the Cyclones can’t cover a 34 point spread they should cancel the rest of the season. Turns out ISU needed a spread TWICE as big in order to cover. Total joke. Clones have to respond, right? I think this one is close.


Northwestern @ Iowa (-4) – Northwestern’s key injuries coupled with Iowa’s ability to wear down defenses late with their power offense result in a 10 point victory for the Hawkeyes.  

Stanford (-3.5) @ Oregon State – Although Stanford has one of the worst mascots in the country, their football team remains one of the best.  Stanford covers.

South Carolina @ Missouri (-2.5) – Both head coaches can sure rock out a visor.  Heck Gary Pinkel’s visor has its own Twitter account.  As for the game, I like the black and gold visor to prevail.

Baylor (-34.5) @ Kansas – After last week, no analysis needed…Baylor.

West Virginia @ Kansas State (-10.5) – Wildcats get the W but 10.5 is too much.  West Virginia

Texas Tech @ Oklahoma (-6.5) – Similar to 2 years ago, I like Tech to go into Norman and steal one. 

Texas @ TCU (-2) – Coming off their bye week, the Longhorns get a W on the road.

Oklahoma State (-13) @ Iowa State – After last week’s shellacking, ISU needs to keep this one close for their psyche.  If not, the remainder of the year could be hard to watch.  Cyclones respond and cover. 


Northwestern @ Iowa (-4) – Jeff Budzien was a 95% field goal kicker last year. Let me say that again. Jeff Budzien was a 95% field goal kicker last year. He missed out on a shot at the Groza because of a lack of 50+ yarders compared to the other contenders. His only miss came from 50+ last year.  If an Iowa defense can hold the Wildcats deep, they can put Budzien to the test, but I’ll say it one last time.. Jeff Budzien was a 95% field goal kicker. I’m going with Northwestern.

Stanford (-3.5) @ Oregon State – Harbaugh started my love affair with Stanford years ago. David Shaw’s still the real deal, and so are their black-on-black uniforms. Stanford by 6.

South Carolina @ Missouri (-2.5) – This one is tough. My Big 12 roots make me cringe seeing Mizzou 7-0 in the SEC, but more power to them. I’m going with the Tigers.

Baylor (-34.5) @ Kansas – Bears travel to KU for another 70-point Gatorade shower. Hopefully KU parents don’t accuse Baylor coaches of bullying, because Baylor will cover, just like that giant green tarp covers half of the seating in their stadium. I was called out on Twitter for a few jokes about the Baylor tarp and Gatorade shower last weekend. Apparently I’m heartless, and Baylor just really loves Gatorade. Jokes aside, the Bears offense is legit and very fun to watch (except against the Clones).

West Virginia @ Kansas State (-10.5) – K-State.

Texas Tech @ Oklahoma (-6.5) – Stoooooops. No doubt.

Texas @ TCU (-2) – Texas never ceases to amaze me. This is a toss up. I’ll defer to MacK Brown.

Oklahoma State (-13) @ Iowa State – Not much to say about this one after last week. I’m hinging on the fact that Okie State isn’t as good as we thought they’d be.  They’re still an good team, but I’m going with the Clones at home. Memories of 2 years ago haven’t faded and never will.


Northwestern @ Iowa (-4) – Veneric Mark is the X factor here, and with him reportedly out I like the Hawks to control this game. 27-17 Hawks  

Stanford (-3.5) @ Oregon State – Oregon State’s has not lost a game in the PAC 12 yet this year. However after watching Stanford last week I am convinced that there defense is for real and will be able to limit Sean Mannion and the Beavers pass attack. 31-23 Stanford 

South Carolina @ Missouri (-2.5) – I have to believe Mizzou is for real this year! No matter what the circumstance they find a way to win. Key here is can SCAR protect back up qb Dylan Thompson?, with Connor Shaw out. Surprisingly mizzou had one of the best defensive lines in the SEC, statistically speaking. I like the Tigers to win at home, 35-31

Baylor (-34.5) @ Kansas – West Virginia @ Kansas State (-10.5) – this number seems high, I like the Mountaineers to cover on the road but Wildcats win 34-28.

Texas Tech @ Oklahoma (-6.5) – I picked the Red Raiders to fall last week to WVU and it almost happened. This week I like the red raiders to pull the upset, the Sooners are not playing their best ball, by far. Kliff and the red raiders are making a splash in his first year, I think Tech and Baylor are the class of the Big 12. Red Raiders pull the upset 44-42.

