CF Experts Pick’Em: Week 13


Brent Blum, 42-29
Adam Gray, 42-29
Adam Carper, 38-33
Austen Arnaud, 37-34
Chris Williams, 37-34
Trevor Enerson, 37-34
Chris Hassel, 36-35
Dave Zawikinski, 34-37
Bret Meyer, 32-39


Iowa State @ Oklahoma (-29) – The OU offense is still incredibly talented despite losing WR Ryan Broyles and RB Dominique Whaley. I don’t think Iowa State’s motivation will be in question, but OU’s certainly may after falling out of the title race. As the Tech loss proves, OU tends to coast at times. Landry Jones has a pension of making errant throws. Like the Oklahoma State game, Cyclones need to force three or more to win. Still an uphill battle. Oklahoma 45 Iowa State 27.

Texas @ Texas A&M (-8) – The Texas offense looks miserable right now. They don’t have any healthy running backs and can’t decide on a competent quarterback. A&M has been able to score on pretty much everybody. I don’t see UT keeping up with the Aggies in College Station. A&M 31 Texas 21.

Iowa @ Nebraska (-9.5) – Don’t have a good feel for this one. Iowa at least has a quarterback who can throw a forward pass, so that’s a plus. I will grab the points and pretend to care about this one like the rest of the central Iowa media. Can’t wait for the Chad Kroeger, "Hero" open.

Arkansas @ LSU (-14) – If you want to get wasted watching this game, take a drink of your favorite beverage every-time the CBS commentators say "Honey Badger," in reference to LSU defensive back Tyrann Mathieu. It’s the new Wildcat. TV people are always slow to the party and will kick the honey badger horse to death. Arkansas has some weapons to keep this within two touchdowns. LSU 27 Arkansas 17.

Florida State @ Florida – I remember when this game meant something. Where have you gone Warrick Dunn and Fred Taylor?! Come back! Come back! Flip a coin. Florida 24 Florida State 21.

Clemson @ South Carolina – Clemson has an offense but just let NC State score 37 points in humiliating fashion. South Carolina has a defense, but is significantly challenged to score points. As Lee Corso would say, "Eff It." Grab the home team. South Carolina 24 Clemson 20.


Iowa State @ Oklahoma (-29) – While this appears to be a let down game, 29 points is just to much and I can’t see it.  In fact it is a huge slap in the face to the program and the players after the big win.  6-4 teams that just beat the #2 team in the country should never be 29 point underdogs.  ISU covers.

Texas @ Texas A&M (-8) – Texas stinks on offense and that puts a lot of pressure on their defense.  A&M covers at home.

Iowa @ Nebraska (-9.5) – I think Iowa loses but covers.  Nebraska doesn’t have the offense to blow out the Hawks.  Expect a low scoring game.

Arkansas@ LSU (-14) – I think Petrino is a good enough offensive coach that he finds ways to score on this great LSU defense and this game will be close.  I like Arkansas to cover.

Florida State @ Florida – Both have good defenses but I think Florida State has the better offense (barely) and wins this one on the road.

Clemson @ South Carolina –  Clemson has been very poor the past 3 road games and it doesn’t get any easier playing at South Carolina.  I think home field gives South Carolina the win.


Iowa State @ Oklahoma (-29) – ISU has always struggled in Norman and Bob Stoop teams generally play great after losses but I can’t see how ISU lays an egg.  ISU.

Texas @ Texas A&M (-8) – Texas

Iowa @ Nebraska (-9.5) – Could not believe this line when it came out.  Iowa covers easily and should win.

Arkansas @ LSU (-14) – Arkansas will cover only for the fact that LSU will need to rest up for the SEC title game next week.

Florida State @ Florida – Typically this rivalry is decided by where the game is played.  Florida is the home team so I’ll go with them.

Clemson @ South Carolina – Clemson is the better team as they simply just have more talent.


Iowa State @ Oklahoma (-29) – Clones are coming in high and have found an identity on both offense and defense. It will be very tough to beat a team of OU’s caliber in Norman, but hey Texas Tech did it.  So why not the Cyclones?  Iowa State covers.

Texas @ Texas A&M (-8)- Expect an exciting, scoring filled 60 minutes as these two rivals play in College Station.  Texas is really struggling right now, having loss their last two.  A&M still has a lot to play for as far as bow births go.  Senior night in College Station, A&M Covers.

Iowa @ Nebraska (-9.5) – Heroes game? Two average teams playing each other in a meaningless game.  I don’t care who wins but for Vegas sake, I like the Hawks to cover.

Arkansas @ LSU – This game would be a lot more intriguing if LSU was not the home team, but they are.  Arkansas QB Tyler Wilson hasn’t seen pressure and a defense of this caliber all year and LSU can run the football against anyone.  I like LSU to cover in this one.

Florida State @ Florida – Usually more at stake when these two teams play. I like the Noles in this one after seeing the Gators struggle with Furman last week.  FSU 27 UF 20

Clemson @ South Carolina – South Carolina has been playing well despite the loss of superstar RB Marcus Lattimore.  And, Clemson is playing bad at the worst possible time.  Gamecocks 21 Clemson 16.


