CF Mailbag: 9-1 Edition

By Chris Williams, PublisherFollow Chris on Twitter @ChrisMWilliams

You fanatics sure are amped up about kickoff 2011. I can tell by the questions you submitted for this week’s mailbag.

Fewer inquiries about Taylor Swift and more questions on Cyclone football.

Don’t get me wrong. I love breaking down T-Swift’s hot new singles. But Cyclone football is cool too.

Before I get to this week’s mail, here’s a reminder about our first ever call-in show from 7-8 tonight on 1460 KXNO. Austen Arnaud and I will broadcast from Kippy’s Place in Elkhart and we want to hear from you! Give us a buzz tonight at 515-284-5966.

MNCyGuy writes: CW, I think I’ve got my old man talked into coming down for an ISU game for the first time since I graduated. His luck in attending family weekend games while I was in school was not good (’05 Baylor upset and ’07 Texas debacle come to mind). We have two games we are eyeing this year, Texas or Kansas. My question for you, is it worth the gamble that we might see a big Texas upset or should we take the sure thing with KU and finally let my dad see a Cyclone victory?

CW: This is tough. Here’s why. I think that we can all agree that a worst case scenario for Iowa State is a 1-2 start right? So let’s just pretend that it goes down like that. Even with a 1-2 start, six wins are still in play. The Texas game will be HOPPING no matter what. That might not be the case when Kansas graces us with their presence on Nov. 5. Plus – It could be pretty cold by then. I’m thinking two things here. Selfishly, I’d like to see you bring dad to the Kansas game. Iowa State will likely have a tough time drawing a big crowd for that one and your dad would probably like to see a win. BUT, he’d probably enjoy the Texas game more. Trice will be nutty that day. The weather should be nice. That’s what I’d do.

Pyrocyz writes: What’s on the grill for the first game?

CW: For me, Buffalo Wild Wings. We’ll be handing out free wings during our Toyota Pregame Show on 1460 KXNO this Saturday from 3-4 just outside of the Jacobson Building at the Wilson Toyota stage (shameless plug).

With my job, I don’t really get to tailgate anymore. I’m not complaining. Other than my family and my dog, there’s nothing I love more than covering the Cyclones. It’s why I wake up in the morning. My juices are flowing right now just thinking about Saturday. I’ll likely be up at 5 a.m. just itching to get to Trice.

Actually, your question does remind me of something though. My wife had a great idea last night. She’s all into these "Crock Pot Girls" on Facebook. She thinks we should create one massive thread of tailgating recipes on CF. What do you guys think?

Brett108 writes: What is the thought on Darius Reynolds’ toe? Will he be ready for Iowa?

CW: Stay tuned for our newest feature on CF, the "Doc Spot" later today.

Darius Reynolds gold close up 527x350

State43 writes: How confident are you that our QB pressure is going to be better this year? With our secondary (safety) being possibly wet around the ears, it seems to me that we need to give Leonard Johnson and Jeremy Reeves a break on trying to cover for too long.

CW: I think that you are underrating Iowa State’s secondary. Ter’Ran Benton has a chance to get drafted. Jacques Washington is unproven, but along with Durrell Givens can at the very least be adequate at free safety. I am confident in that group.

But you’re right. The last thing that you want to do in the pass-happy Big 12 is leave your outstanding corners on an island for four quarters.

I think that Iowa State will put more pressure on the quarterback this year, but I still don’t think it will be to the degree that fans of the coaching staff is hoping for. That’s why we’ve heard so much about Iowa State blitzing more this season. The Cyclones have the corners to do it. Lord knows there aren’t any issues at linebacker.

I’m not sure that the actual talent level is up on the defensive line, but I do know that there is a lot more depth. Legs will be more fresh and hopefully, production will be up.

Judoka writes: Who will score the first TD of the season? My money is on Shontrelle on a 20+ yard run.

CW: Nice choice. I’ll go Steele Jantz on a short quarterback scramble.

Jburke writes: How feasible do you for see the Ubben prediction of starting 3-0? I honestly believe this is very doable. In fact, that is my prediction as well, but I wanted to get your take…

CW: Actually, I too predicted this in last week’s podcast with Austen. I’m confident about Northern Iowa. I’m about 50-50 on Iowa. UConn is a shade of what they were a season ago. Still, the game is on the road. It was nice to see David give the Clones some love and no, I don’t think he’s crazy at all.

Cyrok writes: How long do you think Wally Burnham continues to coach at ISU? Does he feel the need to step aside soon for Shane or feel like retiring? (I’m hoping for 2 more years…)

CW: I think that you’ll get two more years from Wally. From what I’ve seen, he hasn’t slowed down a bit. He’s a guy who loves what he does.

See you all on Saturday!