Texas @ TCU (-2) – This may be the best game on the docket this week. Expect a great game here, a defensive struggle with two improving ball clubs. In the end I see the Horny Toads getting their first big win of the year, 27-23.

Oklahoma State (-13) @ Iowa State – Clones will play inspired football this team is down but I don’t believe they are out just yet. The Pokes aren’t the traditional power they usually are, offensive numbers are down, but everyone on the field needs to know where #5 Josh Stewart is on every play. What do ya know, another game changing receiver from Ok State. Clones cover the 13.


Northwestern @ Iowa (-4) – Iowa. Iowa looked improved last weekend in Columbus, and the Wildcats just lost at home to Minnesota. I’d be lying, though, if I said the 4 points didn’t scare me. Iowa wins, but not by much.

Stanford (-3.5) @ Oregon State – Stanford. Still can’t get over the Beavers’ home loss to Eastern Washington in Week 1. They are playing well, but this will the their first real test, and I think they fail.

South Carolina @ Missouri (-2.5) – Missouri. I love what this Midwestern team is doing in the SEC. Consecutive convincing wins over a pair of traditional powers has made me a believer. Tigers go to 8-0.

Baylor (-34.5) @ Kansas – Baylor. I thought the 34 point spread was ridiculous last week, and we all know how that turned out. Baylor huge.

West Virginia @ Kansas State (-10.5) – WVU. A 2-4 team with a home loss to an FCS school is a double-digit favorite? Maybe I’m missing something, but no way I’m giving those points. 

Texas Tech @ Oklahoma (-6.5) – Oklahoma. The Red Raiders (and their handsome head coach) have looked good against the bottom-dwellers of the conference, but the Sooners are at home and need to run the table after the loss to Texas. 

Texas @ TCU (-2) – Texas. I don’t like what I’ve seen out of either of these teams. It’s a coin toss in my mind, so I’m going with what’s on the helmet.

Oklahoma State (-13) @ Iowa State – OK State. The Cyclones play well enough for most people to forget the debacle in Waco, but I don’t trust the offense to put up enough points to stay in this. Plus, you think the Cowboys don’t want a little revenge at Jack Trice?


Northwestern @ Iowa (-4) – Iowa’s always favored over Northwestern. Iowa always losses to Northwestern. I don’t think Iowa is as bad as we thought they would be but I think Northwestern gets out of their funk and wins this one. That offense can expose the Iowa secondary

Stanford (-3.5) @ Oregon State – I really like Mike Riley. I think he’s one of, if not the most, underrated coaches in the country. I thought he was pretty good and then looked at his actual results and be like dang. That said, I Stanford learned a bit of a lesson and will go back to being that punishing offense they need to be. It worries me that OSU hasn’t really played/beaten anyone that’s even a decent team so I have to take Stanford to cover. 

South Carolina @ Missouri (-2.5) – Gary Pinkel is making his comeback this season. Even after losing Franklin, the Tigers continued to roll on last week. South Carolina is a different animal than Georgia, though, and I think the Ol’ Ball Coach wins this one. Tuff as Rain. 

Baylor (-34.5) @ Kansas – It’s hard to cover a 33 point spread. It’s harder to cover almost 70 in two weeks……..unless your Baylor. BTW-How did this happen? You have RG3 and a pretty good offense and that continues with Florence, then this Petty kid comes in, you lose your best receiver and you now shoot linebackers to the moon and set secondaries on fire in roughly 23 seconds per possession? It just seemed to escalate so quickly…….or maybe everyone they played sucks? Kansas sucks, Bears cover.  

West Virginia @ Kansas State (-10.5 )- KSU doesn’t cover this. The WVU defense isn’t awful and I just don’t see KSU scoring enough to pull that off. They do win, though. Another nail in the coffin for Holgerson. Fingers crossed. 

Texas Tech @ Oklahoma (-6.5) – OU is having some offensive struggles right now and I know that because they scored less on Texas than ISU did. They also allowed more points without a free touchdown. By my math, based on the Texas game, ISU is 22 points better than OU. So then, I have to take Tech by roughly 29. Oh shoot, home field. Make that 23. 

Texas @ TCU (-2) – Texas wins this. I’m telling you guys, it’s Texas or Baylor for this conference. Well, it’s Baylor and Texas will have a loss but I have to drum up some sort of championship "race."  

