CF Experts Pick’Em: Week 5


Chris Hassel, 15-8
Bret Culbertson, 14-9
Austen Arnaud, 14-9
Adam Carper, 14-9
Andrew Downs, 14-9
Dave Zawilinski, 13-10
Jack Whitver, 12-11
Trevor Enerson, 12-11
Brett McIntyre, 10-14
Brent Blum, 9-15
Chris Williams, 6-17
Adam Gray, 6-17
Kirk Haaland, 6-17 


LSU @ Georgia (-3) – Georgia can’t afford another loss. It’s not going to happen in Athens. Dawgs win and cover. 

Oklahoma (-3) @ Notre Dame – Notre Dame was lucky MSU didn’t have an offense. Oklahoma does. OU wins and covers. 

Oklahoma State (-21) @ West Virginia – Furniture stores can’t get their couch shipments soon enough. WVU is a mess. OSU covers.

Wisconsin @ Ohio State (-7.5) – The Badgers can keep it within a score. Will be interesting to see if Bucks go to Guiton if Miller struggles early. I still like OSU to win the game.

Straight Up

Iowa @ Minnesota – The state of Minnesota has already filled its pig quota. Floyd heads back to Iowa.

Iowa State @ Tulsa – Iowa State is bad. Tulsa is awful. Cyclones should win.


LSU @ Georgia (-3) – Had some one-on-one time with LSU kicker Colby Delahoussaye this summer in Baton Rouge. The guy is ice on the practice field. If it’s a close one LSU will win, but I don’t think that’s the case. Georgia covers. 

Oklahoma (-3) @ Notre Dame – OU assistant Jay Boulware’s special team units are solid no matter what school he’s coaching for. Special teams is a battle for field position, and field position wins close games. Sooners cover.

Oklahoma State (-21) @ West Virginia – I’m not sure what surprised me more last week, the fact that Maryland was so good or West Virginia was so bad. If last week’s game was accurate, the spread for this match up should be -121. OSU covers, second string gets plenty of PT.

Wisconsin @ Ohio State (-7.5) – I’ll call for a close one here. Badgers beat the spread, but Ohio State wins by 7 or less.

Iowa @ Minnesota – If it were in Kinnick I’d pick Iowa, but it’s not. Gophers win at home and hoist a big pig trophy.

Iowa State @ Tulsa – Clones win in the 12th time they play Tulsa this year.


LSU @ Georgia (-3) – LSU is exactly where they want to be. Johnny Manziel and a Bama 3-peat get all the SEC headlines. I think this is as good of team Les has had in years. They have the best WR tandem in country with Beckham and Landry as well as Hill in the backfield, paired with an always stingy defense. I like the Bengal Tigers by a score here.

Oklahoma (-3) @ Notre Dame – This game had to burn OU all year in the off-season. ND came into Norman and took care of business. This year the favor will be returned as OU goes into South Bend and beats an underachieving offensive ball club in ND, 23-17. 

Oklahoma State (-21) @ West Virginia – West Virginia is in a very bad spot right now, just coming off being shutout by Maryland. They have no chance in this one Mike Gundy beats DH and the Moutaineers sound in Morgantown, 49-13.

Wisconsin @ Ohio State (-7.5) – Braxton Miller is allegedly 90% healthy, doesn’t matter! It’s all about Kenny Guiton! Small tidbit here (during the Chizik era, I hosted Kenny G on an official visit in Ames in 2009). The guy is absolutely on fire! I don’t care if you’re playing against air, the numbers he has put up are crazy and with or without Braxton Miller , Ohio State wins by two scores.

Iowa @ Minnesota – Tough one here, may be the fastest recorded game on record seeing as both teams want to pound it down each other’s throat. I’ll take Iowa, why not?

Iowa State @ Tulsa – Another tough one here. The Clones have got to find a rhythm on offense and get ahead of the chains and stay out of third and long. The cyclones are 41% on 3rd down this year, not a strong suit. Main reason being it’s hard to consistently convert 3 and 8 plus. Defense has got to great pressure on Cody Green and make tackles in the open field, simple game plan, don’t do too much!  Clones win 24-20 


LSU @ Georgia (-3) – Two very similar teams with stellar defenses and balance on offense. I’m giving the edge to the Dawgs as this will be played ‘between the hedges’.

Oklahoma (-3) @ Notre Dame – Stoops & Co. get their revenge in South Bend and cover. 

