CF Experts Pick’Em: Week 7


Chris Hassel, 23-11
Adam Carper, 23-11
Andrew Downs, 20-14
Bret Culbertson, 20-14
Austen Arnaud, 20-14
Dave Zawilinski, 19-15
Trevor Enerson, 19-15
Jack Whitver, 17-17
Brett McIntyre, 13-21
Brent Blum, 13-21
Chris Williams, 12-22
Adam Gray, 11-23
Kirk Haaland, 11-23


Texas A&M (-7) @ Ole Miss – The Rebs aren’t very good. A&M rolls by double digits. 

Northwestern @ Wisconsin (-10) – Not often you see a ranked team as a double-digit dog to an unranked team. Wisky wins but NW should be able to keep it within 10. 

Oregon (-14) @ Washington – I doubt Washington has what it takes to stick with Oregon. I like the Ducks to cover. 

Oklahoma (-13) vs. Texas – Ol’ Mack had a week-and-a-half to game-plan. That means nothing. OU covers. 

Baylor (-20) @ Kansas State – I’d be stunned if K-State doesn’t cover. Should be a close one. 

Iowa State @ Texas Tech (-16) – Is this the ranked road game ISU wins, this season? Perhaps. Cyclones cover. 


Texas A&M (-7) @ Ole Miss – It’s Johnny Football’s world and we’re all just living in it.  Aggies cover.

Northwestern @ Wisconsin (-10) – Northwestern’s passing attack is the difference in this one.  Northwestern.

Oregon (-14) @ Washington – Oregon keeps breezing through the Pac 12 until their showdown with Stanford in November. 

Oklahoma (-13) vs. Texas – Red River Shootout is a blowout.  Boomer Sooner!

Baylor (-20) @ Kansas State – Snyder once again showcases his voodoo tricks and covers against this offensive juggernaut.  

Iowa State @ Texas Tech (-16) – Cyclones need to come out with the same energy and intensity as last week.  Tech wins but ISU stays within a TD. 


Texas A&M (-7) @ Ole Miss – Is this the real spread? Texas A&M covers easily.

Northwestern @ Wisconsin (-10) – I’m taking the upset. Northwestern slays the badgers.

Oregon (-14) @ Washington – Not sold on Washington yet. I’ll take the Ducks to cover. 

Oklahoma (-13) vs. Texas – The sooners show up to play. I’ll take OU to cover, barley. 

Baylor (-20) @ Kansas State – Bears cover, but still don’t fill their south endzone. This will be biggest test so far for Baylor this season, but they’ll make the Wildcats look silly, just like everyone else.

Iowa State @ Texas Tech (-16) – Clones of course.


Texas A&M (-7) @ Ole Miss A&M – Johnny Football makes some more magic. 

Northwestern @ Wisconsin (-10) – Northwestern. I don’t ever pick Wisconsin. Period.

Oregon (-14) @ Washington – Washington. I think these teams are more evenly matched than Vegas does. Take the points.

Oklahoma (-13) vs. Texas – OK. The final nail in Mac Brown’s coffin comes in the Red River Rivalry. 

Baylor (-20) @ Kansas State – Baylor. The Bears are good. Like, really good. 

Iowa State @ Texas Tech (-16) – ISU. Don’t see a win for the Cyclones, but the Texas game showed me a lot. Tech isn’t 16 points better.


Texas A&M (-7) @ Ole Miss – Ole Miss, Hugh Freeze and the rebels will be up for this game.  I like the Rebels to hang in versus a young defensive unit from A&M. I am calling the upset here, Ole Miss 41-38.

Northwestern @ Wisconsin (-10) – Northwestern will come out flat after last weeks let down against the Buckeyes, Wisconsin rolls in Madison. 38-27

Oregon (-14) @ Washington – I have to go with Washington to cover here after there big time effort against Stanford last weekend.  Oregon may be the best team in the country, however this year Washington is for real.  IMO the Pac 12 North is the best division in college football.  Oregon 44-33.