Oklahoma State (-13) @ Iowa State – Have you guys seen "Moneyball." You know that part where Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) is describing "the problem?" Same deal here. There are explosive teams (Baylor) and there are not explosive teams (OSU, UT) then there’s some space and there’s ISU……and Florida. I’d love to pick them to win here. They can win here. They can at least cover here can’t they? I don’t know. There needs to be some help from the defense and special teams. I’ll flip a coin……….Clones cover. 


Northwestern @ Iowa (-4) – Northwestern has fallen apart the last three weeks. While they have their QB back, they can’t hold up against an improving Iowa team. Iowa covers.

Stanford (-3.5) @ Oregon State – Stanford wears down Oregon State in the second half, wins and covers against a scrappy OSU team.

South Carolina @ Missouri (-2.5) – Missouri is shocking the college football world and will continue their unbeaten season. Home field is the difference…Mizzou covers.

Baylor (-34.5) @ Kansas – While it is at Kansas in a sleepy atmosphere, Baylor will roll through Lawrence. After watching the Baylor game last week against ISU, how can you pick against such a low spread. Baylor covers easy.

West Virginia @ Kansas State (-10.5) – KSU gets its first Big 12 win of the year. KSU running game will control ball and KSU defense controls West Virginia. It is a big number, but KSU covers. 

Texas Tech @ Oklahoma (-6.5) – OU offense can’t keep up with Tech and Kliff Kingsbury continues his remarkable start at Tech. Tech covers and wins outright.

Texas @ TCU (-2) – Texas is starting to figure it out, while TCU offense is brutal. UT wins outright at TCU.

Oklahoma State (-13) @ Iowa State – ISU needs to find a way to get up off the mat. Cyclones will come out swinging and will keep it closer than 13 against an OSU team that has struggled to find a starting QB.


Here’s the deal. I’ve lost every game over the last two weeks. 0-12. I’m in a slump. A major slump. A Prairie View A&M slump. An ISU offense at Baylor slump. You get the picture. I’m going to write down what my gut tells me then go with the opposite team.  It’s all I got. I don’t do these writeups with a jock strap so I can’t burn that.

Northwestern @ Iowa (-4) – Gut – NW.          Give me Iowa

Stanford (-3.5) @ Oregon State – Stanford.           Oregon St.

South Carolina @ Missouri (-2.5) – South Carolina.          Missouri

Baylor (-34.5) @ Kansas – Baylor.              Kansas

West Virginia @ Kansas State (-10.5) – West Virginia.            Kansas St.

Texas Tech @ Oklahoma (-6.5) – Texas tech.       Oklahoma.

Texas @ TCU (-2) – TCU.          Texas

Oklahoma State (-13) @ Iowa State – Iowa State.        Oklahoma St. 


Northwestern @ Iowa (-4) – Northwestern is Iowa’s daddy. They are driving the struggle bus, but they find a way to beat the Hawks again. Northwestern 28 Iowa 24.  

Stanford (-3.5) @ Oregon State – Oregon State is the Hunter Mahan of college football. They show up every year, very solid, but never win anything of note. The four people who watch golf are with me. Stanford 35 Oregon State 21. 

South Carolina @ Missouri (-2.5) –  MIZ…..ZOU. I don’t miss that chant. Mizzou 27 South Carolina 24.

Baylor (-34.5) @ Kansas – Baylor wins by 125 points and gives Gatorade baths to every single staff person they have, sideline radio reporter included. In all seriousness, KU keeps it within the number..somehow. Baylor 52 Kansas 20.

West Virginia @ Kansas State (-10.5) – I have no idea. Flat out, no clue. West Virginia covers, I think. K-State 30 West Virginia 21.

Texas Tech @ Oklahoma (-6.5) – Kliff Kingsbury can’t swag his way out of Norman. OU Defensive Coordinator Mark Stoops celebrates the win by eating Ray-Bans with ketchup and pickle. Oklahoma 34 Texas Tech 24.

Texas @ TCU (-2) – TCU’s offense reached Showgirls levels of NC-17 last week. I can’t be the only one who saw that Jessie Spano classic. Anyone?  Texas 27 TCU 24.

Oklahoma State (-13) @ Iowa State – A fired up Cyclone team catches the Cowboys sleeping early. The Iowa State defense needs to get two or more picks against the slop-prone OSU attack if they want to win. Oklahoma State 31 Iowa State 20.


Northwestern @ Iowa (-4) – Iowa. No Venric Mark and a hobbled Kain Colter should be enough for the hawks to pull it out.