Oklahoma State (-21) @ West Virginia – West Virginia kept Oklahoma in check earlier this year and only lost by 9. Can’t imagine the Mountaineers not covering at home. 

Wisconsin @ Ohio State (-7.5) – This will be a great scene Saturday night in the ‘Shoe with the Badgers doing enough to cover. 

Iowa @ Minnesota – Iowa starts conference play 1-0.  

Iowa State @ Tulsa – Don’t care if this is game 3 for the Cyclones, this is a MUST win. Clones win the rubber match.


LSU @ Georgia (-3) – LSU. Tigers are best team in SEC, other than Alabama, and some Dawg fans will be crying after this one. 

Oklahoma (-3) @ Notre Dame – Oklahoma. The Irish are coming off unconvincing wins over Purdue and MSU. I don’ think they are great, and Oklahoma will prove it this weekend. 

Oklahoma State (-21) @ West Virginia – WVU. Mountaineers won’t win, but take the points. 

Wisconsin @ Ohio State (-7.5) – OSU. Buckeyes are the class of the Big 10 and they’ll prove it at home in a big win.

Iowa @ Minnesota – Iowa. Won’t be big, won’t be pretty, but a win is a win for the Hawks this season, and they’ll get their third in a row. 

Iowa State @ Tulsa – ISU. Cyclones need a win and they’ll get one on the road. Big improvements during the bye week put ISU back on the right track and fans step back from the ledge. 


LSU @ Georgia (-3) – LSU has outscored the dogs by 40 points in their last two meetings. Tigers know how to win big games. Give me the points.

Oklahoma (-3) @ Notre Dame – Not sold on either of these teams as top five contenders. Hard to pass on the home dog in a coin flip. ND

Oklahoma State (-21) @ West Virginia – Holgerson used to coach under Gundy.  I don’t think Mike will run it up. Mountaineers.

Wisconsin @ Ohio State (-7.5) – Ohio State should beat everyone in the Big Ten by at least 14.  The Shoe will be jumping Saturday night.

Iowa @ Minnesota – This game should be over in 90 minutes.  Literally.  Both rank in the top five in rushing.  Ill take the Hawks.

Iowa State @ Tulsa – I really want to take ISU but I just can’t. First road game. Richardson still isn’t healthy. He’s never won as a starter. Tulsa already beat them once. Too many negatives. Tulsa.


LSU @ Georgia (-3) – The Mad Hatter finally has an offense with new coordinator Cam Cameron. The Tigers win straight up.

Oklahoma (-3) @ Notre Dame – OU finally finding their rhythm, avenge last years loss to the Fighting Irish.

Oklahoma State (-21) @ West Virginia – WV continues their downward spiral. OSU wins huge at WV and covers.

Wisconsin @ Ohio State (-7.5) – OSU is heavy favorite to win Big 10 and will roll against the Badgers regardless of who is at QB for the Buckeyes. OSU covers.

Iowa @ Minnesota – Iowa is starting to find their identity and will move to 4-1.

Iowa State @ Tulsa – Rhoads gets the Cyclones fired up and Iowa State rights the ship behind a strong rushing attack at Tulsa. 


LSU @ Georgia (-3) – Give me Georgia to cover. I just think they have too much offensively.

Oklahoma (-3) @ Notre Dame – Oklahoma covers. I don’t think Notre Dames defense is all that great and Notre Dame can’t run the ball even a little. 

Oklahoma State (-21) @ West Virginia – This one will be ugly. 21 is a lot to give but I’ll take OSU and give the points. 

Wisconsin @ Ohio State (-7.5) – This seems like a sucker bet. I’m a sucker do give me OSU to cover. 

Iowa @ Minnesota – Iowa scores at least one non-offensive touchdown and wins this one fairly easily. 

Iowa State @ Tulsa – Give me ISU. I don’t care how but I would prefer that we scored more than 20 points. I think the defense will be good enough to win this one. 


LSU @ Georgia (-3) – LSU. 2:30 kick on this one. Opposite Iowa-Minnesota. If you could put your TV in slow motion on CBS, would it still appear to be faster than it’s ABC counterpart’s live speed?

Oklahoma (-3) @ Notre Dame – Notre Dame. They’ll somehow pull it out at home. Like they always do.

Oklahoma State (-21) @ West Virginia – Oklahoma State. Yeah, getting drilled by Maryland is no way to win supporters WV.

Wisconsin @ Ohio State (-7.5) – Ohio State. Badgers are decent, but they aren’t going to be able to hang for 4 quarters in the ‘Shoe.