Oklahoma (-13) vs. Texas – OU here in a big way, Oklahoma has dominated this game in the recent past andSaturday will be much of the same, look for Roy Finch and the rest of the Sooner backfield to have a big game on the ground. OU 38-23

Baylor (-20) @ Kansas State  – Kansas State will cover at home but just by a little bit, Baylor is the best team at starting fast in the country, before you know it they will be up 14-0.  Bears 58-39

Iowa State @ Texas Tech (-16) – Cyclones are backed in a corner here and will compete in this game.  This is a scenario that bodes well for the Cyclones, the offense is steadily improving and with the exception of penalties and one big play against Texas, the defense played well.  All these put together the cyclones cover and play well in Lubbock.


Texas A&M (-7) @ Ole Miss – Bama exposed Ole Miss, then Auburn went out and beat them. A&M EASILY.

Northwestern @ Wisconsin (-10) – This HAS to be a misprint.  Wildcats without batting an eyelash.

Oregon (-14) @ Washington – The Huskies have the fire power to keep this one close. I like the points.

Oklahoma (-13) vs. Texas – If OU doesn’t win by 30 Bob Stoops should be on the hot seat.

Baylor (-20) @ Kansas State – The Bears have never won in Manhattan. That doesn’t worry them or me.  Baylor by 32.

Iowa State @ Texas Tech (-16) – The line is down to 14.5 at the time I’m making this pick.  That means ISU is a steal at 16.  Wimberly must get 100 on the ground to keep this close.


Texas A&M (-7) @ Ole Miss – Ole Miss has a bunch of young talent. I have to take aTm to cover this though. I think they are just more experienced and better coached. 

Northwestern @ Wisconsin (-10) – Is this some sort of trick? Northwestern covers and wins. 

Oregon (-14) @ Washington – I really like Washington. Bishop Sankey is the best name in sports. That said, Oregon is just too good. It’s a lot of points but I think Oregon covers. 

Oklahoma (-13) vs. Texas  – Oklahoma blows the doors off Texas and it may be Mack’s last game. OU covers. 

Baylor (-20) @ Kansas State – I seriously have no idea  where you would have to put a Baylor spread for me to say, "That’s ridiculous and will never happen." I would be hard pressed to take KSU if they were getting 40. Baylor covers. 

Iowa State @ Texas Tech (-16) – Iowa State covers this easily. I don’t think the Tech offense is good enough to beat ISU by that much. Their defense looks the part but I think ISU wins a close one here. 


Texas A&M (-7) @ Ole Miss – Ole Miss is too young to keep up with the Aggies. A&M wins and covers.

Northwestern @ Wisconsin (-10) – Northwestern bounces back from a tough loss and keeps it close in Madison. Wildcats

Oregon (-14) @ Washington – Best game of the weekend. UW is playing well and will keep it close for a while, but the Ducks cover. 

Oklahoma (-13) vs. Texas – This is the week the wheels fall off the Longhorn wagon. Even with their average offense, OU crushes Texas and Longhorn nations goes into full meltdown mode! 

Baylor (-20) @ Kansas State – Baylor looked unbelievable last week. I dont know if anyone in the Big 12 can stop them. While it is a big number on the road, last week made me a believer. Bears cover the huge spread.

Iowa State @ Texas Tech (-16) – Tech has questions at QB, Wally has the guys playing a lot better, the offense is improving…ISU covers. 


Texas A&M (-7) @ Ole Miss – A&M. Ole Miss will be tough for a while, but 7 points shouldn’t be much of a challenge in the end for Johnny Football.

Northwestern @ Wisconsin (-10) – Northwestern. Cats will keep up in this one. No crazy backdoor covers this time.

Oregon (-14) @ Washington – Oregon. Oregon always feels like you either play flawless and beat them, or you’re going to lose handily. Each mistake against the Ducks is virtually an automatic 7.

Oklahoma (-13) vs. Texas – Oklahoma. Karma Texas

Baylor (-20) @ Kansas State – Kansas State. This is a ridiculous amount of points with K-State at home. Then again Baylor is ridiculous. 

Iowa State @ Texas Tech (-16) – ISU. Line is way to high for a furious Cyclones team, even ignoring that they win this outright.


