Notebook: Personnel/depth chart notes for Cy-Hawk week

AMES — As expected, Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads made quite a few tweaks to his depth chart after week one’s 28-20 loss to UNI. When Iowa State released its new depth chart on Monday morning, it featured two new starters on defense, one on special teams and some movement on the offensive line too. 

Rhoads hosted his weekly press conference on Monday morning and was asked about the moves and other pressing topics leading up to Saturday’s showdown with Iowa as well.

An update on Sam Richardson’s (QB) health…

“He is doing well. He practiced yesterday and had good work with the scouts. He was very limited last week intentionally. He could have practiced but we thought it was best not to tweak it or put any extra stress on that. But he practiced with the football team yesterday.”

Why is Luke Knott starting over Jevohn Miller at WLB?

“He played better. Every position is always under evaluation in performance. At a position like that where two guys kind of split time during a game, he played better and will get the starting nod.”


Why Aaron Wimberly over Quenton Bundrage at kick return?

“We just thought he gave us more. Obviously, that final kick return was easy to see with everybody. He hit a little bit harder and Quenton is playing more snaps and I think was probably affected a little bit by his speed on that particular football play. It’s another hands on ball opportunity for Aaron in kickoff return.”

Why Sam Richardson over Charlie Rogers at cornerback?

“Sam has really played well from August 5 on. Did he get attacked a little bit in the game? Yes. But it was more positioning than it was him, meaning he was into the boundary and they threw a little bit in his direction more because of that. But he has really played well from August 5 on and has graded out higher than Charlie during that period.”

Now that true freshman cornerback Nigel Tribune is showing up on the depth chart, does that mean that you plan on playing him this week?

“He will play and he was ready to play in the opener. When you make decisions in the secondary, they are touchdown breaker decisions. One false step by a guy back there, the result is a touchdown. You can get a little nervous when you decide to put a guy like that on the field. But he was ready to go last week. They didn’t pull the trigger. I think he is going to start on one or two special teams so it is full speed ahead.”