Iowa @ Minnesota – Minnesota. Do we know anything about these teams? Gophers amped up to get pig back, Iowa is 0-for-TCF Bank Stadium so far, and has only 1 career win at Minnesota without Drew Tate.

Iowa State @ Tulsa – ISU. Tulsa is a bad, bad team. Not that Iowa State has much to hang their hat on either, but the Clones seem to perform well lately when they’re cornered and on the ropes.


LSU @ Georgia (-3) – Editorial note: my picks this year have de-railed more than Miley Cyrus. Follow with extreme hesitation. Georgia 30 LSU 21.

Oklahoma (-3) @ Notre Dame – The Belldozer is going to have a rough go. Notre Dame 27 Oklahoma 21.  

Oklahoma State (-21) @ West Virginia – You are embarrassing us all West Virginia. Get it together Dana. Oklahoma State  31 West Virginia 14.

Wisconsin @ Ohio State (-7.5) – Tom Herman has a thing for 2 Quarterbacks. TWO AT THE SAME TIME. Ohio State 34 Wisconsin 20.

Iowa @ Minnesota –  M-I-N-N-E-S-O-T-A…Minnsota, Misota, GOOOOOOOO GOPHERS. I can’t that cheer. Gophers 30 Iowa 20. 

Iowa State @ Tulsa – Cyclones get something figured out on offense. The defense preys on the inconsistent Cody Green and the fellas in Cardinal and Gold get some mojo. Cyclones 27 Tulsa 25.


LSU @ Georgia (-3) – As the Pick’Em defending champ, I am utterly embarassed by my performance so far this season. I am a disgrace to my family. Having gotten that out of the way, I’ll take an underrated LSU team in this one. 

Oklahoma (-3) @ Notre Dame – A scary game to pick. Is anybody really that confident about Blake Bell going on the road? I’m not. But I do love OU’s defense against a ND team that struggles to score. Give me the Sooners. 

Oklahoma State (-21) @ West Virginia – After last week’s debacle, it’s easy to jump on the anti-West Virginia bandwagon right now. Thing is, I’ve been riding that train for over a year now. Even so, I don’t see them losing by three touchdowns at home to anybody. 

Wisconsin @ Ohio State (-7.5) – Tom Herman 42, Badgers 31. 

Iowa @ Minnesota – A true toss-up. I kind of feel like this might be one of those quiet Ferentz teams that goes 7-5 or so. This is a good match-up for the Hawks but even so, the Gophers are 4-0 and have been good ATS. Money is on Iowa, I’ll play the strategy game here and take the Gophers to win. 

Iowa State @ Tulsa – I just can’t imagine this Iowa State team going 0-3. Cyclones. 


LSU @ Georgia (-3) – LSU pressures Murray and LSU sneaks out of there with a 21-20 win.

Oklahoma (-3) @ Notre Dame – Oklahoma gets payback from last seasons tough home loss to ND.  Give me OU 27-23

Oklahoma State (-21) @ West Virginia  –  West Virginia is already starting to quit on their coach. 21 points is a lot but I will take it.  OSU 48-17

Wisconsin @ Ohio State (-7.5) – Buckeyes win big.  40-21

Iowa @ Minnesota – I had every intention of picking Iowa but I have a feeling Minnesota will limit Iowa’s running game and I don’t think the Hawks passing game is good enough yet to win on the road.  Minnesota 20-17

Iowa State @ Tulsa – I got a feeling in my gut that this is the game where Iowa State plays to their talent level.  Iowa State goes on the road and gets a much needed win 27-10.


LSU @ Georgia (-3) – When it is between the hedges I have to go with Georgia.

Oklahoma (-3) @ Notre Dame – I think the Oklahoma offense has worked out its issues and will cover in South Bend.

Oklahoma State (-21) @ West Virginia – That is a ton of points but West Virginia looked like a couch fire at Maryland last week. I’ll lay the points and roll with the Pokes.

Wisconsin @ Ohio State (-7.5) – I didn’t want to take every favorite but here I am, can’t pick against the Buckeyes in Columbus.

Iowa @ Minnesota – It seems that whatever I pick in the Iowa game the opposite happens. That said, I take the Hawkeyes.

Iowa State @ Tulsa – As an Iowa State fan I can’t give up on the season yet and allow myself to pick a bad Tulsa team to beat Iowa State. I have the Cyclones winning, 27-23.