Stanford (-3.5) @ Oregon State – Stanford. While Oregon State has a nice passing attack, they are too one-dimensional for Standford.

South Carolina @ Missouri (-2.5) – Missouri. Is this really happening? Mizzou running the table (so far) in the SEC? 

Baylor (-34.5) @ Kansas – Baylor. Um, yeah. Sorry Kansas.

West Virginia @ Kansas State (-10.5) – Kansas State. West Virginia is hideous on the road. Somewhat dangerous at home, but not in Synder’s house.

Texas Tech @ Oklahoma (-6.5) – Oklahoma. Tech rarely wins in Norman (twice since Big XII play) and most of their trips there are not pretty.

Texas @ TCU (-2) – Texas. I don’t understand this line. And rather than research it, I’ll fall for it and take the "easy" money.

Oklahoma State (-13) @ Iowa State – Oklahoma State. The Cyclones will play much better at home, and maybe that’s all it will take to get the offense back on track, but I gotta see the offense come close to hitting on all cylinders before I pull the trigger again.


Northwestern @ Iowa (-4) – I read CJ Bacher’s article on how Northwestern beat’s Iowa…I’m not buying in. I’ll take Iowa.

Stanford (-3.5) @ Oregon State – Oregon St is off to a fine start…but, Stanford.

South Carolina @ Missouri (-2.5) – Missouri burned me last week, naturally they’ll burn me again this week. But this time it will be by letting me down, I’ll take the Tigers.

Baylor (-34.5) @ Kansas – I watched every second of ISU – Baylor last week…ummm, Baylor.

West Virginia @ Kansas State (-10.5) – West Virginia has been a different team at home than on the road, 10.5 is a big number…I’ll roll with the mountaineers. 

Texas Tech @ Oklahoma (-6.5) – I haven’t fully bought in to Tech just yet. Oklahoma hasn’t given me a lot to believe in, but at home I’ll go Boomer Sooner.

Texas @ TCU (-2) – This is  a really weird line, right? I feel like I should take Texas and TCU’s offense may be as bad as Iowa State’s but Vegas has tricked me in to taking TCU, we’ll see if that bites me. 

Oklahoma State (-13) @ Iowa State – My heart and my head from two weeks ago tells me Cyclones cover, largely because the Cowboy offense hasn’t been the same this year. Yet, I can’t place any faith in the Cyclone offense after the last two weeks. Maybe they’ll prove me wrong and the return home will help out enough to get things rolling, I just need to see the proof. Cowboys.


Just know that as the defending pick’em champ, I am truly ashamed of my record this year. It’s Minnesota Vikings-like pathetic. Moving on…

Northwestern @ Iowa (-4) – Hawks by a touchdown. 

Stanford (-3.5) @ Oregon State – Stanford by 10. 

South Carolina @ Missouri (-2.5) – South Carolina wins outright. 

Baylor @ (-34.5) @ Kansas – Baylor by 70.

West Virginia @ Kansas State (-10.5) – I don’t like WVU but I also don’t think that KSU is good enough to cover that number. West Virginia to cover. 

Texas Tech @ Oklahoma – This is the type of game Tech needs to win before I can completely buy in there. Sooners by 10. 

Texas @ TCU (-2) – Texas

Oklahoma State (-13) @ Iowa State – Cowboys 31, Cyclones 17 (OSU covers)


Northwestern @ Iowa – Northwestern has had the Hawks number but hard to do so with all the injuries. Hawks win at home by 10

Stanford (-3.5) @ Oregon State – Stanford by 6

South Carolina @ Missouri (-2.5) – I’m buying into the Mizzou hype.  Pinkel is a good coach and they got a lot of talent.  Mizzou wins by 3 at home

Baylor (-34.5) @ Kansas – I thought last weeks line was absurd.  I was wrong.  I’ll take Kansas to get a backdoor cover at home.

West Virginia @ Kansas State (-10.5) – Tough pick.   I think KSU controls the clock and wins by 13.

Texas Tech @ Oklahoma (-6.5) – OU has a chance to win a big game after that debacle against Texas.  I look for them to get to the young TT QB and run away with a 17 point win

Texas @ TCU (-2) – Texas wins to keep my Big 12 pick alive

Oklahoma State (-13) @ Iowa State – Going to be tough to score.  Okie State will jam the line and bring pressure.  I look for a 31-10 loss for ISU