CF Experts Pick’Em: Week 7

 By Chris Williams, Publisher

Our expert pick’em competition is heading up. Last week was insane.

Former Cyclone linebacker Adam Carper topped the charts by going 5-1, while the voice of the fan Trevor Enerson and myself went an embarrassing 1-5. In fact, I’m thinking about letting my wife pick for me the rest of the year. An absolutely pathetic effort on my part. I was in first place two weeks ago. Now, I have the same record as WHO-TV 13’s Chris Hassel. This is an Atlanta Braves type of collapse.

Meanwhile, Adam Gray (from Adam Gray Insurance of course) is one up on Carper and the Cyclone Radio Network’s Brent Blum as we approach week seven of the college football season.


Adam Gray, 23-12
Brent Blum, 22-13
Adam Carper, 22-13
Chris Williams, 19-16
Dave Zawilinski, 19-16
Chris Hassel, 19-16
Trevor Enerson, 18-17
Bret Meyer, 18-17
Austen Arnaud, 18-17


Iowa State @ Missouri (-14.5) – I really like this matchup for Iowa State.  Last year, Wally Burnham drew up a great game plan to slow down Missouri and that was with Gabbert.  I know Franklin can run but he’s still no Gabbert.  All we need is the offense to show up for 4 quarters and we can come away with a victory, which we will!!  CLONES straight up!!

Baylor @ Texas A&M (-9.5) – Should be a fun game to watch with lots of points.  I think A&M wins and races out to a big lead as their offense will be to much for Baylor, BUT Baylor will score a late TD to cover.

Northwestern @ Iowa (-7) – I love Northwestern.  They are my second favorite team for obvious reasons.  But this is setting up for a beat down.  Iowa coaches will have no problem getting their players attention after the 3 points they put up last week.  And let’s face it, Northwestern isn’t any good.  Their defense is soft.  Night game in IC and you know these Hawks are tired of losing to Northwestern.  Iowa wins BIGGGG!!!!

Oklahoma State @ Texas – Texas got flat out embarrassed against Oklahoma this week and I think there is a big hangover from that. This is still a VERY young team and I don’t think they are ready to go up against the big boys yet.  OSU wins by 14+.

Kansas State @ Texas Tech – A really tough game to pick.  Give me the home team in a close game.  Kansas State has only played one road game, and while it was at the U, that isn’t a difficult place to play as only 40K were in attendance.  I think Tech wins on a late FG.

Florida @ Auburn – I think Florida is the better team but I can never pick a team starting a true freshmen on the road in the SEC.  I look for this to be a low scoring game with Auburn make.


Iowa State @ Missouri (-14.5) – Iowa State gave up 391 yards rushing to Baylor, the most by an Iowa State defense since 1999. Luckily, James Franklin and the Tiger receivers aren’t as much of a threat to throw the ball. It’s tough getting a read on this game. And if that’s the case, I will take the points and cross my fingers the Cyclone offense plays a mistake free game. Mizzou 31 Iowa State 27.

Baylor @ Texas A&M (-9.5) – Baylor has an incredible amount of speed and it is something to see in person. I just don’t think they have enough on defense to slow down A&M. I will take the home team to get it done. Texas A&M 42 Baylor 28.

Northwestern @ Iowa (-7) – It is well documented that Northwestern has won five of the last six against the Hawks. Only Iowa State and Ohio State have more wins against Kirk Ferentz than the Wildcats. That said, I like Iowa in this spot. Home night game after a loss should lead to a motivated bunch. Iowa 31 Northwestern 22.

Oklahoma State @ Texas – Well that was fun last week Texas. That was a good ole’ Manny Pacquiao hook to the chin. Not a fun recovery week. Weeden and the ‘Boys are playing at an obscene level right now. Scary. Oklahoma State 34 Texas 21.

Kansas State @ Texas Tech – Mr. Cranky has it rolling in Manhattan despite not having a fully functional offense. (They’ve thrown for only 127 yards per game.) I’m still not buying the ‘Cats. I think they crash down hard this week. Tech 37 K-State 17.

Florida @ Auburn – I watched the ESPN special on the Auburn off-season quarterback battle this week. If Gene Chizik had a commemorative coin for every time he said "War Eagle" he could buy another JUCO. (Even Jay Leno thought that was a bad joke.) This has an SEC 20-17 special written all over it. Lundquist better get excited! Auburn 20 Florida 17.


Disclaimer: I’m making my picks this week solely based on which head coach would win in a WWE wrestling match.  Don’t know why but just thought I needed to spice it up from my typical ‘analysis’. 