Iowa State @ Oklahoma (-29) – I like Iowa State to cover here. It’s one of my five picks of the week. Read more about it by CLICKING HERE.

Texas @ Texas A&M (-8) – Texas doesn’t have the firepower to pull this one off in my opinion. Give me the Aggies by 10.

Iowa @ Nebraska (-9.5) – Nebraska’s offense is a hurting unit right now. Memorial Stadium will be rocking and I assume the Huskers will win, but I like Iowa to cover and I’m also a fan of the under (54) in this game.

Arkansas @ LSU (-14) – Nobody has competed with LSU at home this year. I don’t expect Friday’s matchup to be any different. Tigers will roll by three touchdowns.

Florida State @ Florida – Chop. Chop. Chop. Chop.

Clemson @ South Carolina – The fact that Clemson lost last week makes me immediately think about picking them in this one. However, the Gamecocks are good at home and will muscle their way to a W here.


Iowa State @ Oklahoma (-29) – We cover easily but I’m not sure we can win. OU 35-21

Texas @ Texas A&M (-8) – aTm is favored? This is easy. Texas covers and wins. UT 35-27

Iowa @ Nebraska (-9.5) – Neither team is very good. I have to take Iowa to cover here in an absolutely brutally boring game. NU-17-14

Arkansas @ LSU (-14) – Who wants chaos? I want chaos. Imagine this: If Arkansas wins and then loses the SEC championship, there is a pretty reasonable possibility that you could see a rematch for the National Title between two teams in the same division of the same conference that didn’t win said conference. Hows that? How about a one loss Boise backing in? Arkansas wins 35-31.

Florida State @ Florida – Florida is horrible. FSU wins going away because Weis is not good at his job.

Clemson @ South Carolina – Yay for nasty rivalries. I’m going to take the Ol’ Bawl Coach and USC here.


Iowa State @ Oklahoma (-29) – ISU’s defense is playing better than any other defensive unit in the Big 12, but this is a tall task. I think the Cyclones can make a game of it, and cover. But I don’t see another major upset in the making. OU, 35-17.

Texas @ Texas A&M (-8) – Tricky game to pick. A&M wants to give Texas a nice parting gift as the Aggies bolt for the SEC. Home team wins it, 38-28.

Iowa @ Nebraska (-9.5) – I’m not sure why the line is so high considering Nebraska’s recent struggles. The Huskers aren’t very good, but they’ll be good enough to beat Iowa. Nebraska wins, but doesn’t cover, 24-21

Arkansas @ LSU (-14) – Arkansas might be the least talked about number 3 team in BCS history. LSU won’t slip up at home, but the Hogs will be game. Tigers win, 20-10.

Florida State @ Florida – FSU is better, but Florida is at home. Swamp people, 27-20.

Clemson @ South Carolina – Both of these teams have been impossible to figure out. SEC over ACC, 13-7.


Iowa State @ Oklahoma (-29) – The Cyclones shocked the world once.  Why not twice?  Oklahoma isn’t the same team without Broyles and Whaley. Splitting hairs here, but I think OU losing to Baylor is actually good for Iowa State.  Sure they still have a shot at the Big 12 title and a BCS game but that’s not why players and coaches sign up to play in Norman.  The big carrot is gone (BCS title game) and I think there’s a good chance they play uninspired football.  If that’s the case the Clones not only cover they might just shock the world again.

Texas @ Texas A&M (-8) – This might be the last time these two teams play.  I think both of them want to pound the other team into the ground.  A&M is significantly more talented than TX.  I’ll take the Aggies in a laugher.

Iowa @ Nebraska (-9.5) – The Hawks have lost like two games by more than a touchdown in the last five years.  How in the world is the line this high?  Did Cooter Ray set it?  Give me the Hawks.

Arkansas @ LSU (-14) – Arkansas.

Florida State @ Florida – Florida almost lost to Furman.  FURMAN.  F U R M A N. F-U-R-M-A-N FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Give me FSU.

Clemson @ South Carolina – Dabo Sweeney has lost his team.  There’s no reason they should have gotten blown out at NC State.  Ill take the OBC and the Gamecocks.


Iowa State @ Oklahoma (-29) – Tough to predict how focused either team will be. That being said, it’s the best possible week for no students to be on campus. I think OU wins at home, but not by 30. OU 30 ISU 17.

Texas @ Texas A&M (-8) – Both teams have lacked consistency all year. With Texas shuffling quarterbacks I like A&M at home 17-14.

Iowa @ Nebraska (-9.5) – Battle of the two most annoying fan bases in college football. Nebraska is a total mess on defense and Taylor Martinez still plays quarterback. McNutt has another big day. Iowa wins 20-14.

Arkansas @ LSU (-14) – LSU has humbled some explosive offenses this year. Look for the trend to continue. LSU gets after Tyler Wilson, remains undefeated 23-3.

Florida State @ Florida – FSU

Clemson @ South Carolina – South Carolina