Q&A: Cory Morrissey’s dream comes true

By Chris Williams, Publisher

Cory Morrissey is an incredible story.

The 6-foot-4, 245 pound Gilbert native (who is currently attending Iowa Western Community College) has had one dream during his entire life. That dream was to be a member of the Iowa State football program.

That dream came true on Wednesday. For details on Iowa State’s latest commitment, here’s a transcript of the interview that I recently conducted with Morrissey, who projects to be a defensive end at Iowa State. Morrissey will arrive on campus for second semester and will have three years of eligibility in Ames.

CF: Explain to me how everything went down. When did you commit? How did it happen?

CM: I was at Iowa State’s practice facility today. I went to go watch the practice. At the end of practice, Coach Rhoads was talking to all of the players and introducing me. Right after he introduced me, a bunch of the coaches came over and that’s when he told me that I had an offer.

CF: You didn’t even have to think about it then? You just committed on the spot?

CM: Oh yeah. It was a dream come true. Going into Iowa Western Community College, I went trying to get an offer to Iowa State. I already knew my decision going into all of my other offers too.

CF: How many years have you wanted to be a Cyclone?

CM: Growing up in Ames, it was always my dream to be a Cyclone football player.

CF: I assume that you grew up watching Dan McCarney, but what do you think of Paul Rhoads and how excited are you to play for him?

CM: I know Coach Rhoads on a more personal level because his kids went to the same high school as me. I got to talk to Coach Rhoads a lot. He is so passionate about the game and he is so personal with all of his players. It is something special that Iowa State has, to be able to have a coach like him. Ever since I met him and saw him become the coach at Iowa State, I wanted to be a player for him.

CF: You’re obviously a big fan. What were you doing when Iowa State beat Oklahoma State last Friday?

CM: All of us in the dorm at Iowa Western, it didn’t matter if you were an Iowa fan, an Alabama fan, Oregon, you were cheering for Iowa State. We were all out in the hallways screaming and stuff.

CF:  You played defensive end at Iowa Western, is the the plan for you at Iowa State too?

CM: I was a running back and a linebacker in high school. I knew going into college football that my only shot I had at D-1 was to put my hand down. I knew that Coach Rhoads wanted me to be a defensive end so that is where I am projected to play.

CF: Did he talk to you about that out of high school?

CM: That’s where I got the idea from.

CF: What are the coaches telling you that they want you to do at this point? Are they stressing anything in particular?

CM: They are already all excited about getting me in the weight room. I’ll actually be coming in at semester so we are already talking about the dates that I will report.