Iowa State @ Missouri (-14.5) – Gary Pinkel enters the ring like the pompous, arrogant human being that he is (think Rick Flair) as Paul Rhoads storms down to the ring like a bat out of hell with a Stone Cold Steve Austin-like-strut. Paul Rhoads, like his team, has something to prove and they’ll do exactly that on Saturday.  ISU covers.

Baylor @ Texas A&M (-9.5) – Let’s use Mike Sherman and Texas A&M as “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase and Art Briles and Baylor as “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan.  A&M, like DiBiase, utilizes his power and riches to think he can bully around the ‘little guy.’  Well the only resource Jim Duggan needed was a 2×4 and the same can be said for Art Briles as he has RG III.  The 2×4 prevails.

Northwestern @ Iowa (-7) – The Ferentz and Fitzgerald matchup is eerily similar to the feud between Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan back in the day.  No one expects Fitzgerald to win but time and time again he is able to end matters with his vintage leg drop.  Northwestern covers.

Oklahoma State @ Texas – Mike Gundy: Age 44 (I think we’re all aware of his age based on his infamous rant). Mack Brown: age 60. Brown enters the ring and immediately gets some Sweet Chin Music (ala Shawn Michaels).  OSU 45 Texas 24

Kansas State @ Texas Tech – Tuberville has 15 years on Snyder but the scrappy coach from Kansas State fights and crawls until he wears out.  TT 42  KSU 35.

Florida @ Auburn – Lot of bad blood between these two as Muschamp and Chizik both were defensive coordinators at Auburn and Texas.  What great villains these two would portray.  The Gator coach dominates early with his speed and agility but the old dog has a few tricks up his sleeve with the help of Gus Malzahn.  (Infamous scenario where Malzahn is ringside and sends a chair to the head of Muschamp when the referee isn’t looking).  Chizik and the boys escape with a W.


Iowa State @ Missouri (14.5) – Read all about it HERE. Clones lose, but cover.

Baylor @ Texas A&M (-9.5) – So much attention is being paid to Baylor’s lackluster defense entering this game, but what about A&M’s crew that is ranked 99th in America? How are they going to fare against RG3 and company? A&M wins and emotional game at home, but the Bears will cover.

Northwestern @ Iowa (-7) – I don’t have a freaking clue. I really don’t. Last week, the Hawks were one of my top five picks. I love Pat Fitzgerald. He’s my man-crush coach in college football. But I really don’t think the Wildcats are very good this year. Neither is Iowa for that matter. But a night game should do the trick. Hawks by 14.

Oklahoma State @ Texas – The Horns burned me on this game last year. They aren’t back. OSU is for real. Cowboys by 17.

Kansas State @ Texas Tech – When are we going to learn? Quit doubting Bill Snyder people. The old man is a magician. KSU will take their lumps as their schedule gets tougher in two weeks, but they’ll win on Saturday and next week against Kansas. Yeah that’s right. KSU will be 7-0.

Florida @ Auburn – Tigers at home. No-brainer.


Iowa State @ Missouri (-14.5) – ISU almost covered the 15 point spread in Waco. Missouri is not nearly as good as Baylor. I think ISU covers easily.

Baylor @ Texas A&M (-9.5) – A&M couldnt beat Tech by seven. A hungry Baylor team not only covers but wins outright.

Northwestern @ Iowa (-7) – Northwestern has won the last three meetings. Fitzgerald says he enjoys beating Iowa more than any other team. Iowa’s defense has been soft all year. If NW scores 27 they will win. Again, give me the points and I think Northwestern wins outright.

Oklahoma State @ Texas – Did you watch the Red River Shootout?  Enough said. OSU by 20.

Kansas State @ Texas Tech – Once again, KSU is the under dog and once again they will win. Cats improve to 6-0. Unreal.

Florida @ Auburn – Without Jeff Brantley, Florida had a tough time moving the ball. Their defense is good enough to win gms but not this one. Auburn wins in a defensive struggle.


Iowa State @ Missouri (-14.5) – This is a must-have for the Cyclones if they want to play a 13th game. ISU can’t afford to drop 3 straight, and the team knows it. I expect we will see a solid performance out of the ‘Rhoads Crew’ (just made that up), but I don’t think it will be enough to win the game. Mizzou will be pumped up to play in front of a worldwide audience on CloneZone, but ISU covers, 35-24.

Baylor @ Texas A&M (-9.5) – The Aggies might be the best two-loss team in the country. I can’t imagine how this game won’t be entertaining and high-scoring, but Baylor may not be able to keep up. A&M covers, 42-31.