Texas A&M (-7) @ Ole Miss – Here is a preview of ESPN’s coverage of this one: "OMG Manziel in Archie Manning’s old house. And they both run around and throw the ball! It’s like they are identical!" Ole Miss 34 Texas A&M 30.

Northwestern @ Wisconsin (-10) – This seems rather high doesn’t it? Unless Northwestern gets backdoor covered again. That was terrible, guys. I actually think the Cats win. Northwestern 31 Wisconsin 28.

Oregon (-14) @ Washington – Nobody has been within 39 points of Oregon. That’s just dumb. Until someone gets within 28, I gotta ride the Ducks. Oregon 49 Washington 30.

Oklahoma (-13) vs. Texas – Texas shows heart for one more game. They keep it snug and Mike Davis apologizes after the game for Miley Cyrus twerking at the VMA’s. Oklahoma 28 Texas 21.

Baylor (-20) @ Kansas State – Bill Snyder is code for covers high spreads. K-State deflates the ball and stays within the number. Baylor 35 K-State 20.  

Iowa State @ Texas Tech (-16) – Same gambling line as it was when Tech hosted Iowa State two years ago. Iowa State won 41-7. Wally Burnham has been stellar against spread teams in his career. Pit him against an inexperience QB and I think the Clones keep the Raiders under 30. Can the offense do enough? Iowa State 28 Texas Tech 27.


Texas A&M (-7) @ Ole Miss – Something crazy: This is only Mississippi’s second home game of the season. I think that this young team will be amped up and keep it within seven. 

Northwestern @ Wisconsin (-10) – The Badgers are 4-0-1 ATS this season. Northwestern has lost three in a row against the number. Something tells me that trend will change this weekend though. The Wildcats backdoor and cover. 

Oregon (-14) @ Washington – The Huskies will treat this one like their Super Bowl. Washington covers. 

Oklahoma (-13) vs. Texas – I like the Sooners here. 

Baylor (-20) @ Kansas State – All of the money is on Kansas State here. I’ll do the opposite and take Baylor. 

Iowa State @ Texas Tech (-16) – Cyclones win outright. 


Texas A&M (-7) @ Ole Miss – Ole Miss is very talented but they are still young.  I think the Aggies go on the road and win by 20.  41-21

Northwestern @ Wisconsin (-10) – Give me Northwestern to cover.

Oregon (-14) @ Washington – I have no reason for thinking this but I think Washington puts a scare into Oregon.  Oregon holds on but doesn’t cover 38-35

Oklahoma (-13) vs. Texas – Texas is obviously not as good as I thought and OU is slightly better but with that said, I like Texas to cover this game.  A win here would somewhat salvage a bad season to date.  I don’t think they get it but they keep it close.  OU wins 23-17

Baylor (-20) @ Kansas State – This is the first game all year where Baylor has played a team with a pulse. K-State slows it down and covers against Baylor.  Bears win 42-28

Iowa State @ Texas Tech (-16) –  How will ISU respond after the heartbreak of last week?  I think they will respond well.  I’m not sure who will win but I’ll take ISU to cover with ease.


Texas A&M (-7) @ Ole Miss – I think the young Rebels will make some plays at home and keep it close in a loss to the Aggies. Ole Miss.

Northwestern @ Wisconsin (-10) – We saw last week that Northwestern could hang with an elite team at home, this game isn’t at home but Wisconsin isn’t elite, either. ‘Cats cover.

Oregon (-14) @ Washington – I watched Mighty Ducks last night, I take that to be as good of reason as any. “ Quack, quack, quack, quack, Mr. Ducksworth.”

Oklahoma (-13) vs. Texas – I know it is a rivalry game but this one rarely ever seems to be close. Boomer.

Baylor (-20) @ Kansas State – Last week I doubted that Baylor could cover 28 against West Virginia at home. I’ll probably lose this pick again but I won’t do it by doubting the Bears’ offense again.

Iowa State @ Texas Tech (-16) – Texas Tech is a good football team but thus far they don’t have any really impressive wins. TCU was a solid victory at home but the Frogs seem a little up and down so far this year. Iowa State has been steadily improving each and every time out and I won’t bet against that until I see a regression. I think the Red Raiders win but the Cyclones will keep it inside the spread.