Northwestern @ Iowa (-7) –  Iowa hasn’t beaten Northwestern at Kinnick since Blum was in 2nd grade — 2002. Iowa always seems to play down to its competition, especially when the other team is wearing purple. Hawks win, but I don’t have a lot of faith that they’ll cover. Iowa 28, NW 24.

Oklahoma State @ Texas – It’s still a rebuilding year for Texas’ standards, but I could see the Horns sticking it to OSU, early. In the end, too much Weeden. Pistols firing, 38-25.

Kansas State @ Texas Tech – I’ve been picking against Kansas State all year — why stop now? Tech hands JUCO U its first loss of the year, 42-28.

Florida @ Auburn – Despite being outscored by 58 points over their last two games, the Gators are actually favored in this game. How? Auburn rolls 69-7. Or 24-12.


Iowa State @ Missouri (-14.5) – I see KSU and ISU as similar teams. Not really in style but in their strengths and weaknesses. Offensively, both have been limited but their defenses have been pretty solid. I see ISU doing similar things against Mizzou. I think ISU at least keeps it close with a good chance at actually winning. ISU covers and wins 35-31.

Baylor @ Texas A&M (-9.5) – Oh Aggie. You burned me. I watched Arkansas and OSU rip apart aTm at times. I think Baylor and Griffin do the same. Baylor wins in a shootout. Baylor covers and wins 48-45.

Northwestern @ Iowa (-7) – Persa is back and against Michigan looked good for a half of football. We saw what a playmaking QB can do against Iowa when they played in Ames. Northwestern does the same and the outcome is similar. NW covers and wins 27-24.

(That’s right, I just picked all the dogs to win)

Oklahoma State @ Texas – Texas got embarrassed last week. Who knows how this will affect them at this point. I think they will rebound but it won’t be enough. OSU 37-31

Kansas State @ Texas Tech – KSU has done a good job of playing defense. The question here is if they can score enough points. I think they do. KSU 24-21

Florida @ Auburn – This one is interesting. Two teams that are seemingly down this year. I’ll take Florida because of the playmakers they have both on special teams and offense. UF 35-27.


Iowa State @ Missouri (-14.5) – Missouri is a talented offensive team. But I don’t see them beating us by two touchdowns.

Baylor @ Texas A&M (-9.5) – Baylor has too much talent on offense, A&M has struggled to finish games. Baylor wins a close game on the road.

Northwestern @ Iowa (-7) – Both squads limp into Saturday’s matchup after tough losses. Hawks win by a field goal at home.

Oklahoma State @ Texas – Texas gets blown out for the second straight week. Okie State wins in Austin.

Kansas State @ Texas Tech – Bill Snyder has K-State playing great football, Wildcats win on the road.

Florida @ Auburn – Florida has injury problems at key positions. Auburn wins at home.


Iowa State @ Missouri (-14.5) –Iowa State +14.5 – This in theory is a must-win game for the Clones if they want to be bowl eligible. If you look at our schedule, there are a lot of challenging games still to play which includes 4 top 25 opponents.  In my opinion, Iowa State covers this game and wins it outright.

Baylor @ Texas A&M (-9.5) –Baylor +9.5 – Baylor’s offense is too dynamic to get beat by more than a TD.  A&M is tough to beat at home, I think A&M wins this game and rights their ship but Baylor covers late with a TD to put it at a 7 point deficit.

Northwestern @ Iowa (-7) –Northwestern +7 – It is impossible for me not to take the points in this one with Northwestern winning 5 of the last 6 match-ups between these two teams.  Northwestern is always the same team; they’re smart, sneakily athletic and competitive.  Northwestern thinks they will win this game and that confidence bodes well for them.

Oklahoma State @ Texas – Oklahoma State 45 – 24. In my opinion Texas, is not a very good team at home. It seems like they have a plethora of distractions.  This game may be ugly, because I don’t believe anybody in the Big XII can slow down this Oklahoma State offensive attack.

Kansas State @ Texas Tech – Texas Tech 38 – 34. I like the Red Raiders in this one. I am like most people still waiting to see when the letdown happens for K-State.  The Wildcats have had the advantage of playing their first two conference games at home. Going to Lubbock is an entire different story.  The Red Raiders will be ready and very excited for this opportunity after losing a tough one last weekend against A&M.

Florida @ Auburn –Auburn 33 – Florida 27. Auburn wins this game at home, but this one will be ugly.  Auburn’s QB Barrett Trotter had another lackluster performance against Arkansas and Florida won”t know which QB they will use until game time. It’s safe to say first time starter Jacoby Brissett had a rough time against a great defense in LSU.  Auburn hasn’t played a home game since Sept 24 and Jordan-Hare stadium will be fired up to have the Gators at home in a night game.